List Of RSS Feeds For Online Video News and Blog Sites

[email me if you want my latest list] I get asked all the time what sites and blogs I read daily, so with that in mind, below is a list of all the RSS feeds in my Google Reader. This is by no means a complete list and while there are other sites out there, this list is tailored for my specific business and technology interests.

Many of the large news sites are not listed here as they don’t focus on topics pertaining to online video and when they do, my Google News Alerts picks those articles up for me. I also tend to not to list blogs where someone only posts once a month or where they are also posting their vacation photos, news about their favorite sports team, and lots of other things not pertaining to online video.

If there are ones missing from this list that I should know about, please add them in the comments section. Below are the feeds for each site but you will notice that in some cases, I am taking specific subject based feeds and not feeds for all the content on the site. (You can also Download a copy of all my RSS feeds exported from Google Reader into an OPML file.)

It would be great if other bloggers out there published their list as well as many time, the blog rolls on sites don’t contain all the sites one reads. I ask a lot of others in the industry what they read and too many times, bloggers in particular don’t want to say, as if they want to keep their list a secret so they are the only ones who have the news. Think bigger picture guys, help the industry move forward and help to educate as many as possible.

– Beet.TV

– Bits

– Blog Maverick

– Business 2.0 Disruptors (video subject)

– CinemaTech

– Contentinople

– CrunchNotes

– Data Center Knowledge

– David Eckoff

– Digital Media Bulletin

– Digital Media Wire – Video

– Digital Media- the haves and have-nots

– eMarketer Articles

– FierceIPTV

– Gartner Media Blog

– GigaOM » Featured

– HighContrast

– Inside Online Video

– Internet Communications

– Internet Content/Community – Seeking Alpha

– Internet Infrastructure – Seeking Alpha


– IPTV News at IPTV Watch

– IT Broadcast and Digital Cinema

– [itvt] Bloggit

– Jeff Clavier’s Software Only

– John Katsaros

– last100


– Media Stocks on Seeking Alpha

– Media Words

– NewTeeVee

– NYT > Technology

– Olson’s Observations

– Online Video Watch

– Open Gardens

– P2P Blog


– Pando Blog

– Parks Associates

– Publishing 2.0

– ScribeMedia (media feed)

– ScribeMedia (web 2.0 feed)

– Silicon Alley Insider

– Technology Evangelist

– The Business Of Online Video

– The Digital TV Weblog

– The GigaOm Show (Large QuickTime feed)

– The Next Net

– The Universal Desktop

– Tim Reha

– Tremor Media Blog


– VentureBeat

– VeriSign: Jeff Richards’ Demand Insights

– Verizon – PolicyBlog

– Video Insider

– Video On The Web

– Web TV Wire

– WebVideoUniverse

– Wired TechBiz

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  • Thanks Louisa, but I don’t consider your site to be a blog. Your site averages 1 post per month for the year and a total of only 18 posts for the past 3 years. A blog is really something that has new postings and content on a regular (daily or weekly) basis. Thanks.

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  • thanks for including me Dan. This is a good list and I shall add some of these to my feeds(and your blog as well) kind rgds Ajit

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