Confirmed: Netflix Streaming Coming To The Wii Very Shortly

Wii Last week I received some images that showed Netflix streaming on a Wii console. I didn't run with the story at the time as I didn't know if the images were legit and it's taken me until today to confirm they are in fact real. I'm not disclosing who confirmed it for me but someone involved in the project has confirmed that Nintendo is currently in testing stages with Netflix to bring their streaming service to the Wii very soon.

What I'm hearing is that Nintendo originally planned to bring the Netflix service to the Wii before the end of this year, which still might take place, but that Nintendo is also considering holding off on the Netflix service until they release their next generation Wii HD unit in early 2010.

Note: I am not sharing any of the images I received as I don't want to burn the person who sent them to me.

  • Great. We just got a Wii & my new wireless router arrived today. Setting it all up with no doubt take me the rest of the year.
    One question…do I have to watch the movies on my 14″ computer screen or is there some way to send them to my TV?

  • Luke

    Mark — Is your Wii hooked to your TV or to your 14″ computer monitor?
    Netflix streaming to your Wii will display on whatever display is attached to your Wii.

  • kspraydad

    I like how you just drop that an HD Wii is coming in early 2010 with NO information at all. If THAT was true it is a MUCH bigger story than Netflix coming to Wii.

  • Many of the gaming sites have been saying for some time now that an HD Wii version will be coming out in 2010. I didn’t think that was a big part of my story since I don’t have any details on it or any dates for release.

  • kspraydad

    Dan….nowhere in that linked article does it mention ‘early’ 2010. Where is your source for THAT info? Also, your article should then state that the Wii HD is purely speculation at this point. You’re stating it as fact.

  • Maybe that one doesn’t I did not look at it, but others have. This one does:
    To me, the story is not about a new Wii, rather it’s about Netflix. But two folks who told me about the Netflix’s streaming on the Wii also spoke about new Wii HD units.

  • kspraydad

    You linked the same article. Anyway…it doesn’t matter what article you link too…the Wii HD is pure rumour and spec and your article uses its existence as support for your argument on the timing of a Netflix rollout. You owe it to your readers to clarify that your assumptions are based on hardware that has not been announced.

  • Ok so look at the link. As the article shows, I am not the first one to suggest a Wii HD unit is coming out next year. You make it sound like I am the first to suggest this. Of course it has not been announced, I say “until they release” it.

  • I had believed that netflix streaming on the current gen wii is pretty impossible since it lacks a hard drive. But i am happy to know that Wii HD unit is coming out next year. I hope it will work as mentioned here. Thank you!

  • Chuck Dascalos

    You can already stream to the Wii via Playon. This may have been the images you have seen.
    Playstation Blog has already posted a story about Netflix on the PS3…

  • Matt Riley

    It’s about time they brought streaming to the Wii. How long has it been available on the Xbox now?
    LOL at the backseat journalism in the comments.

  • James

    Don’t plan on watching any HD vids from netflix though 🙁

  • nRGon

    I watch streaming HD on Netflix currently with my Comcast 16Mbps service. Time for you to upgrade James. 😉

  • Scott

    How about this quote from Shigeru Miyamoto about Nintendo’s next home console?
    “And while we don’t have any concrete plans for what we’ll be doing with hardware in the future, what I can say is that, my guess is that because we found this interface to be so interesting, I think it would be likely that we would try to make that same functionality perhaps more compact and perhaps even more cost-efficient.”
    That’s from 10/21/09.
    It basically says Nintendo hasn’t finalized any new console hardware yet. They need to finalize it, test it, then mass produce it before they can launch it. After all the leaks for the PSP Go and the PS3 Slim (even though it’s Sony and not Nintendo) I would think we would have more information on a system. It would also be reasonable to think Nintendo would announce a brand new system if it’s not too far away from launch.
    Furthermore, based on more reliable rumors, they’re planning a new DS for late next year. It wouldn’t make sense to introduce two new consoles in the same calendar year.
    New DS rumor source:
    Besides, Micael Pachter has been talking about an HD Wii within the ‘next couple of years’ since 2007.

  • Carrlitoz14
  • kevin

    I’m watching netflix on my 1st gen xbox with playon and with only 800 Kbps.

  • Will S

    My laptop has a svhs output. I plug that into the tv and netflix streams fine.

  • Flixo

    Is it not possible to stream directly through Wii Internet channel (browser which is free now). If it was stream youtube, why not netflix ?

  • Smack

    Easy on the nerd rage, until Nintendo announces a date EVERYTHING is speculation. I just walked out of the store with my new Wii, thinking I could go stream Netflix right away like on my 360. Glad I won’t have to wait long.
    My only question, brought on by the discussion of a new Wii with HD, what is the resolution for Wii? As far as I know all the systems are limited at 720p, (though I hear the ps3 can do 1080p there just aren’t any 1080p games). The Wii is 480i or p is it?

  • I’m sure that this will happen. I’m also sure Netflix wants to make it’s service accessible to as many people as possible. It’s all about the dough. Can’t wait. I’m a Wii owner too. May even re-subscribe back to Netflix if they make it stream-able to the console.

  • As I am not into video games like my husband and boys, I’m a bit confused. If they come out with a new Wii HD, does that mean unless we buy the new system we won’t be able to take advantage of Netflix on our existing one? (After all the speculation is put to rest that is…I’m sure they will stay just as competitive.) When I first told my husband about this, he tried Netflix (just to see) and playon, but because Flash isn’t supported, nothing works.

