Free Product Giveaway: Win A Slingbox PRO-HD

6a00d834518e1c69e20120a93b4e78970b-320wi Thanks to the very generous folks at Sling Media I have another Slingbox PRO-HD unit to give away to a lucky reader of my blog. To be entered into the drawing, just leave one comment on this post with your full name and a valid email address and I’ll pick one lucky winner at random on June 30th. You must have a U.S. postal address as I will not ship these overseas. Congrats to Jim Doyle who won the last drawing. HUGE thanks to Sling Media for the boxes!

  • S Pandit

    Thanks, Dan.

  • Jacob Cook

    oh this would be really nice to win

  • Paul Fort

    I’ve been on the fence about sling boxes but now I find myself watching less TV at home and more video online, it’s becoming more and more compelling.

  • Lewis Franck

    Thanks for the contest. Very cool giveaway.

  • Akagi Kong

    Very nice Giveaway.
    When is the next WebM/VP8 post? Better still, what’s going on with Theora; Last I read there was a patent pool forming, does it have legs?

  • Gary Eimerman

    Thank, hope I get to play around with this one.

  • i didnt had luck the last time with the slingbox, maybe …. 🙂

  • I could put the Slingbox to work!

  • Rich Moore

    Hi Dan, enjoy your blogs.

  • Ray Seals

    These look like a lot of fun to have.

  • Josh

    Thanks Dan!

  • Thanks Dan!

  • Cool! Thanks!

  • TJ Kudalis

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I like free stuff.

  • Andrew

    Your blog is a great source of digital video news!

  • samip parikh

    this would be a nice upgrade from my original sling –

  • brian gurley

    Almost have all streaming gadgets. AppleTV, Roku, Wii and would love to add this to arsenal.

  • Irfan Mohammed

    Thanks for this offer

  • Jason

    Thanks .. Hoping you choose me.q

  • Thanks for the post.

  • I hope I win!

  • Forrest Maready

    I need this device to convince my wife we can still watch Reverend Storey’s Gospel Time Happy Hour after we move. Please help.

  • Mark Braunstein

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • John Galt

    OMG! I like Sling!

  • I would really, really appreciate a sling!

  • Joel Nelson

    I have always wanted one of these. Winning one would be great!

  • Oscar

    Thanks for the opportunity, hope to win (:

  • Jim McNeill
  • Jonathan Holmok

    This could could be a fun new toy.

  • Brian Lehmbeck

    Thanks for the chance to win some cool gear.

  • Bob Scesa

    Sling it on!

  • I am new the CDN industry and have used ” The business of Online” daily emails to self educate myself. I appreciate your efforts

  • very cool! I know the founder and invetor of Sling – cool guy and fantastic product!

  • Tom Mullen

    can’t wait to SLING!

  • jag

    ;;-) slung…

  • Rick

    This would be a nice addition and great for traveling

  • Werner M

    Would be very happy to get hands on one of these devices.
    Thanks for your always nice posts about our loved media environment.

  • Sign me up. Thanks.

  • Ravi Kumar

    Thanks for the chance. I wish i can afford one of these cool boxes.

  • Allen Ramsey

    Looks great on the iphone app.
    Hope the android app comes SOON!

  • Vikash Harlalka

    Cool Offer!

  • Cat Bui

    Just perfect 🙂

  • Michael Fiumano

    Oh, this would be sweet, my wife has been begging me to get one so she can watch World Cup at work…..

  • You can use the Slingbox PRO-HD with virtually any audio/video device such as an HD-DVR, satellite receiver, cable box, or security camera. Every feature that’s available on your TV remote control is accessible through the included SlingPlayer software for your Windows or Mac laptop.

  • Huei

    Count me in!

  • Dan Frommer

    Can’t win if you don’t enter! Would be a nice addition to the living room.

  • Adrian Payne

    Thanks for the chance to win an awesome SlingBox!

  • Jason Burris

    I was already thinking about buying one. But a free one would be even better.

  • Ray Watson

    Oh, pick me pick me pick me!

  • This is an excellent and ingenious Bravo and thank you very much for sharing!

  • Tim Dittmer

    thanks for the offer.

  • Cool!

  • Brian Benitez

    In it to win it.

  • A Slingbox HD would be a great upgrade for me!

  • Sling is great – Sling HD is pure awesomeness.

  • Jeff Campbell

    Sling is the best, but would be even better to have Sling HD

  • enjoy the info, and will enjoy the Slingbox!

  • Andrew Fried

    Would love me some sling!

  • Tom R

    Great giveaway, Dan. Thanks!

  • Travis

    You rock man!

  • Wayne

    Slingbox has been on the list of “wouldn’t it be nice to have …” and it would be nice!

  • I’ve always wanted one of these.

  • Steve McAbee

    Would love to have this device! Thanks, Dan.

  • Kylie Kim

    Count me in to win!

  • Greg Moore

    I would love to sling my TV to my vacation locations, and I’m feeling lucky. Thanks!

  • James Mumford

    I just saw this randomly on a tweet!

  • That would be a nice win…

  • james zhu

    Thanks Dan,I may get this chance to try Sling.

  • Matt Larson

    A Sling for a Song? How could I go wrong?

  • Milo Ballan

    Great Blog and thanks for the chance at the SlingBox Pro-HD unit

  • Man could I use one of these tonight to catch Game 7. Maybe I’ll have it for the next time!

  • Justin Stahl

    Free is good. Free electronics is great.

  • Xavier A. Loor

    Thank you.

  • Whitney Baxter

    Great giveaway

  • Matthew Chestnut

    Leaving a comment for a chance to win.

  • Faya Peng

    Awesome – would love to win!

  • Vince DeRusso

    This would be a really cool device to win. I’ve looked at these in the past, but just can never afford it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Dale Reisinger


  • great new invention .would love the chance to have one. for my children.

  • Chase Browdie

    always wanted one. ty for the chance

  • When is the next contest or giveaway happening. Free stuff is great, a Slingbox PRO-HD or anything.

  • i will probably win that Slingbox PRO-HD!! lols thanks for that beautiful give a way dan!

  • What a great way to attract more comments on your blog!

  • Dan

    I’ll take it!

  • DI

    Great job, you give us an opportunity to win, this is an amazing offer ever!! keep the good work.

  • Robert Madore

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    slingbox is the one

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