I’m Giving Away A Free Boxee Box By D-Link

Boxee-box It's officially December so it's time for me to start the holidays early and give away a bunch of free gear over the next four weeks. More Roku's are coming as well as some Apple TV's, Logitech Revue's and Harmony remotes. But right now, I've got a Boxee Box by D-Link to give away. To enter the drawing, all you have to do is leave one comment on this post and make sure you submit the comment with a valid email address. The drawing is open to anyone with a mailing address in the U.S. and I will select one winner at random in about ten days.

And if you want a NETGEAR Roku player, enter that drawing now as I am picking the winner on Friday, December 3rd February 1st. Good luck!

  • ajgiampa

    Been wanting to try one of these….

  • Hoping to get my hands on one!

  • copo24

    Looks awesome. Would love to have one.

  • Tom

    Hope I win, I’d love to evaluate this as well as other OTT STB’s.

  • Merry Christmas! 🙂

  • Gustavo Barlem

    I’d love one of these at home.

  • Jason Thibeault

    gimme gimme gimme 😉

  • I’ve been waiting for the Boxee Box ever since it was announced! I’d really like to have one in my home.

  • Jonathan Youngson

    Have been lurking on your blog for quite awhile but this is my 1st post. Would love to have this box. I wanted a STB for Christmas but money is just to tight right now to spend the money on a luxury. This would be perfect. Either way, love the blog. Keep up the good work.

  • SP

    Would love to get my hands on Boxee despite some disappointing reviews!! Thanks, Dan.

  • KT

    Been a big fan of the Boxee software. Looking forward to trying the box. I think they have a leg up over other media boxes because of their ability to bring in more tv content (comedy central, CBS, etc.)

  • Mike Farkas

    Thanks for holding these give-aways!

  • Pablo


  • Three three’s is nine. You heard it here first.

  • Interested in finally hooking up an OTT device to see what all the potential is about!

  • Lehman

    Keep up the great reporting. I’d love an opportunity to try this new set-top box.

  • Lance

    Crossing my fingers!

  • Mark G

    These look so cool, I would love to get one!

  • Shawn Przybilla

    ooOOoooo I could use one of these!

  • Rick

    I’d love to try one of these.

  • Mark Woods

    Would love to have standalone Boxee.

  • Tyler

    This is a comment made in hopes of winning a Boxee box.

  • The Boxee looks great– would like to compare to the Roku, which I love for various reasons. Somebody please talk FIFA into creating a streaming channel for these devices!

  • From what I’ve read, Boxee has the best codec support of any of the boxes. Could make for a great addition to the home theater.

  • Ron

    Someone is going to make a killing with an OTT device. I hope it is these guys.

  • Heather

    Boxee Box is foxy? 🙂

  • Honglin Li


  • Barrett M

    Love this idea, keep up the great work on the blog!

  • ilker

    I’m an OTT Addict 🙂

  • Brian

    I’d love to add it to the home media center

  • Content Developer


  • Joey

    Scotty, we need more PageRank right now!!
    (time to ask a search box what a Boxee Box is)

  • I’d love to get a hold of one so I can write a report about it.

  • erik s

    Hey batter, batter, batter… sa-wing batter!!!

  • Go Boxee go!

  • Nick

    interesting times to be in the video delivery market. Thanks for keeping us updated Dan.

  • Joe


  • Jessica

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Just because I have a revue doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have a boxee box as well.

  • Sara

    It seems right now the set top boxes are loved by those who have them, but not penetrating the market. Would love to try one first hand – users love them.

  • Michael Fiumano

    Hook me up Dan!

  • Adam

    OTT here I come…

  • Matt

    Yes please!

  • Jim Wrubel

    I’ve been running the software version for a while and had high hopes for the hardware version. Early reviews have been a setback but I’d love to get a chance to test it out for myself.

  • Ken Barber

    Thanks for keeping us in touch with the big picture!

  • GV

    love to get one to test

  • Thanks!!!

  • Doug Hilmes

    Thanks for the great blog. Would really appreciate a story on the state of the SDK toolkits for the various streaming media devices.

  • PG

    Got to be in it to win it! Thanks.

  • Bob

    Hit me!

  • Larry

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • JTS193

    This one looks exciting! Thanks, Dan

  • Jim B.

    Dan,is there any way that you can have an avatar with you in a Santa or elf outfit for the month of December? Would be very fitting for the occasion! Thanks for all your info!

  • Hans

    As always, love the informative nature of the blog as it keeps me up to speed on CDN landscape.

  • Joe

    Hope to win!!!

  • Jason

    great product

  • Tried one of these at work. Very cool. Great blog BTW.

  • James

    Would love to give the Boxee box a try.

  • I would like one. thanks

  • cat

    sounds great. let’s see how this stacks again apple tv

  • Oscar

    I would love to have one, thaks for tge opportunity 🙂

  • show me the boxee!

  • Thanks for this great give-aways.

  • Rick Kearns

    Love to try it out, Thanks!

  • MJ

    Been reading your blog for quite some time. Would love to get a Boxee Box to experience things first-hand. Thanks!

  • JD Seattle

    This looks interesting. While I’m a fan of the brand and the technolgy I’m still not sold Boxee is the choice. However I’d love to find out. 🙂

  • raz nitzan

    The OTT is going to change the entire video industry

  • charles slocum

    merry christmas!

