Level 3 Now Confirms It Has Secured A “Multi-Year CDN Agreement” With Netflix

You'll hear more about in the coming days, but Level 3 has now gone on record with me and other news outlets to say that they, "have secured a multi year CDN agreement with Netflix." They also go on to state that, "the capex mentioned on our earnings call associated with a large customer is for Netflix and the large customer is Netflix."

  • Herbert Luria

    Mr. Rayburn has done a good job here, and has a hint of the REAL story when his “defense” posting this morning said, in effect, that no one cared when he reported earlier that Level3 had lost Netflix business but were, in effect, up in arms when he said Akamai had yesterday: THE REAL STORY IS HOW LEVEL3’S STOCK HAS BEEN MANIPULATED AND NAKED SHORTED INTO NEAR OBLIVION WHILE AKAMAI IS A WALL STREET DARLING WHOSE OX FINALLY GOT GORED.

  • InvestorGater

    @ Herbert Luria
    Perhaps the largest holder of Limelight’s stock (LLNW) has “the REAL story”?
    Goldman Sachs holds 30,696,346 shares of LLNW, 30,273,393 for which Goldman paid an average of $9.71. Might you presume Goldman Sachs has a vested interest in seeing LLNW’s price increase? Yet Benzinga reported today that Goldman Sachs wrote in a research report (either yesterday or today):
    “We strongly believe that there are no video performance issues at Akamai. To the contrary, our latest conversations with large media customers have tended to highlight Akamai’s superiority on multiple fronts.”
    See Goldman’s additional comment here: