Webinar: Online Video 2.0, Best Practices You Can Use Today

StreamingMedia.com is hosting a free live webinar today at 11amPST/2pm EST on the subject of "Setting the Bar for Online Video 2.0: Best Practices You Can Use Today". Sponsored by PermissionTV, join online video experts as they discuss the top trends in online video and review real-world examples of how companies are setting the bar for the next phase – Video 2.0. Whether a brand marketer, an advertising agency or a media company, this Webcast will arm you with the information you need to execute your own Video 2.0 strategy.

The webinar is free and you can sign up online.

  • I believe I’m too late…looks very interesting, do you know if the session was recorded, and how we can gain access.
    David Corcoran
    Webinar Consultant

  • Hi David, it will be archived on the website usually within 24 hours of the event. Thanks.

  • CLN

    Will attendees who didn’t log in on their registration still get the e-mailed info?
    Several people in my company registered, but we moved things to a conference room where the seating and large video display made things more enjoyable. It crossed my mind that none of us (save for the person whose laptop we were using) might be credited for attending and receive the follow-up e-mails mentioned.
    For that matter, are the rest of us eligible for that iPod drawing? 😉

  • First thanks for making this content available after the event, as I was in transit at that time.
    I does make it awkward that my Mac wont play the dated REAL player format. I dont want to have to find a Windoze machine because your scope is limited to thinking everybody has Windoze/REAL.
    Everybody does have Flash. Make the content for everybody.

  • Hi Alan, I am a Mac only user and it worked just fine for me. Since this was an audio only event, Flash is not something we would have used since Flash is not used for audio only content. That’s why we provide the audio webcast in Real and Windows Media so that Mac and PC users have access to it. Thanks.

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