NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX’s Internet TV Strategy

Forbes_home_logo has a good article from last week about TV on the Internet and what NBC Universal, CBS, ABC and Fox are doing with online video. It contains Q&A interviews with Fox Digital Media President Dan Fawcett, ABC Digital Chief Albert Cheng, CBS Interactive’s Quincy Smith and NBC Chief Digital Officer George Kliavkoff.

  • Very interesting interviews. Most interesting approach seemed to be CBS’ of seeding many channels to see which content is good for which demographic. Guess you would expect that approach with an ex-VC running the show 🙂

  • While the above article talks about the network’s adjustments to web tv, the big adjustments will have to be made by the satellite and cable tv companies.
    Without a whole lot of very original thinking on their part, they may just ride into the buggy whip hall of fame.
    The one element that seems to be lacking for cable to be replaced entirely is a suitable arrangement for selecting channels/shows and another for having enough pixels to make the picture look good on the recent generation of large flat panel tvs. But that is either here or on the way real soon.