Free Product Giveaway: Roku Netflix Set Top Box

The nice folks over at Roku sent me a set top box a few weeks ago and while I really would like to keep it for myself, I feel it would only be fair to give it away to a reader of my blog. These boxes are currently sold out and back ordered for weeks, so this is your shot to get one now.

UPDATE: Drawing is now closed. Robert Schumann was selected as the winner using a random number picker website.

To qualify to win the unit, all you have to do is leave one comment on this post with a working e-mail address. I will pick one person a week from today using a random number picker website and ship it out to the winner at no cost. (Sorry, U.S. residents only) The unit comes with all of the original materials, box, remote and cables.

Please note that the Roku box does not come with any Netflix service. So you either need to be a Netflix customer, or need to be willing to setup a Netflix account.

Also, Anthony Wood, the Founder and CEO of Roku will be one of our keynote speakers at the Streaming Media West show in September in San Jose. Registration is open and all keynotes are free. Register now for your pass to see Anthony demo and talk about the Roku in person.

  • Robert

    Neato, I’ve been thinking about this vs. Apple TV, but you can’t beat free 🙂

  • Marshall


  • Sacha

    Definitely would have a use for it !

  • Doug

    Would love to give it a shot!

  • Rick

    I’d like to give it a try, as a video producer I’m always interested in different distribution types and this one has really caught my eye- like Apple TV !

  • S

    Great blog!

  • Jason

    I like free stuff!

  • Joe Trip

    Great value for your readers.

  • Ray Harris

    I want it. gee, if it only ran SilverLight.

  • timoti

    Your a very ethical guy when dealing with these comp products. good to see this in business nowadays.
    this is a great product everyone.

  • Thanks Dan.

  • Paul

    Woohoo! I’m in…

  • craig

    It’s my bday, Dan…so this is good timing!

  • Len


  • Brian Lehon

    Count me in!

  • Pavel

    I’m in! 🙂

  • Simon

    count me in too

  • Thanks for a chance to win!

  • John

    I’d love this box!

  • Brett

    I’m a big fan of the blog and I really appreciate all of your insights into the industry! Thank you for sharing this box with your readers!

  • Scott

    Great Idea! I’d love to give the box a try.

  • Scott

    Great Idea! I’d love to give the box a try.

  • Jason

    Awesome, good luck to everyone!

  • david


  • david


  • SZ


  • Drew Robertson

    Now that’s a way to generate comments!

  • Bryan


  • Pablo

    Seriously, the Netflix Player from Roku is a game-changing device. Looking forward to an interesting battle with Apple and Amazon.

  • Patrick

    gives me a reason to subscribe to netflix

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the giveaway, and the blog!

  • RS

    great; will it enable HD?

  • JTS

    Roku Netflix – great prize – Thanks!

  • Vin

    Excellent site, Dan…count me in on the giveaway.

  • SM

    I’m in.

  • SM

    I’m in.

  • Is it really fair to compare this to Apple TV? Very excited to see Netflix continue it’s push to make old media dinosaurs rethink distribution.

  • oooh, I have Netflix and have been watching movies instantly on my PC along with my weekly 3 at a time rentals. I’ve seen this box and really, really want one to go with my Netflix service…thanks for giving me a chance to win something as cool as this!

  • JE


  • i’ve been a netflix subscriber for over 4 years, i can’t wait to see what they do next!

  • Tim Ikhizgilov


  • gina Joice

    Came across your blog today. Lots of great info… did add to my favorites… Thanks

  • Woo hoo!!

  • gary b

    just started using netflix and really enjoying the service.

  • TJ

    Right on!

  • Stephen Greco

    Hell Yeah I’m in

  • erik s

    Fantastic blog, and great idea to comment raffle the Roku. Count me in!

  • Great news, thanks Dan. Hope I get lucky. BTW, have a look at and see if you think it is a topic your readers would be interested in learning more about. Thanks.

  • Would love it! Really enjoy the blog too!

  • P. lee

    Please choose me and I will also be Netflix’s newest, happiest customer, thanks!

  • I’m definitely in, can use it for many things!

  • Alex

    I would love to try it. Thanks

  • SPP

    If the service is available in Canada then I’d love to try it…cheers!

  • RP

    Would be love to try the service… This is truly exciting (even though we are going thru teething troubles) to see internet delivering to the living room..

  • matt

    count me in

  • Charles Kusnyer

    I don’t read many blogs, however, I do read yours. I would appreciate reading your opinion on the AT&T announcement today –
    In particular, I would appreciate your thoughts on what intellectual property rights that AT&T may require.

  • Adam

    I’m game.

  • bruce

    Thanks for all the great research. I’m in.

  • Wahoo! Now that I’m unemployed I so can use something to occupy my days on the couch.

  • Annie Jo

    Sounds good.

  • I’d love to win this. Thanks!

  • I wouldn’t mind a ‘free’ Roku Netflix box… sure beats paying for one or setting up a cheap PC next to my tv

  • DMH

    I would like to try one!

  • Mkhan

    Count me in.

  • Justin

    Yeah, that would be terrific. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I have been looking forward to this as a happy Netflix customer.

  • Woo Woo

  • networkd

    This would be awesome

  • thanks.

  • Brandon

    Count me in!

  • Jacob L

    I got to play with a Roku box, briefly. Very cool! What would be even better is if they could also integrate with additional streaming content, like Hulu. Don’t know what arrangement they have with Netflix, but given that the device is running Linux, it should be possible to enable via software update.

  • fg

    people please… It is my box already.

  • kookie


  • Paul A

    Sounds great, I’d love to try the Roku unit.

  • PG

    Got to be in it to win it. Thanks.

  • The White Salmon

    Roku and Netflix are smart to team up. there needs to be some counter balance to the power that Apple is collecting. Wishing these guys luck!

  • Seems like a promising product. The SoundBridge is a very handy device. Hope this doesn’t fizzle out like the SanDisk TakeTV.

  • Anita

    This technology has the potential to cut into the first-run movie market. As it stands many people are moving towards home theatres. If Roku and Netflix and can figure out how to prevent pirating, I can see a day when films will open not only in traditional theatres, but will be available on-demand at home as well. Since many Netflix users like myself are tired of ill-mannered people at movie theaters, the possibility of seeing new movies instead of waiting for DVD or cable On-Demand … well, it makes one salivate!

  • S. Lee

    i didnt think i would want another box to clutter my nice neat TV area, but maybe i would if it were free! thanks 🙂

  • Rod

    Hope I win

  • Tony Shoemaker

    Like the blog! And I love netflix, short of their recent profiles decision. That Roku box sounds like a great idea. Write on!

  • erik

    Greetings Dan – long time reader, first time commenter. Thanks for your valuable content, and throw my name in the hat for that Roku.

  • Rob

    Sounds like a deal to me.

  • Ryan Richardson

    I wanna Roku!

  • Stan Mamula

    Maybe this will make up for the loss of profiles.

  • Jasbir

    I going to love this box.

  • dogtownusa

    how nice that you’d be giving this away… I never win anything…but figure I’d give it a try….lol…. my sister told me about this roku/netflix thing and loves it… so I am researching it now… looks really terrifc. thanks for the chance…

  • Mike McAlpin

    I wonder how long until you can watch all the movies netflix has

  • Nice think to know how it works, we love you man!!

  • Sridhar

    I’m in. Thanks

  • Scott

    I am in! Roku is cool!

  • gavin rees


  • Fred Weiner

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • seems my mom would more easily use roku

  • Love the Roku!