OMMA NYC Show: Speakers Wanted: Clip/Mash-Up Revolution Panel

I’ll be moderating a session at Mediapost’s OMMA show in NYC on Sept. 25th entitled "Access and Activism: Harnessing Video Distribution and the Clip/Mash-Up Revolution". It’s being put together last minute so I’ve got the potential to add one or two last minute speakers to the round table panel. In particular I’m looking for content owners and/or agencies who can talk to the implications for content owners and producers to adapt to the Web 2.0 world of viewer control. If you’re interested in speaking, contact me now! Spots will be gone in a day or two.

In addition, if you know of someone who you think would make a good speaker for this panel and can introduce me to them, I’ll be happy to get you a free pass to the event.

Session Details:
Tuesday, Sept. 25th. 12pm-12:45pm

Access and Activism: Harnessing Video Distribution and the Clip/Mash-Up Revolution
How should content owners – used to placing tight controls on their content – adapt to the Web2.0 world of viewer control?  With digital distribution of top-tier video content expanding and new services and tools evolving to let viewers capture, clip and mash content – what are the implications for content owners and producers?  How "fluid" should the content economy become and what challenges (if any) does that pose for ad-based monetization?  Join a panel of programmers, distribution enablers, and agency executives to initiate a discussion of the coming age of "content malleability."

  • I am sorry I did not see that invite soon.. hope it went well!