Breaking News: Jury Rules In Limelight’s Favor, Not Infringing On Level 3 Patents

A ruling just came out in the Level 3 versus Limelight patent infringement suit. The jury found that Limelight does not infringe on Level 3's patents. More details to come as I get them.

  • shaun noll

    how big of an overhang do you think this was for a potential acquisition of LLNW by another large player? frankly, i’m just blown away that nobody stepped in and bought them when their market cap was ~150M$, there is NO WAY you could build that business for that much, especially considering they have 123M$ in cash and 53.5M$ in short term marketable securities, that is a BIG lump of cash compared to the current valuation of their company!

  • manny

    The jury ruled in favor of dimlit against level 3, however, they can’t run away from AMAMAI! They were already found guilty of stealing Akamai’s technology, and if there wasn’t a conflict of interest going on(courts), dimlit would have become completely dark by now. Doesn’t it tell you something when no one has pick up dimlit when it has traded below $2 – I wonder why? Such a bargain right?
    Hey DAN – tell Shaun what a great company your dimlit is! Dan, what is dimlit’s annual growth rate compared to Akamai? Pure growth rate without breaking it down to specific areas. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Has dimlit turned profitable yet? Maybe in their next life. Keep plugging Your dimlit!
    I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt,however, every time I read one of your blogs – BIAS! BIAS! WhY?

  • Manny, please learn the rules of posting. You can’t post the exact same comment four times on the same post. I removed the other 3 duplicates.
    As for your comment, clearly you are an Akamai shareholder, which is great, but lets stick to facts and not opinions/emotions.
    You can’t compare Akamai to Limelight, company to company. That is not an apples to apples comparison. You can only compare Akamai’s CDN product to Limelight’s CDN product. What is the growth rate for that service between the companies? We don’t know as Akamai does not break out their CDN revenue. So no one truly knows the answer to that question. You can speculate, but you can’t point to hard numbers.
    As for the bias comment, I think it is very funny how when I write something positive about Akamai, like about their app delivery service, or how I say they are number one in the market for CDN revenue, or the time I broke the news that Akamai did not have an outage on their network like an analyst reported, folks like you never complain.
    But when I write a post simply stating a court ruling which is fact, not opinion, then you want to complain of bias simply because the jury (not me) ruled in favor of Limelight. You may not like the ruling, may not agree with it, but it’s the fact. You need to keep things in perspective.

  • shaun noll

    thanks for wasting 14 seconds of my life manny with your totally worthless post. actually LLNW already has a work around for the AKAM patents and have to pay a moderate sized cash fine that was based on a % of revenue that were generated using the AKAM patents. given their enormous cash balances, this small fine will not be big enough to swing LLNW one way or the other and is hardly an issue for a company like ATT or someone. your post contains nothing accurate and nothing useful

  • shaun noll

    to add something useful here to anyone who just read manny’s garbage, last i checked the estimated size of the fine LLNW will have to pay AKAM (if the case isn’t settled somehow) would be a max of 64M$

  • j.dowland

    oh, only 64M- half their cash on hand; no big whoop- by the time they have to actually pay it, they will have burned through that amount just keeping the lights on. Manny may be like Mo and Jack but I’d have to agree with his general statement about the future of the co. i think the Q about why someone din’t step in and by them- answers itself. is it time for the bake sale?