In Case Santa Didn’t Bring You A Roku, I’m Giving One Away

6a00d834518e1c69e20133f5dc36c3970b-800wi In my opinion, the Roku box is the best non-gaming streaming device in the market today thanks to the lineup of content available. And in case Santa didn’t bring you one for the holidays, I’m giving away another NETGEAR Roku NTV250 player to one lucky reader of my blog. To enter the drawing, all you have to do is leave one comment on this post and make sure you submit the comment with a valid email address. The drawing is open to anyone with a mailing address in the U.S. and I will select one winner at random on January 31st.

Thanks to NETGEAR for the giveaways and congrats to Ron Ramkirpaul and Gina Sepowski who won the previous giveaways.

  • Alex Calic

    Do I get extra credit for being first :o) Would really love the chance to have/use an OTT device and get a taste of the future.

  • Angie Appoo

    I’d really love to win one!

  • Angelo

    Excellent! Thanks for doing this. I’m feeling lucky!

  • Laura

    [comment edited].

  • Dan

    Help me cut the cord!

  • 1ucs5

    One of the many impressive things about is the advertisers.
    Let’s take a moment and review:
    1) EDGECAST. Genius. So smart, and great people. Best CDN dashboard. And James is a solid dude.
    2) SORENSON. If you encode video, you MUST try Squeeze 6.5. The UX/UI is superb. My dolt intern can use it and deliver gorgeous results. Download a trial and see for yourself. Now.
    3) BRIGHTCOVE. What can you say? Most popular OVP, and Allaire is the best salesman in the space. It’s the ubiquitous player.
    4) KITDIGITAL. Want to deliver video in China? Look no further- KitDigital.
    5) PANVIDEA. If you ever want to have a great time at a digitalmedia event, find Panvidea’s Chris Cali and get thee drinking. Be prepared to discuss the nuances of 10-bit uncompressed video and legacy formats. But seriously, great cloud transcoding, smart people.
    6) CDNETWORKS. Got a delivery profile that includes CN/APAC? There is only one CDN solution… CDNetworks. Look at Gomez & Keynote results- proof is in the numbers.
    7) RGB. If you struggle with ASI legacy delivery but have Gig-E mandates, RGB is the only, and a great solution.
    Want to thank you in advance for my Roku, and look forward to a) seeing you at the next StreamingMedia event and b) writing a detailed review myself.
    In your face, MSO’s!

  • John Rettberg

    RoKu Rocks

  • Patrick

    In for the RoKu

  • Ted Jones

    All in!

  • tom

    I love you too, Dan, but not like Laura does.
    I’m sorry.

  • Sam

    I really hope opening up access to television screens through devices like the Roku let’s those who create great video content get exposed to a much larger audience.

  • Michael Fiumano

    How did you know Santa didn’t bring me one!!!

  • SP

    Thank you, Dan. Would love to play with this device.
    Q: How does the winner get notified? In this blog post or through an email?

  • Gary

    I’m in. Thanks, Dan!

  • Please enter me for drawing – Thanks, Dan!

  • Roku is really an awesome product — it is much better than Boxee.

  • Ray Seals

    Hey put my name in the hat.

  • Having a hard time figuring out which OTT box to buy. Hope my decision gets easier by winning a Roku here πŸ™‚ Thanks Dan.

  • Eric Harvey

    I’m going to win something one of these days…

  • John Schmuhl

    Thanks, NETGEAR – great giveaway!

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    I hope to win a roku one day!!!! thx

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    Thanks! Appreciate the love and can’t wait to use the Roku. ROCK ON!

  • Thanks for the Roku giveaway and your continued insights Dan!

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    I’ll throw my name in. Thanks!

  • Good Times — you’ve really got this ‘make it interesting’ thing figured out!

  • Ann

    I’ll also put my name in the hat. Thanks!

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  • Matt Larson

    Looking forward to doing my own “Rayburn-style” head-to-head with this and my Apple TV!

  • Rick Kearns

    Would like nice next to my new TV!

  • Reza Sadjadpour

    Thanks Dan.

  • Jim B.

    Would really like to try it out-Thanks Dan!

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  • titaniumwombat

    Support your local Wombat! w00t!

  • MJ

    I’ve been wanting a Roku for a long time and Santa Claus ignored my wish this past Christmas. Would appreciate to get one here!

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    Roku Rocks!

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  • Daniel Lares

    I’ve been nice so far this year, Santa! I, mean, Dan! Roku seems better after reading your blog. Thanks for the information and opportunity!

