Free Product Giveaway: Six Slingbox PRO-HD Units Up For Grabs

Slingboxprohd2 While the industry argues over what TV Everywhere should look like, consumers like me who have a Slingbox already have a true TV Everywhere solution. With Slingbox, you can access your full linear TV lineup wherever you go from your computer or mobile device. Simply put, for TV Everywhere, nothing beats a Slingbox.

And thanks to the very generous folks at Sling Media I have six Slingbox PRO-HD units to give away to some lucky readers of my blog. I’m going to raffle off the units one at a time over the next few months so here’s your chance to win the first one. Just leave one comment on this post with a valid email address saying how you will use it and I’ll pick one lucky winner at random on April 1st. You must have a U.S. postal address as I will not ship these overseas. HUGE thanks to Sling Media for the boxes!

  • brian

    Dan- would love to give this one a try. I did not win the Roku box, but did buy one and it is awesome. I imagine the Sling will be equally awesome.

  • I would plug the baby in, connect all my stuff to it and enjoy it in my network πŸ™‚
    before that i would need to get a power adapter anyway, damnit i live in germany, does that exclude me? πŸ˜‰

  • Matt

    I travel 150 days per year. Would use it to watch hometown sports!

  • I run a dept. that streams events online as its primary business function… but this baby would be killer for my home setup! Bring on the Kentucky basketball games ANYWHERE!

  • Jason Thibeault

    I have a much more insidious need…I will use it to randomly change channels on the TV when my kids are watching it! Good bye Sponge Bob, hello History Channel!!!!

  • I would love to set this up at home. Another option would be to give it to my local fraternity house that way even more people could get use out of it.

  • I’d give it some heavy use and will give you guys some updates on my usage, product review, wish-list for future funtionality and many, many deserved thanks to you and Sling Media πŸ™‚

  • Sallysal

    Would love to give it a workout on my mobile device. Very interested in learning how to leverage this technology into the mobile sphere.

  • Jarrod

    This would help me avoid having to watch my Fiances favorite shows: Ugly Betty etc…

  • sascha

    will take it with me to my favorite st*rb*cks in order to do set up some new trend of geeky unproductivity.

  • Joel Nelson

    It would be great to have one of these now (March Madness), but I am always on the go so I would use it watch my favorite shows or watch some TV while I work at home (no TV in my home office).

  • Brian Benitez

    I would use this to watch my fave shows on my iphone.

  • AdamV

    If you want a new best buddy I am the guy for the job! But I need to get paid that kind of friendship, you understand right? I think a Slingbox would go a long way in solidify our buddy relationship. I don’t cook free wings for just anybody!
    I am only kidding, you wouldn’t need to bribe me. You and your blog are just dandy and we could be pals even without a Slingbox.

  • I’d use it @home and then catch those afternoon MLB games we don’t get to watch cuz we’re too cheap @work to get cable!

  • TJ Kudalis

    Oh, awesome! I’ve always wanted one of these, and they just keep getting cooler.

  • Ray Seals

    I would connect this baby to by lonely DVR and enjoy my DVR from anywhere in my house.

  • IM

    This would be great

  • Cat Bui

    Always wanted to try one out. Hmm wonder if this works great with the iPad.

  • RS

    Thanks Dan for your insights and this opportunity. I’d use it to try on mobile devices.

  • AS

    I’ve yet to meet anyone who owns a a SlingMedia box. Not sure what EchoStar paid that much for. Perhaps the hype worked. Free might be a way to try it out.

  • Dan Patton

    I’d use to watch the Padres while traveling. Not sure why, but just a glutton for punishment!

  • 2 words. Braves Baseball. All the time. – ok that was 5 words.

  • @AS: I have to be honest, you don’t even sound like you want it, so I’m going to have to remove your name from the running.

  • Sathya

    Would love to have one & explore further.

  • combo with TiVo to sling recorded and online video around the house mostly, maybe the occasional “in-car” experiment
    Long Island, NY

  • Always wanted to try it. Does it have Flash support yet?

  • Gordon

    Very interesting reading more at their site. Recently got Roku XR after reading about it here, love it for Netflix on my home network. Would use Slingbox and accessories to extend TV/PC streaming to rooms with no cable or ethernet and improve lower wireless signals.

  • I want one! Badly, and I’ll move to the US to qualify πŸ˜‰

  • Probably one of your few Mexican fans… I head the Interactive Division of Televisa in Mexico. Love to test the HD baby and brief you back… we currently stream 4 live channels, time shifted live, vod long and short form. Mostly with MoveNetworks…

  • roy

    Thanks for holding the giveaway. I spend too many hours working(IT) so I’ll use it to watch tv from work. Plus it will entertain clients while I try to fix their computers.

