Free Product Giveaway: Wowza Media Server 2 ($995 retail)

Wowza2The drawing is now closed. Thanks to the generous folks at Wowza, I'm giving away to one lucky reader of my blog a Wowza Media Server 2 perpetual license which retails for $995. Wowza's media server has support for multi-protocol and multi-client streaming including a complete interactive Flash media streaming feature set, live and on-demand HTTP streaming for the iPhone, live RTSP streaming with QuickTime, live and on-demand smooth streaming for Silverlight  and whole host of other features. Winner: Jason R. from Seattle, WA.

To enter the drawing, just leave one comment on this post with a valid
email address and I'll pick one lucky winner at random on March 1st. Big thanks to Wowza for the freebie.

  • Manish Rao

    Would love to get my hands on this. Just started a new iphone project on the side involving video.

  • jay

    love to win this software. thanks.

  • Cristian B

    Incredible software, would love to have a license.

  • Ernesto Vargas

    Great software. Would love to use it.

  • Would love to get it 🙂

  • Was looking into Wowza for a live streaming project. Would love to use it!! Thanks…

  • Thanks for entering me into the contest.

  • Very Nice. Hope to win.

  • Rick

    I’ve been looking at Wowza for a while now, I’d love to get my hands on copy.

  • Wowza that media server sounds interesting. I’ve never heard of the company or the product but would really get value out of the offering if I win.
    Good job attracting brands to give away their products here Dan, your readers appreciate it!

  • Would love to check this out.

  • Rubens Meyer

    Wowza Media is a wonderful software – I would like to get it

  • Kevin

    I would use this “freebee” for a multi platform distribution project I’m designing. Wowoza is the streaming solution I must use. please … please with sugar on top! 😉

  • I want to use it so I can stream to all 3 platforms and be able to say “Wowza” thats cool.

  • Jaime Valenzuela

    Lemme Have It. I Want It

  • Dan, we could really use this for the educational purposes with the reductions in funding. The other guys are killing us with licensing :-((

  • Jared Ab.

    Looks p BA.

  • Ted

    I could finally put my static IP to use.

  • gimme gimme

  • Probably the best media server today

  • Mr. Kris Bunch

    I am interested in learning how to make money online with video productions I have already made.

  • Wowza is great. I’d love to have copy to deploy special projects. Thanks Marcus

  • Creative way of gathering leads! 😉
    Been talking to Wowza and about Wowza quite a bit lately. We build headends for Tier 1 and 2 Telcos and Cable MSOs worldwide and plan on testing Wowza in our R&D Lab in South Florida very soon.
    Hope to win this software and couple it with our world-class headend solution to stream live video, Time Shift TV, and VoD content to STBs, PC Clients and Mobile clients!

  • pkv

    great lottery! count me in.

  • Hi Dan,
    I am a huge fan of yours!
    Awesome that Wowza has donated a license for promotion on your blog! I hope that other vendors follow suit 🙂
    Best regards,

  • I’d love the opportunity to diversify a great distance learning platform using Wowza.

  • kimlanvn

    Hi !
    I don’t hope I can win !
    I want to say: thank you !

  • Siam

    Wonderful software! Wonderful giveaway! Our nonprofit organisation could greatly benefit from this! Here’s hoping!

  • me too!! Thanks Dan and your sponsors.

  • Grr

    This is an amazing software, believe me.
    And Thanks to “Dan Rayburn” for having folks at Wowza consider providing a license for free.
    I appreciate the giveaway spirit & would like to enter the draw.
    Best of Luck to all.

  • Guillaume

    Hope to win.

  • DJ

    Nice 🙂
    A very good streaming server.. I hope i win 🙂

  • We really need it, so i will try again 🙂

  • Rob

    Please count me in on the giveaway. Thanks.

  • Stfan

    Hi, hope I win one.

  • Very excite by great lottery !
    I’m Japanese Streaming Engineer ! 🙂

  • Hi Dan,
    I’d love to be the winner of this software!!!
    I have been working really hard to develop a new side to my business in tough times and live video stream has been something that I am developing to offer my clients.
    I have been working hard to scrapped together the cash to make up a computer and buying the software was something I was having to save up a little bit more to do.
    If I won the software I could get the new side off the ground and hopefully have a strong year this year 😀
    Thanks Dan!

  • dan

    Please pick me. i could rally use this!

  • Stan_O

    Keep up the good work……

  • Nice software, would be nice if they had video demos to assist novices with install

  • Great to use for my projects. Thanks for the offer.

  • PP

    wowza…that sounds great!

  • Erik G.

    Great opportunity for a great platform. Thanks for the offer.
    Erik G.

  • Ran Kenig

    Heard a lot of good things about it, nice gesture…

  • Samuel Sindra

    Really thank you, i would like to win this great prize. Lets see if i have luck because i really need this service.

  • Granny

    Wow, I would love to get this software to try – never had the opportunity to play with something so interesting before.
    This is a great offer. Many thanks.

  • great SW
    would like to have it for my OTT service (

  • David

    Thanks for offering!

  • Sam

    I love reading your stuff, I hope I win!

  • Andy Covell

    Yes, Wowza Media Server 2 is the real deal. Dan, appreciate your blog, lots of useful info and insights.

  • Dynamic Ranger

    wowza! do I ever need this for my site!

  • vivek

    Hey nice giveaway!
    Way to go,

  • tm

    never heard of that product before. but it sound great. i would like to put it on my server .please count me in please

  • BTOR

    HI PLEASE COUNT ME ,great software. have already been using similar software in my server. have heard a lot about it. will be really thankfull and hope i win.

