Adobe Releases New Software For Mobile Flash Video and AMP Beta

This morning Adobe announced that they launched its Flash Lite 3 software, used for playing back Flash video on cell phones and Flash enabled web sites. Adobe says that Nokia and NTT DoCoMo are planning to support Flash Lite 3 with their upcoming handsets, but didn’t say for how many models. Nokia, said it would launch a new development community today to help Flash developers and designers with mobile software development.

Adobe also announced today that major television broadcasters and leading content publishers would collaborate with Adobe to distribute video content via the new Adobe Media Player. Today also marks the first time that the Adobe Media Player is available to the public as a beta download, with the final version being ready in the first half of 2008.

  • Adobe Launches Flash Lite 3 for Mobile Phones

    Apple bragging about their iPhones native YouTube support suddenly seems like a distant and insignificant memory compared to the prospect of watching all the Webs streaming Flash video on most any smartphone. Adobe just launched Flash Li…

  • I’m not sure why Adobe need to create a mediaplayer as they own macromedia, who are the people behind the flash format.
    Not sure if it a just a question of trying to have more brand recognition, Flash is a ubiquitous technology allowing for video interactivity as well as viewing and powers many video sharing and webtv platforms.
    Will this player be another joost, vuze or similar where you need download and install before watching content on a tethered system
    The great thing about the mpeg format was if you have windows media player, realplayer or quicktime. You could play back and watch the file.
    I know Microsoft have silverlight , but how many players do people need to own to watch content so you can be tied to a network or a brand.
    If you look at television you have 1 remote control and multiple channels on the same platform. But you don’t have a control for each broadcaster to view them.