  • Rick

    This would look GREAT next to my Roku and would enable me to watch favorite shows while I’m on the road.

  • Hi,
    I’ll use it to watch tv the way most have been consuming radio anywhere portably almost for ever, and save the effort of delayed downloading!
    Kind regards,
    Shakir Razak

  • Michael Mawson

    I have the Slingbox Classic. Best investment that I have made. Only issue is that it does not work with the Iphone. Would love to have the Pro HD.

  • gee thanks!

  • Dan,
    Your insights into this business have been a great help to us over the years. Providing a Slingbox will provide me more insights into – Yankees games via iPhone. Cubs games via iPhone. Who could ask for more? Sign me up!

  • JTS193

    Slingbox is a GREAT product – no need to waste bucks on TiVo.

  • CBH

    I would use it when I travel to access my cable TV service on the road.

  • Scott

    I’d love to have one to use while I am on the road for business or personal reasons. Also, be great to have in my home office where I don’t have coax for TV for streaming business channels on my iMAC throughout the day. My two teenage sons would also find many uses for it. It would be a great addition to the home. Thanks.

  • James

    I will use it to keep up woth my American TV shows while I travel abroad.

  • Would really like to try the interoperability with Ankeena product. We have tested with boxes like Roku and would really like to test this one out.

  • Raul Deju

    I would use it to capture all my longtail content Kids and Movies for the house. Anything that I want to access mobile. Also I wanted to test if I could use a source for my own home CCTV network to monitor the house from my iphone. and then maybe even get a slingcatcher to extend my DTV if it works better than a DTV device.

  • Michael Fiumano

    I would love to win this and use it to put at my folks house in NY to watch all those NY Giants games not broadcast down here in Dan Snyder land….
    Reston, VA

  • Brian Cheek

    To feed my addiction to the food network when I am on the road (bonus points for bad puns?).

  • Willie Joe

    Dan, I found your blog after reading a comment by you in our local newspaper online edition concerning Blockbuster’s online digital strategy. I am old school and like to take my dogs to the video store, pick out a Blue Ray DVD and watch it with popcorn. Well, they closed the stores near my house and now we are looking for alternatives – I’m not a fan of Netflix. I will have to review your articles for suggestions and planning to embrace new technology. Anyway, I digress, this box seems like it would help in moving my 17-year old out of the way of decent TV and movie watching and into his room where the seldom used textbooks are more accessible.

  • I enjoy researching the TV Everywhere concept, VOD, etc. and having a sling box would make my work so much more fun, not to mention simply enjoying it use! We have our own productions I’d love to explore getting seen through Slingbox and similar devices.

  • I would love a sling box to watch the DVR when away from home.

  • Matt

    It would be awesome to hook this up to my HD sat box and watch programming via my mobile device! Ohh. Good point about the iPad. You have to admit that’d be pretty cool.

  • Jamie

    I’d use it to run my Control4 home automation system from anywhere in the world!

  • Ray Burnett

    Dan, I found your site while researching stocks. I was looking for a website where new and cutting edge “Video over the Internet” technology news could be found. There is no self promoting advertising here. I love new toys!

  • John

    No sappy posting about how much I need it/will test, etc. but I wouldn’t complain if my name gets picked!

  • Erik

    I’ve wanted one of these ever since I sat next to a guy on a Virgin America flight a couple months back – he was streaming a live football game while 30k feet in the air.

  • Jim Wrubel

    Would be awesome to have one. I love my first generation Slingbox!

  • Jeff

    I’d probably use the new RTMP streaming features to experiment with a Flash player interface available on multiple devices, and watch TV when travelling of course.

  • Huei

    With this box, I would ensure catching those few Yankee innings I would normally have missed.

  • Shanghai Dave

    Would love to upgrade my Slingbox classic, a godsend while living in China.

