Join LinkedIn Groups For CDN, Webcasting, P2P and Adobe FMS

I’ve been asked to spread the word about groups on LinkedIn for professionals in the content delivery industry, webcasting sales professionals and Flash Media Server developers. While the focus of each group is a bit different, all of them are using LinkedIn with the purpose of exchanging knowledge, experience and contacts.

I have not joined any of the groups myself as of yet, but will be doing so shortly. To sign up for any of these groups, follow these links: CDN Industry Group, Flash Media Server Developers Group, Webcasting Sales Professionals.

Added Group: Legitimate P2P

If you know of other LinkedIn groups that are relevant to the online video industry, please post them in the comments section and I will add them to the list.

  • Just to tell you that you are welcome to join the group :
    Legitimate P2P to enhance video experience

  • Brian Lehon

    I am the group founder/manager for the Webcasting Sales Professionals group. Please only apply to join if you are selling these type of services today or have sold them in the past. My goal is not to build a group just to attract members from any background. Lets keep this focused and relevant so once we begin to share ideas…we will have a healthy dialogue.

  • Thanks Dan —
    The goal of the Adobe Flash Media Server Developers Group on LinkedIn is to facilitate contact, communication and networking between Adobe, FMS Developers, CDN engineers, and Streaming Media Industry Professionals.
    Here’s the link to join:
    Please feel free to share this link — Streaming Media Industry professionals only please.
    John Teal, Founder/Manager
    Adobe FMS Developers Group

  • Marco Parente

    Thanks again for helping to spread the word about the ‘CDN Industry’ group on LinkedIn.
    I created the group on LinkedIn because I could not find any other groups on LinkedIn specifically targeted to the CDN industy. Right now, the group serves primarily as a directory of CDN professionals on LinkedIn; however, as membership grows and LinkedIn adds additional features, I am hoping members will be able to leverage much more from it.
    For those interested in joining, the group exists for ‘the professionals who build the global networks responsible for the distribution of Web traffic, including standard Web pages and streaming media, and the IT operators who ensure reliability, scalability, and availability for their large-scale Web sites’.
    Marco Parente

  • Just to tell you that you are welcome to join the group :
    Catch-up TV & TV On Demand
    Xavier Oswald