Layoffs Not Affecting All Vendors: CDNs Have Over 200 Open Positions

While some vendors related to the online video industry have started reducing their headcount and laying off part of their staff, vendors in the content delivery industry are still hiring like mad. A quick look at their website’s shows more than 200 open positions amongst the bunch. These openings are no surprise considering how much money the vast majority of the delivery networks have raised and the rate at which they are trying to expand. So if you are looking for a new job in the CDN space, hit up the links below. Not on the list? Send me the link to your open jobs and I’ll add them.

Akamai, 58 openings:

Limelight Networks, 14 openings:

CDNetworks, 1 opening:

BitGravity, 25 openings:

Highwinds, 5 openings:, 2 openings:

Mirror Image, 2 openings:

Level 3, has lots of openings and at least 12 related to video:

EdgeCast, 4 openings:

Streaming Media Hosting, 3 openings:

EdgeStream, 1 opening:

Move Networks, 12 openings:

Digital Fountain, 7 openings:

Internap, 15 openings:

Panther Express, 4 openings:

Pando Networks, 1 opening:

Velocix, 5 openings:, 5 openings:

AT&T, tons of openings and at least 12 related to video:

Vusion, 4 openings:

BitTorrent, 1 opening:

Amazon, at least 4 jobs related to AWS:

Grid Networks, 1 opening:

  • Steve

    The reality is they may have the opening listed but they are not rushing to fill the position. I know several of these companys you list here in fact have hiring freezes in place.

  • The CDNs are all looking for experienced people to fill the spots. All of them I have spoken to are more interested in spending time to find the right person as opposed to just filling them with anyone. Lot of competition for the same folks.

  • Todd Culotta

    Dan, thanks for centralizing this info, good to know in this economic climate there are still opportunities for those of us in the business. I will speak from experience just put some of these key words in your linked in profile and you will have no shortage of recruiters contacting you.

  • A CDN

    You are right Dan. We are one of the CDNs on the list and while we are not rushing out to fill the jobs with just anyone, we are looking to fill them with the right person. We’re being a lot more selective in who we bring on board and the experience they bring to the table.

  • CDN guru

    Dan, recruiting for the CDN industry is not done thru websites… CDN’s are looking for specific people whom know where CDN’s have been and where they are going, your observations are a little early to be making…I believe the industry is going to get hit if the Consumer Index falls, which will then lower the CPM values, which is needed to pay the larger b/w bills… The CDN’s will be effected! you just don’t see it yet,remember your Globix days when the consumer index fell and so did CPM’s? what happen then? Look at the news, I see unemployment going up, thus the index will drop!

  • I don’t see it yet? I have been saying for over a year that there are too many CDNs and they won’t all make it. I’ve been trying to drive home that point constantly along with the fact that the market will not grow fast enough to support them all.
    But the CDNs are not going to be affected until the start to burn through the cash they have raised. Many of them have raised so much money, that even with the poor economy, they won’t be affected for some time. Once they go through the money, yes, we’re going to see a lot of CDNs not make it, which is what I have been saying for some time.
    No where in my post did I say “recrutting” was done via websites. And my observations are not “early to be making” when I have tons of CDNs still calling me asking for referrals for positions they are looking to fill. I also commented that “The CDNs are all looking for experienced people to fill the spots.” so we agree that they are not just looking to fill spots for the hell of it. They want very specific people.
    While there were many factors that went into Globix going Chapter 11 back in 2002, the biggest reason was not the consumer index but rather a lack of focus by the company, poor understanding of the market, launching too late, wasting money, egos and no oversight by management. Same mistakes that many companies made back then.

  • shaun

    hey dan, are you planning a post about the AKAM acquisition? i think it really looks intersting and would be great to hear an insiders thoughts.

  • CDN guru

    Dan, I was commenting that you were “referencing” the article on the CDN’s job postings, many are bogus postings, I know half of them are no longer hiring. the smart CDN’s will conserve there cash, and hopefully the one or “one’s who can hold their breath the longest will survive…remember speedera?
    Yes, many companies are making the same mistakes, as back in 2002, and not picking on Globix, because they were apart of the entire system which had fundamental issues which relied on the uncertainty of advertising and the ability of how it would drive revenue for companies and their infrastructure… I smell the same story approaching.
    and yes, it may take the a few qtrs before we see some CDN’s “crash n burn”