  • Dan:
    Re: Slingbox-
    I’d hook it up and see how it worked. The price and hassle of setting it up has prevented me from experimenting (and I am a gadget guy, so we see the depth of the problem to get this to mass acceptance).
    Did you see the Avner Ronin (Boxee) – Mark Cuban (HDNET) discussion this week at SXSW? Great discussion and debate about new models, consumer control, etc. Not very flattering stuff from Mark about MSOs, but then again we expected as much. My curiosity about slingbox relates to their new owners, and whether there is potential to work within the MSO community and incumbent infrastructure (and mind-set) to *really* give consumers better choice and control. Slingbox may or may not be a hybrid response to TV Anywhere (we’ll see what EchoStar does with their approach). I have friends inside the shop over at Comcast, and they insist that there are people there who “get it” – and who have an agenda to innovate in favor of consumers. I believe my friends and their colleagues’ intentions. I have my doubts about whether the organization will really let them run. I hope they are successful in innovating and breaking old models. Analysts and shareholders may not be as sanguine.

    In the end, consumers need better control over their subscription package, ad stream and social-TV/Social-Media experiences. This includes anytime-anywhere access to their own curated content. We are working on that end, in combination with hyper-targeted ad data and services to the ecosystem. We’ll see what clicks with consumers in terms of ad stream and attention/engagement. The proof will be higher ad rates and better enthusiasm from brands and their agencies.
    Sling / EchoStar is trying to innovate, and I’ll give them points for effort. Incumbents need to keep experimenting and breaking old models on the way to landing on something consumers will love and advertisers/brands will support.

    Keep up the great work. Always a pleasure to read your material and be at your conferences. With or without the slingbox.
    Kind regards
    Matt Weeks
    CEO & Founder
    EyeTMedia, Inc.
    (650) 520-8808

  • Nick R Rochester NY

    My wife’s undergoing cancer treatment. All she can watch during chemo at the infusion center is a handful of off-air SD channels – if she’s lucky enough to get one of the treatment areas with a TV.
    They have wifi and I got her a laptop, so this could work out pretty well technically. It would help a lot to keep her spirits up.
    BTW March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month – getting checked saves lives!

  • Love to try it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • mc

    I like to watch.

  • I’m from Tulsa, Okla., but living in the Washington, D.C. area. I would send the Slingbox to a friend’s house in Tulsa, which would give me the ability to watch the Tulsa local TV (particularly sports). Instead of having to watch boring ACC football in the fall (when’s the last time one of those teams was a major factor?) or the really terrible Washington Redskins (when are they going to finally put these guys to sleep?),With the Slingbox, I would get to watch football games that matter — Big 12 and Dallas Cowboys — every weekend in the fall.

  • Tom Mullen

    I would use this for two things. Live music events for our artists and to catch hometown sports as I travel way too much.

  • Phil

    Would use the Slingbox to route programming when I travel as well as in multiple rooms in the house where I am working with my laptop but do not have a TV.

  • i would like to try one out. thank you very much

  • FP

    I would love to have one to use for at home and on my iPhone.

  • Justin

    I’d use it to catch up on football on racing when I work weekends. Shh… Don’t tell the NFL!

  • I’ve been watching TV on the go on my laptop/iPhone. Simplifying this with Slingbox will be the penultimate experience.

  • Brian Crissman

    I will use he SlingBox to be able to watch and setup DVR recordings for my Comcast DVR since there’s no way to do that online!

  • Ben Fuhrmann

    Hi, poor college student here, majoring in Advertising and a love of tech gadgets, I would be truly blessed to receive a Slingbox. I would love to use it to watch commercials/shows and save them to computer. My fiance always fast forwards through them,ugh!

  • Michael Powers

    To promote it’s superiority to all other devices I own to everyone who enters my home.

  • Brian NC

    I would use it to watch TV shows I have recorded while on the road. No more massive DVR backlog when I get home.

  • Mike O’Bryon

    I travel between South Florida and San Francisco… I can keep in touch with SF Giants via a SlingBox and my iPhone wherever my travels take me…

  • Jon

    Use it at the ski cabin to watch my home Tivo and avoid a cable subscription

  • I travel 2 weeks per month, would use it all the time.

  • Sean

    Already have an eyeTV for DVR, so this would be a great addition to the entertainment options! Thanks for the chance!

  • Dr. Steve

    I have wanted a Slingbox ever since I heard about it. I’ve been gradually building my network up to be able to use one properly – moving to Fios (actual upload speed!), getting a Wireless-N network, and getting an HD TV (for the HD Box).
    Finally I have everything I need, except the Slingbox. This would be AWESOME!! I have tons of plans for it. From watching baseball on the deck while barbecuing to hooking my phone up to my uncle’s portable TV to get all my cable channels at work. And it’d be really cool, once some slate PCs come out, to whip out some sleek 11-inch screen and turn it into an instant TV.
    And if I get a free Slingbox, I’m that much closer to buying one of those slates πŸ˜›

  • anish

    Hi Dan
    Working in global unit -I am indeed looking forward to chek out slingbox HD Pro and its end to end working over various types of broadband access technologies and solutions I encounter with on my travel –From cable, fiber, wireless, even satellite based broadband technology as spread across various continents—not to mention hybrid 3g+wifi; hybrid sat+wifi, hybrid wimax+wifi solutions…I have been using …Also-i am tempted to use slingbox in unusual way of having this box connected to my friends’s house in UK and trying to get those UK channels view on my smartphone here in USA…I believe slingbox may find such a reverse setup more lucrative for their business model expansion–very similar to Vonage where now atleast 40% of vonage customers have shipped Vonage boxes outside US!!!