  • gee…thanks!

  • kiran

    count me in

  • Mell

    I’ve been trying to find ways to serve media on the iphone and other smartphone devices as part of a continuation of a class development project. I would love to win this! 🙂
    Thanks so much!
    Best Regards,

  • I’d love to win the WOWZA prize!

  • Michal

    Count me in. Would love to have it.

  • Thunder-man

    Very Nice, would love to get it.

  • Thanks Dan and Wowza!

  • Amar

    Am I the lucky person. 🙂

  • Roberto Quero

    Is the best program for streaming.
    Is Multiplataform.

  • Yaroslav Gorodetsky

    I’d like to participate in this lottery, even though we are already using Wowza.

  • Ray Seals

    Oooohhhhhh me! me! me! pick me! I’ve been using QTSS and have been eye’ing Wowza for a while now.

  • This would be truly awesome! I would even make a video about it. 🙂

  • J Hatchett

    Wow, a win like this could cut my personal project overhead down considerably, and get me into actual profits much sooner.
    Not to mention that I am really enjoying the new functionality with Wowza’s latest release.

  • I am planning to buy it anyways.. It would be great to get it for free 🙂

  • That is so great
    thanks for the stuff

  • What a great competition… How could I pass up leaving a comment? 🙂
    I have to say, having just found this blog I am so impressed. Working in the traditional entertainment sector it amazes me how slow the big boys are at welcoming technological change… You have a new avid reader…
    Thank you! Richard

  • I would like a chance to receive this software. thanks

  • louman578

    Need this program to make a project of a videoshare website.
    I’m feeling lucky!

  • nice. free Streaming Media People’s Choice Award winner. Pick me, pick me!

  • TJ Kudalis

    I heart Wowza.

  • IM

    Great count me in

  • Maybe a change to try another brand

  • Vaughn

    Been very impressed with the demo version on OSX server. Beats having to run mediastreamsegmenter from terminal!

  • James B

    Sounds like a great opportunity!

  • Tom Streeter

    Why not? I’ve gotten lucky on these things before.

  • Mike Izquierdo

    Wow!! I’ve love to have a “Wow”za Server!

  • I would like to try this software. Thanks

  • Michael

    I am in great need for this to use in live streaming for our church. The price is not within reach for a non-profit organization so this would help us out tremendously. Thanks!

  • Marilyn Reed

    Wow…za! This is a great offer. I’m feeling lucky!

  • Brian Benitez

    Put me in, wowza rules!

  • Wow, just started up a small streaming business after I the company I worked for went out of business due to the recession. Winning this would be a gift out of heaven!

  • Naren

    Have been following this blog/website recently. Interesting articles.

  • mesmerized

    Please count me in!!!

  • Rafael_C

    Wow this is great… count me in too

  • GilSilva

    very cool,,, i appreciate a license!

  • DjakS

    enter me in!

  • Hochste

    Hi, i interesting in this product, please consider me winner,,, hehehe!

  • Joulk

    hey, include me in, please?

  • Wowza media server two is not so expensive; as its is good to use..

  • Paul

    This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

  • thomasj

    Best multiformat streaming server

  • Hedgie

    Exactly what I am needing, great giveaway from Wowza!

  • Joe

    Send it my way!

  • I’m in for this 🙂

  • sisciro

    I hope to have the chance to win a license, please enter me in.

  • tom

    Well… Would be glad if I win! Plz count me in too.

  • Juan

    Reader’s Choice 09. Have to try it.

  • Would most appreciate this. Thx!

  • B.jay

    Wow, or I should say WOWZA!!! Hope I win!

  • Ivo

    I can has wowza?

  • Curtis Machek

    Wow, That’s fantastic of Wowza. It’s a great promotional method. Wowza’s a sweet software!

  • Ashok

    Love to win this software…

  • Greg

    This is a great server. Would love to have it.

  • I’m in Australia, we have limited choice, but I can choose from Bitgravity, Internap and Edgecast.
    I do have one other choice and that’s running Wowza Media Server 2, because those big CDN’s are too scared of Adobe to offer it me themselves…

  • Dan, was stoked to find your blog. Would be unbelievably stoked to win the Wowza prize. ALOHA!

  • Matt Matasso

    yall are awesome! the best media server!!!

  • Jose

    This software woud give my startup time to learn it prior to dev, and beta, and help us save money during our initial investment period.

  • jcesar

    I tryed the devel license of wowza and I like it. I would like the perpetual, but is very expensive for my

  • Joseph Eboli

    Hey Dan,
    I’m a fan of the site. thanks for all the great info you provide. I work as a young professional broadcaster, and am looking to get more involved with the leading industry trend of IPTV. A chance to have WOWZA for my personal use would help me further my knowledge of the leading industry evolution, as well help me pioneer the way for my network and personal projects…

  • IFM

    This definitely would make our day. ‘Do you feel lucky, punk’?

  • Fun contest for leads, need Wowza, hope I’m lucky!!! Keep up the good work. -Al

  • would love to work with the Wowza server.

  • Could be fun to try a new media server

  • Please let me win this!
    I can just afford to make the computer for live streaming, but need to save a heap more before I can buy the software, But I really want to start offering this services now to start making some money.
    It’s my final piece to the puzzle!

  • Steve

    Would be nice to get my hands on a Wowza license

  • Hi,
    anyway, I own a basical FMS, but I have changed on Wowza 2
    monthly licence, because the the interactive version of Adobe costs toooooooo much. Bravo to Wowza for this super
    idea of monthly licensing.
    Mike, Budapest, Hungary

  • Golf4Pro

    Great idea! and great blog.