Comprehensive List Of Stream Hosting Providers

One of the most common questions I get asked is for a list of streaming media hosting providers. Aside from the large companies everyone knows, typically referred to as CDNs, there are also a bunch of smaller regional service providers who also specialize in delivering audio and video content via progressive download and/or streaming. Choosing the right provider is all based on what your needs are and there is not one provider on this list who is better than another unless you are talking your specific needs.

This list is by no means 100% complete and there may be other companies that I don’t know about, or forgot. I did not list those providers who simply re-sell or private label one of the providers on the list below or who specialize in hosting just radio stations etc… I also am not listing any providers who only have a P2P offering as I will be doing a post about P2P providers next week.

Below is the list in alphabetical order. Please note that not all of these providers support both streaming and progressive downloads and not all of them support the same video formats. (Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime and Real)

  • If you feel I have missed someone on the list, please let me know in the comments section.

    • Steve Rubel

      Thanks for the list Dan, this is very helpful. I wish more blogs were like yours and gave out useful info like this instead of just re-hashing press releases.

    • Shakir Razak

      Hiya Steve, Do you think a company like Forbidden Technologies would fit on this list -while their headline product is the Forscene editing suite, they do do streaming and have been doing it longer. Yours kindly, Shakir Razak

    • I think this company could be on this list?

    • Hey Dan, you forgot CacheLogic on this list. We offer regular and progressive download and Flash & WM streaming.

    • Marco does CacheLogic offer Native Windows Media Server Streaming or is it only prog download?
      Dan I think it’s safe to say that Level3 will be entering the CDN marketplace.

    • Tony Cruz

      Hello Dan, it would be good to add Itiva Networks to your list, once your update/re-publish the list.

    • shels

      You are not writing about php flv streaming and amazon s3 services. No need for costly flash streaming services. php-rich-media project is an example…please write something about it. Will make interesting reading..

      • Shels, depends on the needs. Some clients want to protect data, and flash streaming on the right network can eliminate buffer. Further, Flash Media can offer some new delivery options, especially for large files/long videos.

    • Dan,
      Where would a company like DigitalFX fit into this. They are base in Las Vegas (see I know they have a very different marketing model from most.

    • Can you tell me which one of these companies offers the most robust reporting functions?

    • whoisneha

      Thanks a ton for this info on stream hosting providers. I am working for an India-based major content provider, and we are looking for CDN partners who have a presence in the Indian/Asian market. Would appreciate some gyaan on this.

    • mike

      I’ve been struggling on an event streaming project and your list was a HUGE help. Thanks!

      • Angel

        in helped me create my own radio station, guided step by step and configured my software remotely,

        also gave me autodj, detailed statistics and my own page dot com


    • Yet another option:

    • Thanks for this post Dan, we are considering using Amazon to sell a video online that is about 40mins. Our shopping cart will only accomodate if the footage is on the hard drive.
      We are also looking at will be an art “how to video” and want both online and offline video options. Any suggestions?Thanks for excellent work.

    • You missed NetroMedia,
      They offer instant activation and free trials for all the different flavors of streaming. They also offer real-time vitals, geo-reports, self control management portal etc.
      they have some nice Wowza packages too, you should check them out and put them on your list. The portal is, click register, then login and select “Free Services” there you can setup your own test streams instantly!

    • Mark Greenwood

      Hi Dan,
      you missed
      Our stations hosted there from 3 years: never experienced a problem, great support, good prices (at least compared to quality they offer);
      If needed, give them a call….

    • You can also add this streaming live video hosting provider in this list.

    • Nandhini

      Quite nice this article, gave me some great thoughts 🙂

    • Hansen

      Is there a place online which allows for a comparison of pricing and features? We have to determine best pricing quickly for about a Terabyte of Streaming over the course of the year.(Spikes may occasionally occur.) Progressive downloading is important – users are around the country and files include video/flash/etc.

    • You left out been around since late nineties, many fortune 500 clients

    • Video hosting

      Don’t forget the most complete and affrodable video platfrom

    • Stream101

      Stream101 – Affordable Media Solutions:

    • Adam Reed

      Glue Media Publishing System is a great Platform as a Service solution for television and radio broadcasters requiring a very high traffic video streaming host with end to end workflow. Supports live and on-demand video steaming on any device such as Smart TV, HbbTV, Mobile and Tablets. GlueMPS

    • Vikram Sai

      FastWebHost is a better platform to host your streaming websites and specially for streaming your shows. They were providing two different platforms for this one is a VPS hosting and another is Dedicated Servers. You can check them below.