Updated List Of Vendors In The Content Delivery Network Business

It’s been six months since I updated my list of carriers, telcos and pure-play companies in the CDN business and in that time, there have been a couple of new entrants to the market. Here’s an updated list of companies offering CDN services in the industry, broken down between pure-play CDNs versus non pure-play vendors like carriers and telcos. (To make the list easier to find on my blog, all you have to do is go to www.cdnlist.com for the latest update

Non Pure-Play CDNs

Pure-Play CDNs

Before anyone starts saying it’s not fair to put all these folks on a list, please read my disclaimer in one of my recent posts which explains many of the differences between the CDN vendors in the market.

  • Brian

    I’ve got a real problem with this list.

  • Suggestions

    3Crowd and Conviva just resell CDN they don’t own networks.

  • Dan Wrongburn

    3Crowd is not a CDN in any way, shape, or form.

  • Most of the companies on this list don’t own their own networks. You don’t have to own a network to offer CDN services.
    I would not disagree that 3Crowd is not exactly a traditional CDN the way the term is used, but neither is Conviva really. They are hard to classify.

  • 3Crowd: Load Balancing Platform. Not a CDN. Don’t offer CDN services.

  • Seth Weitzman

    Correction for you: Real Broadcast Network (RBN) has been discontinued, sir. The 1Q call at Real a few months back announced the discontinuation of the online service. They are focused on Mobile Video instead (AT&T CV, Verizon V CAST as their top 2 mobile video customers) and with media companies.
    There are some press releases from around CTIA time frame with regards to their new mobile video product/service. Also, the link you place above forwards to their mobile video service page.

  • Dan, I am not sure if you want to add Aflexi (www.aflexi.net) to your list. They provide CDN software and management to web hosting companies that want to be CDNs. Sort of a CDN enabler….

  • Aflexi, Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, PeerApp, Cisco, JetStream etc… are all companies that offer CDN software/platforms/hardware to carriers and telcos who want to build their own CDNs, but would not considered CDNs themselves. They don’t offer any direct hosting services to content owners.

  • Josh Stephens

    Dan, take Real off of there…they are more compared with MobiTV or QuickPlay with their mobile video service to operators. They are definitely not a CDN and their “broadcast network” is gone!

  • Daid Login

    Is the stealth startup bo.it in this space?

  • Lisa

    So, I’m a newbie to this world.
    Is it possible for you to briefly explain Pure Play vs. Non Pure Play. I can infer, but would appreciate a brief explanation.
    Also, where does something like UStream fit into this list?

  • Ludolf

    Fyi, SingTel is reselling CDNetworks, NTT is reselling Akamai, PCCW doesn’t do CDN simply offering some caching solution

  • Dan, we’re called CDNvideo, we are a new CDN operating in Europe and Russia. We provide video streaming and HTTP caching services. Please add us into your CDN list.

  • Hi Yaroslav, I would not consider you to be a CDN but rather a regional service provider. Your pricing starts at a few bucks a month and there are no details about your network anywhere on your website. No details on footprint, no network map, no real details.

  • Download Content

    Sorry Dan – I like your posts and follow them…but there are definitional issues here. If 3crowd can be on a “list of CDN’s” then Cisco should be in there (since they have Caching infrastructure)…..On a separate note, it would be interesting to hear the role of “load balancing for content delivery” as a market….not clear to me if the content ecosystem and enterprises will buy infra for this purpose….unless these players have a two-sided strategy and position themselves as a service between content and existing CDN’s. Any thoughts?

  • Add Mydeo to the first list Dan? (reselling Limelight exclusively for sub $2000 per month customers)

  • Where’s NetDNA?

  • David Porovich

    Why is Real here? Link does not show a CDN or RBN or whatever that is, Dan!

  • Real is still operating RBN. They are “transitioning” to third party CDNs but as the company stated, that will happen over a long period of time. So they are still on the list until the are out of the delivery business, which I expect them to be come next year. Next time I update the list, they probably won’t be on it.

  • A new CDN provider is Tronkle. We offer affordable CDN solutions with edge locations in US, Canada, Europe, Asia. We are also giving the flexibility in choosing both “push” or “pull” technics.

  • InstantCDN.Asia is a new CDN provider on block from Asia. Kindly update the list with InstantCDN.Asia. Thanks.
    You may check on our CDN EDGE server network

  • Mainsoft is an Italian CDN, that provides services to Europe, US, Asia, Africa and the rest of the world. It also have an own online video platform.

  • Morgan

    Hi, any CDN experts here? I’ve 2 CDN roles with a global telco based in Singapore. Anyone interested?