Ooyala Looking To Fill Six Open Positions On East and West Coast

Ooyala contacted me to let me know they currently has six open positions they are looking to fill. The open jobs include East Coast Sales Director, West Coast Sales Director, Application Engineer, Inside Sales Representative, Infrastructure and Operations Engineer and Account Coordinator (Mountain View or NY based). If interested, you can email Nicole at Ooyala.

If you are looking for a new position, have taken a new job or are a company that has a job opening, let me know. In many cases I will highlight it here on the blog – free of charge.

  • Hi Dan!
    We also have the opening of Site Reliability Engineer, and Jr. Systems Administrator! Growing strong…
    Thanks for the post!

  • KIT Digital is hiring personnel in NY. Of course this blog has an embargo on ANY news pertinent to KIT digital so it is understandable it’s not mentioned.
    Also they filed paperwork to trade on the NASDAQ.
    Also missed by this blog was a massive deal they annoumced with Blinkx.
    Just saying…….

  • Has anyone from KIT Digital contacted me to let me know of these open positions? Nope. Yet you want to imply I’m somehow not featuring them on purpose.
    Also, you gave no link to the open positions and no contact details for anyone who may be interested in hearing more about them. Not a lot of value there. I went to the KIT Digital website, they list only 1 open position.
    If you have read my blog long enough you’ll know that I don’t re-hash a press release, so why would I create a post about KIT filing paperwork to trade on NASDAQ? There is nothing to add to that news, no analysis to do on the info and not a big story. This is not a blog that simply links to a bunch of press releases. There is no value in that.
    As for the “massive deal” announced with Blinkx, “massive” in what way? What’s the revenue impact to KIT? What the traffic impact? Marketing words don’t mean much without some real data behind them. Massive how?

  • Kevin

    Dan, I am glad that you don’t just copy/paste news articles without your own additions. If you did I probably wouldn’t even be reading your blog. There are plenty of other blogs that simply do the copy/paste with maybe a 2 sentence garbage comment if you’re lucky and I don’t visit those sites. I get my news from from the source, not a blogger’s copy/paste job. I come here because I specifically want your opinion and insight. Oh, of course if you have news that has not yet been widely published or thoughts about a pending news release such as the Limelight/Brightcove one, that is also what I am looking for from you, just not the copy/paste crap I already read before visiting your blog.
    I’m sure most of your loyal readers feel the same way.