How To Calculate Your Cloud Computing Costs

When it comes to calculating your content delivery or cloud computing costs, there are a bunch of calculators in the market that let you do this. But very few of these calculators produced by vendors are easy to find online and most are very basic and don't allow much customization.

Last week, Amazon launched an Excel spreadsheet that so far, is the best I have seen in the industry for calculation costs associated with cloud computing. You can read more about it at Amazon's Economics Center website and you can download the Excel file here.

  • Hans

    This is very useful, thanks!

  • alvarez gutarre

    It was certainly interesting for me to read that article . Thanx for it.

  • Really great tool, thanks for sharing it. I agree its one of the better ones i’ve seen!

  • We dont think excel is really a good option when calculating cloud computing costs, so we created a free tool:
    You define your deployment requirements including servers, storage, databases, network, users etc and using the latest cloud provider prices, we run your deployment through a simulation and create a detailed cost report.
    You can also create multiple reports for different cloud providers to compare and see who is providing the most cost effective solution for your deployment.
    Would love to get your thoughts on it.
    Hassan Hosseini

  • Bakhyt Berdaly

    Hello, i can’t reach to the price of 1Gib for operating memory at AWS. Can you give a clue how to calculate it, please!