Cisco Preparing To Launch New Flip Cameras

Flip-video-logo-773469650 Last week someone sent me specs for new Flip cameras Cisco is preparing to launch around the NAB time frame. While I've been able to confirm that new cameras are in fact on the way, I have not been able to verify that the specs I have been sent are completely accurate, so I'm not going to publish them. But keep an eye out on my blog over the coming weeks as I'll make sure to do a review of the new units as soon as I can get my hands on them.

  • Flip seems to be getting creamed by competition….it’ll be interesting to see if they gain their advantage again. The were the first and the best…but the competition is stiff.
    I just bought the Kodak Zi8 which has a feature set and quality far beyond the flip…and is top of it’s class in all ways [except size…it’s freakin’ huge]. Creative has the Vado 3rd Gen, which is a close second. But now the Kodak just released the Kodak Playsport…which is basically the Zi8, but smaller, cheaper, drop proof and waterproof.
    There are only 2 features that the Zi8 has that the new gen doesn’t – macro setting for very close shots and external mic support.
    But the new kodak has face tracking, image stabelization, 1080p & 3 other settings, hdmi to tv direct and the list goes on.
    Let’s see how the flip stacks up….

  • Hey Danny, you are 100% right. The Zi8 has been kicking Flip’s butt and Kodak also claims they have sold more cameras than Cisco, although I don’t have any way to verify that.

  • AdamV

    I had a Flip SD and I have a Zi8. The big problem with these camera is the inability to adjust your light thus the auto high shutter speed and the open aperture. Even when I hold the camera tight to my body you get Saving Private Ryan strobing. Then tack on “stabilization” (software), and you get a distorted images. The only time they actually look Good is when the camera is locked down.
    Over all I can’t wait to see what is coming out! I carry my Zi8 and a Bogen table top tripod in my shoot ditty (portabrace slingpack) every day. Damn handy for those nutty times when you say “I wish I had a camera!”.

  • I love these little flip cameras just for a carry around device of course, but that come in handy so much, especially when your just hanging around with your mates and then something funny happens, its great!

  • I use the macro mode of my Zi8 very often and it’s not something I can live without anymore. It can be a little tricky to get in focus on a moving subject in macro mode because you have to keep the lens almost exactly 6″ away from the subject. The other issue is that there’s a range between about 6″ and 30″ from the lens where neither macro or normal mode can bring the subject into perfect focus. But this is a minor complaint for such an awesome camera. Now all it needs is a pico projector!

  • TB

    TamPogo Video (other comment) recently pointed my business partner and me to the Zi8 after we worked with him on a short video project. The external mics kind of seal it for a simple user like me. For me, HD anything is better than what I was working with. But I know the power of external mics in the right situation.

  • I have tried several cameras since I am quite fond of candid shots and videos that are simply priceless.
    Documenting events and creating PowerPoint presentations has always been my way of recording history. Having high end cameras can give you vivid pictures and high resolution videos but, when you’re after candid pictures or videos, you definitely have to use a camera that you can easily switch on, point, and shoot,otherwise the moment will just pass by.
    I have heard of the flip camera by Cisco but I’m still reading reviews prior to deciding on whether to purchase one or not. This blog and comments have helped me weigh things over a bit. Thanks.

  • Bob the Sanyo Projector Fan

    This ought to be good, a flip camera from cisco, that’s double the fun.