P2P Provider Octoshape Hires Scott Brown As New CEO For U.S.

Scott Brown, formerly from Turner Broadcasting has been named the new CEO in the U.S. for P2P provider Octoshape. Earlier this week, Turner and Octoshape announced that Octoshape's P2P technology was used by Turner for live stream offerings for both the 2008 elections (CNN) and their live sports coverage from TBS.

The P2P solution is running on the Highwinds content delivery network and while the release says that "Octoshape broke several streaming records", no actual numbers were disclosed. The real test is going to be in the next few weeks when CNN will use the technology during the presidential inauguration.

  • Fortunately if you don’t want your PC being used for free as a distro point you can just hit cancel on the OctoShape install on cnn.com and it will just stream conventionally. It’s good stuff but not sure how it changes the game.

  • Anonymous

    So they hired an engineering fellow to run the US “company”?
    I think they meant to say that Octoshape broek several streaming records in the LAB since it works poorly in the real world.