  • ww

    If that news was true then I’ll be very glad coz’ I can now watch using my Wii. I think this would be another great way of spending my weekends other than sitting on my couch and playing World of Warcraft the whole day.

  • PLayon works fine for the wii and yes it does have flash. Update your internet channel to the latest version and playon works fine. Also make sure playon is the latest version which supports wii. I use playon on my wii all the time.

  • That’s great news. I only miss the HD capability on my Wii

  • yufknlovemex3

    how do you use playon? i just got wii for christmas.. idk how to do anything..

  • Mike

    What is playon?

  • Macdeuce

    To use playon, you pay for the service $40 US (there is a trial for 14 day), download the software to your PC(not mac) and keep the server running. you can download addons that are for each channel that has stuff to watch. (food network, mtv, cartoon network, etc.)
    You go to your internet channel on the wii using the link that is provided by the software. From there you just pick what you want to watch, including Hulu and play away!
    I would seriously love to watch Netflix directly on my Wii… I still haven’t purchased the Playon software yet… still too buggy feeling to me.

  • Nintendo Wii streaming NetFlix iis going to be a killer combination!
    Go to for the latest news and rumors about Nintendo Wii.

  • Well done!!! Thanks to everyone’s hard work but especially to you for the vision! So excited to be a part of this!

  • Hyderabad

    Wonderful News.I need to wait for wii.Thats cool.

  • You guys are dum. Just go on (and it`s owned by nintendo) and scroll down. IT`S ON THE MAIN PAGE!!!! IT`S ON A DISC YOU PUT IN YOUR Wii NOT YOUR BROWSER!!!! Wii DOES HAVE FLASH (3.0 lite)!!!!

  • In my humble opinion is the best console out there, the others simply follow the way when Nintendo has innovated in the market with games like Mario Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong has always topped the list of the games number one, my respect for Nintendo.

  • Man, this is awesome, I love netflix, they rock big tim
    Can wait for it to hit Asia

  • It will be great to finally get to watch HD movies on the Wii

  • That is great news, I had started to swithc to the PlayonHD solution and stream wireless my media. This might do the trick

  • VO

    thank you for nice post.well done..

  • PSP is one of the most amazing portable consoles i have ever used. I actually own a PSP myself and i love it, i recommend it to anyone.

  • Loving it! Neflix and Wii are a great combination.

  • Cannot wait for the netflix capabilities. Roll on launch but I agree with some comments. It would have been divulged a bit more by now although the new 3d ds looks amazing!!

  • I ordered the ($8.99 plan) Netflix CDrom for Wii console and installed it, excited about being able to stream live movies from my Wii. However, if you have an HD (high definition) TV, like my 50-inch plasma, you’re not going to be pleased with the picture or sound quality on this thing. I had to turn up the volume right up and the picture was pixillated. It certainly is no Blue Ray! Problem is, I don’t think Wii has an HD port to improve this, although maybe I’m wrong? Anyone know a solution solution?

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  • This is great news! thanks for the information and the blog.

  • Toshii the Entrepreneur-To-Be

    How does playon workss and how do you use it anyway?

  • Nintendo Wii Console

    As someone who wished they could use their nintendo Wii for more than just tennis, I absolutely love this new service. This is more than confirmed, now you can watch movies and TV shows streamed from Netflix on your Wii console! You can watch then as often as which you can get for as low as $8.99 a month (You can get a free trial on Netflix site: All Wii consoles are able to connect to the Internet as long as you have a broadband Internet connection. I am truly enjoying my now multifunctional Nintendo Wii!!

  • Brian Marconi

    Wii HD sounds great but is it really going to happen early next year???

  • Nintendo Wii Console

    As someone who wished they could use their nintendo Wii for more than just tennis, I absolutely love this new service. This is more than confirmed, now you can watch movies and TV shows streamed from Netflix on your Wii console! You can watch then as often as which you can get for as low as $8.99 a month (You can get a free trial on Netflix site: All Wii consoles are able to connect to the Internet as long as you have a broadband Internet connection. I am truly enjoying my now multifunctional Nintendo Wii!!

  • northwestIL

    for us non techs how do you hook a WII not my tv to include the internet? step by step pleaee!

  • Good for Nintendo, it won’t make the Wii a threat to PS3 and Xbox360, since they both already have it.

  • WII is very good stuff. But I’m Xbox360 fan and I wait for kinect. This will be revolution.

  • Great news..this will sure make it nicer.

  • Great sttuf.. I missed my HD 🙁

  • Scoremore

    awesome and surely it’sa good news to everybody who loves to play wii.but i wonder if they allow to put some subtitles on it…I’ll be getting this for the wii any day now, one question. Do you have to type in the activation code each time you put the disk in?thanks for sharing this,this is really a good news.

  • NWC

    I can’t wait to set up Netflix on my brand-new black Nintendo Wii console I got for Christmas! It’s great to know that I can play video games as well as watch tv shows and movies online and streaming videos with my Wii. I love it!!

  • alterseekers

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  • John

    Great story. I love Playon…gotta love technology!

  • Aca

    Common I just bought wii and it will be a new version. :p Anyway netflix and HD will boost the sales exponentally. Frankly i am bigg fan of xbox but Wii is great. Just let me watch tv as I play my tennis 🙂