  • Great value for your readers, Dan.

  • Lew

    TV in every room and on the back porch. Very nice!

  • The ability to watch live sporting events while traveling. There is no better use.

  • Thomas

    Hello Dan,
    I would try to set up the Slingbox to send educational video programs from our hospital to our remote outpatient clinic.
    Thank you.

  • InTheKnow

    I’m going to use the Sling Box as a place to set my Boxee box, since nothing else can stand on the Boxee in a stack.

  • Dennis Vavasis

    living in Tampa…. need to watch the Yankees and Jets on TV!!!

  • Dennis Vavasis

    living in Tampa…. need to watch the Yankees and Jets on TV!!!

  • Robie

    Finally automate the home with the beloved REDSOX!

  • Colin

    I would use this to watch sports and television shows from the road when I am not able to catch them at home.

  • Myles Mumford

    I’d take that thing apart and see how I could make it better.

  • I would love to check this out!!!

  • Jerod

    I’d use it everywhere! Go sling!

  • Yoad

    I have had a Slingshot unir for a few weeks to test and setup for a family member – It works like a charm. Although it wans’t the HD version..
    My biggest use would be watching our local Israeli channels while i’m off to my South America trip by the end of April πŸ™‚
    I have a US address.. no problem.

  • Adam

    I’m trying to start a company about the future of video, yet most of the really cool service I can rarely afford. I want to expand my industry knowledge and use of various cutting-edge products as much as possible. Would greatly appreciate the chance to use the Slingbox!

  • Oh oh oh!
    Me! Pick me!
    Then let me talk about it like a giddy little kid on Christmas!

  • RL

    Oh man, I hope shipping to Vancouver, Canada is okay with you (no body of water to ship over). With the Stanley Cup Playoffs around the corner and the World Cup of Soccer this summer I’d be in heaven with a Pro-HD!! Go Canucks!!!! Go Brazil!!! And a Big thank you to you Dan!

  • Dan,
    Love your blog and your posts like this one!

  • Brian Ross

    I had the original slingbox and suffered a blown transformer (which I foolishly never resolved). I’d love to get back to ‘Slinging my media while I travel or am away from home…

  • Doran

    I’ve been trying to decide between purchasing a slingbox Pro HD ($299.99) and the slingplayer mobile ($29.99) for the sole purpose of watching Seattle Mariners games from anywhere this season. My other option is just ordering the MLB.TV yearly package ($119.95). I’ve been siding on the MLB.TV side but…

  • Scott

    I travel a ton and would love to “sling” content from media server along with being able to watch local news and sports.

  • Brian

    I don’t have any DVR and I have been looking for a device like this for my living room! Awesome product.

  • That’sMr.DtoYou

    I would use it to make my lunch breaks better….and longer.

  • Shelley

    Cool device. I would use it to sling Australian football and Tour de France coverage, which always seems to be on when I am not at home, to where I am.

  • James

    I would love to have a Slingbox to sling content to my mobile devices. Wish me luck everyone!

  • Oscar

    I really want to win the raffle πŸ™‚ Want to try one, saving for iPad πŸ™

  • As a Leased Access Channel operator in various parts of the country, the Sling-box would be an ideal way to keep up with goings-on with particular systems. Thanks.

  • marise

    Since I have been out of work, TV is a regular therapy. This would really add to the experience while waiting for interviews. Thanks for the raffle!

  • I’d put together a video review for my audience, demonstrating how to setup and use the Slingbox in their homes, for both PC and Mac users.

  • JB

    I would use it to watch shows from my downstairs DVR to my upstairs tv.

  • John

    Is it bad that I simply want to be sitting in the same room as my wife, while she’s watching that Kardashian’s show, and use a laptop to change the channel repeatedly? And if not, am I just asking the wrong person that question? πŸ™‚
    I travel a bit and would love that functionality. But even some in-home options would be fun.

