MSN Releases Traffic Numbers For LiveEarth Webcast, Sort Of

On Sunday, MSN put out a press release talking about the traffic to the Live Earth webcast. But as I mentioned in my previous post, the way the numbers are given out after webcasts, they don’t really accurately measure  the traffic.

The title of the release says "Live Earth Global Concerts Reach More Than 10 Million Online At MSN…" More than 10 million what, people? Apparently not. Because the details of the release then say "MSN had received a total of more than 10 million video streams." So it’s not 10 million people as viewers are making more than one request or visiting the site multiple times. So how many unique people was it? And why does it says MSN "received" the streams? MSN does not receive the streams, the receive the request for the stream.

They then say, "…and has the most simultaneous viewers of any online concert ever" but then the release does not give out any details on how many simultaneous streams they did. Why is it so hard for companies to keep from being so vague?

  • how many total stream requests did you full fill?
  • how many unique streams did you serve?
  • what was the average length of time someone watched the webcast?
  • what percentage of traffic came from what regions of the world?
  • what was the average bitrate that someone watched?

Very easy questions. Basic. These are the same questions that all customers ask their stream hosting provider after an event and gets exact figures.

  • John,
    I watched some of this LiveEarth Webcast over the weekend. I thought the feed was choppy and my laptop froze after five minutes.
    There’s better technology out there to help people watch the stream without the delays because a computer is flooded with a video signal.

  • Yeah it’s always slippery slope trying to find a standard here.
    When we did Madonna with MSN in 2001 we did about 9M Streams which they translated into people.
    For Live 8 it was very clear and AOL put out the exact data sets on our numbers.
    I too was confused by MSN’s announcement because on one hand they say 10M streams but that’s not 10M people for sure.
    Maybe there should be a standard.