  • Add me to the list of the interested

  • Tom

    Would love to have one also considering building a boxee box

  • send it this way!!!!

  • Sam

    I can’t wait for the impact these products will have on video.

  • Has Boxee Box announced a date to support Netflix yet?

  • erik s

    Thanks Dan (don’t know if I already left a comment on this one, but will give it another shot).

  • James

    I’m there, Dude. Can use/test with educational software/hardware for interactive education.

  • Anthony

    Fingers Crossed

  • bleep

    Would love to try one of these, thanks!

  • rich

    Yes please!!!

  • keith korthals

    I already have a roku box which works great but would like to test against boxee. it’s about time the darn thing launched.

  • In it to win it, Boxee is the best in class so far.

  • Dominic

    Very curious about the Boxee. I love the idea of having an easy way to access web based media content on one’s television, but I am very concerned about content providers blocking out access.

  • John Wigglesworth

    Love the Boxee software, would be very happy to get my hands on the hardware version

  • Fran Rabuck

    Had to be trite, but Content is king. The box that can deliver the most “channels” will be the winner. With Apple and Google in the race it should be interesting. Currently favor the Netgear-Roku box.

  • R. S.

    fingers crossed:-X

  • Robin

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Alan T

    Christmas is coming early for one lucky person. Thanks again!

  • I’m building out a new entertainment center for the home over holidays. Last time I did this was 1995. Looking forward to replacing the VCR, the big screen tube, and my scientific-atlanta set-top box. A Blast from the Past. I’ll send pics, diagram, and comments from the family on the new boxee and setup should I win.

  • Adam Smith

    Keep up the great work Dan!

  • New to your blog and I enjoy it. Thanks. I will be sure to point some of my colleagues this way.
    This will probably be the only way for me to get my hands on one of these. It would be great to win.
    Thanks for the contest and the content.

  • Would love to try one of these out, so in all fairness, I deserve to win :o)

  • I love the holidays! Hope to get something cool this year…

  • Boxee looks the best.

  • John Merriman

    These look really interesting. I am curious how it compares to the Apple TV

  • Ngo Vinh-Hoi

    Please put me in with a chance. Would love to see how set top boxes have moved along since my Popcorn Hour A-100!

  • Matt

    Dan, thanks for the demo at the GLG event last night. Great work!

  • Evan

    A boxee would be great in my stocking this year…

  • YEY Boxee! I have just the right smoked-glass shelf that will complement your green glow!

  • rao

    Great Blog.. Follow closely..
    Look forward to a great xmas gift 🙂

  • Chris J.

    Keep up the good work Dan!
    In your follow up post (12/8) you talk about some of the scale issues. There are those problems and more, starting with the disruption to existing (and mammoth) media businesses, and moving down to seemingly small things like installation complexity for set top boxes for “average” consumers, the non-TV like UI (which I think Boxee does the best at, but everyone needs improvement), issues with poor wireless networks or lack of a nearby ethernet jack, etc.
    So far Boxee is looking great, but this is just starting and in 3 years everything will look different.
    That said, too late to enter for the box? 😉

  • liv

    Is it too late??? If not I’d love to have a chance!

  • Justin

    yep..I am the lucky one..I know 🙂

  • Dan Baer

    The set top box revolution is underway. I feel like this is the first Christmas season where there are multiple, robust, inexpensive boxes in view of the average consumer. They are moving from early adopters toward mainstream. This changes everything.

  • Tom Weber

    Boxee has an odd shape but I think it would be cool looking in my home theater setup – would love to have one.

  • Did I miss the deadline?

  • Jacob Holland

    I’d love a Boxee!:)

  • Ben


  • It seems that a lot of TV’s come with many of these features. For example Sony TV’s have netflix, amazon, youtube. Is it just a matter of time when Apple license it’s interface to TV makers? If it fits so easily into a little box it could just as easily be integrated directly in the appliance. Kind of like apple gives away iTunes why not this? More people would access their content thus spend more on their store. Just saying…
    I’d still like to win the boxee..

  • Michael Fiumano

    Please Please!

  • ankit

    I’d love to get one!

  • Patrick Lippy

    I would love this. All I have is internet… Would love to watch tv again.

  • James

    Would love the chance to check out the Boxee box.

  • Joe

    ooo Nice I’ve heard about these 🙂



  • Ken W

    Might have to pick one of these up too!

  • Andre

    OTT is the way to go. Cut the Cord! I have Roku and Google TV. Boxee looks good too.

  • Matthew Chestnut

    I’d like to have a Boxee.

  • Richard Affeldt

    The Boxee is probably more gadget than I need for my family, but it looks promising. Thanks for opportunity.

  • Sid Gray

    I think Boxee has great potential – but am concerned that they work in market that is dominated by bigger players.

  • This Boxee is fancier than I am looking at, but I sure would put it to good use.

  • Mitzi

    I’m very thankful for your articles on the non-gaming streaming devices! Your wisdom is just what I need to make a decision on what is best for my family.
    Mitzi H.

  • Rebecca

    Boxee or Roku? Would love to try the Boxee for free!

  • Carvaka Guru

    Not sure if this drawing is over but I’ll throw in my name nevertheless.