  • Mariano Primavera

    I would love to have the slingbox for my kid so he can watch his favorite cartoons and let us eat in peace when we go out to a restaurant! Thanks a lot for the chance!

  • brian bobo

    I would love the sling box to use to watch my favorite shows in other rooms on my network and on my mobile phone while commuting back and forth to work!

  • Jonathan, Charlotte, NC

    It would be a dream come true to have one of these!! I am from the Uk and now living in the US. I love US tv, but miss so many of the programs from abroad. A friend of mine has one of these and he said it works perfectly from were he’s located it in the UK (he also lives in the US).
    Besides we have given you such cool things like the Stones, the beatles, and that fit woman who’s on “So you think you can dance”??

  • Don H.

    Travel lots on my job but stay at a lot of hotels offering free internet access. This would keep me up to date on what’s going on back home.

  • Would be great for me, I doing streaming media (live streaming) and i am now looking at these “boxes” as replacements for laptops, but don’t have a physical Sling to do some tests on and see how it can function.

  • John Mark Graves

    I had a slingbox that died and it drove me nuts. It is a wonderful product. I also have a slinglink that currently is not working. I have HD but don’t have the HD option on the replacement slingbox.
    I would love to be able to access my HD content and two access points to my media.

  • Jim, Full time in my RV

    I plan to use it to sling my home cable to the RV utilizing either my iPhone or local WiFi.

  • joshua

    April 1 Fools yall

  • Shailendra

    I would love to have it

  • adam

    i would use the sling to keep an eye on my grandmother at her house while i am at mine

  • David Herendi

    I would like to use it for public access use and publish the codes and password on the internet for people who miss their home TV channels. currently I live in Hungary but iam willing to pay for shipping and handling.
    Thank you

  • Ricardo Macari

    Hi, this promo is it still running? Could i enter? I would love to have one slingbox, thank you for this opportunity!

  • John

    I was recently transferred overseas. I’d hook up the system at a friends house and be able to watch US TV while I’m here AND chip in for my friends comcast bill.

  • A.K.Avasthi

    While traveling the world let other people see our way of life and liberty……..AK

  • Stuartt Fox

    I am really interested in giving this to my sister so we can both watch her TV on the road since we spend a lot of time away from home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Dave Filchak

    Hey Dan,
    This would be a perfect addition to a course I am writing for one of the local colleges in our area. Part of the course involves the future of Television and the broadcast industry. This would fit right in as a possible “What Might Happen”.
    Cheers Dan and keep up the fine work.

  • Chris

    I’m an area trainer for the national company I work for so I find myself away from home during the week on occasion, so there is times I’m not home during the week to watch any of my normal shows and being stuck in a hotel room out of town is never fun not knowing what channels are showing my favorite shows. I’ve see that Dishnetwork (which I have) is offering an upgraded receiver now that is sling loaded, but with an large upgrade fee and higher DVR monthly charges along with only working on one TV. I’d be sweet to be able to watch any of the shows or movies I have on my DVR as if I was sitting at home in front of my tv, instead of searching all the channels in the hotels to find something worth watching and being stuck having to watch all the commercials on top of it. I hope you consider my post for one of the boxes that you’re giving away. Thank you!

  • Kamal

    One of my friend is using this one. I would love to try this one.
    South Jersey,NJ

  • cheap computer

    If they are giving it for free i think every should go and grab such type comes once in a while and this is such excellent device that now you can watch TV any where with your computer. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Amber Cheney

    I am interested in being able to watch TV in the car and my children have been bugging me about it every since I mentioned it. I also have my computer hooked up to my TV so we can watch movies and stuff on the TV through the computer. This would be more than a blessing and perfect for all my digital needs and make possible a lot of things I have been trying to do but can’t really afford it.

  • SFI

    Good post. This post show me that available product to access TV from my computer or mobil device. It is make me easier to watch tv network.

  • Matt King

    I would really like a slingbox pro hd for the fact that I will be attending college 7 hrs away from home and never get to see any of my teams play and at home I could be seeing them every time in HD at school or on my phone. Please pick me I have little money to buy one but really would use it everyday.

  • Would be a great device for myself as I travel a lot. Thank you!

  • A convenient way for me to access the tv and media when I’m away from my computer. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Stanley

    give to me. please. πŸ˜€

  • Bob Hines

    Thanks for the great articles Dan!

  • Cherie Call

    I want the Lunchbox and I need it!!!

  • Jose marquez

    I would love to have have 4 kids and only 3 TVs. Thank you