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    I was a good boy last year, but Santa lost my letter and my wish for a Roku. Please grant my wish!

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    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Count me in! Thanks

  • We have a Roku box at the office, I’d love one for the house!

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    I would like the opportunity to have this device.thanks

  • Tyler

    I would really like one of those boxes !!

  • Susan

    Enter me in the drawing for the Roku!

  • Tomd

    Thanks for your ongoing commentary and the giveaway!

  • Gary Hughes

    Been using the original model since it first came out and it has been very solid. Of the various streaming clients on my net (roku, xbmc/appletv, boxee/appletv, popcorn hour, iPad) it is consistently the one that gets used for over-the-top streaming. I’ve been impressed by roku’s willingness to open it up for developers. Only real criticism is the limited set of formats supported by the internal SoC. It is pretty clear who Apple have in their sights with the ATV2.

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  • R. S.

    pick me!

  • Bill Smith

    Roku is awesome! It is so mobile! A new one would be an ideal addition to my entertainment center!

  • JP P

    Your product reviews are invaluable.

  • Don Craig

    Pretty terse specifications on that Netgear. How does it relate to a Roku HD / XD / XD|S ?

  • I like contests that require minimal work on my part. Pick me! Pick me! πŸ™‚

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    Rokme please

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    Great article, i hope i can win this piece of technology named Roku…

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    Getting a Netgear/Roku would be great. Good post btw.

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    Consider I just pulled the plug on our cable, I really need this….Please….

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  • Patrick Lippy

    I would love to win. I do not have cable or satalite because I can’t afford both the cable and the internet… So I picked the internet. This would help me to watch tv again using my internet.
    Crosses fingers and prays.

  • James

    Looking forward to trying out the Netgear device.

  • Joe W

    Dear Santa, Thanks in advance for the Roku! Yeah!

  • Joe

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  • ST

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    PICK ME!

  • I’ve heard Roku is great, I really hope they keep their momentum and start challenging some of these other options.

  • RonN

    I too would love a free Roku.

  • Todd Stine

    Enjoy the Blog…. Heavy into learning about the new connected video system.
    Look forward to using a new Roku!

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    I found your article via google! Perfect timing! Thanks!

  • In it to win it. Thanks for the solid blog that cuts between the PR.

  • Ken

    Great review! I’m heading out to buy a roku. I’m going to use it AND my AppleTV.

  • David Arbeit

    I just recently decided that I don’t need cable and physical media to enjoy video. Sites like yours have helped clear the haze. I’m ready to try a Roku. Thanks for offering a no-risk chance at the Netgear variant.

  • Hien N

    Ooh, nice giveaway. Count me in, man. =P

  • Travis

    Would love to win one of these πŸ˜€ Great post btw comparing the diff media players..

  • Gotta be in it to win it!

  • Greg

    My real comment is that I really appreciate your thoughtful writings/reviews. They help me to wade through the chaff and compare all the options.
    Just signed up for netflix free trial…so I’ll put my name in the hat!

  • Tom Navaroli

    Great update. Trying to decide which one to buy and after reading your blog I agree – Roku has the most content for price point under $100. Look forward to seeing if the Roku will able to stream content from PC or external hard drive.

  • Andre

    I cut the cord with the aid of Roku, Google TV, and a Digital TV Antenna. Could not be more pleased. The Cable Companies (Comcast/ATT/etc.) are ripping us off.

  • Zach F.

    Thanks for info.

  • LauraF

    I’d love to throw my name in the hat.
    What a gift this would be!

  • Bill Dematte

    Found this to be a great comparison. I am looking at Roku and WD TV Live Plus. Trying to decide which is best. This blog gave me a good understanding of the two devices, and while WD had a couple of percs (works with Win7 and can stream from computer), I think I will go with Roku because of it’s content and wifi.

  • Chanelle

    Love the love you are spreading! Would love a Roku. Thanks!!!

  • Malvin Jones

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Jurgen

    Bought the ATV a month ago and it needs more channels. Would love to try out a Roku.

  • Pietro

    Hi, I liked the comparison. I use the Roku device and I love it were not from some possibly missing internet navigation features. In fact, I got into Roku through Netflix which I have on Wii, XBOX and Roku. The Roku is still my favorite player.
    I want to wiin that Roku!!! :-).

  • Matthew Chestnut

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Steve Voigt

    Very informative reviews. Should be beneficial for those of us that don’t want to spend time tracking down all the specs for each unit.

  • Sid Gray

    Excellent comparison of products. I agree with the conclusions drawn by Dan. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

  • Vee Edwards

    I just discovered your blog and am excited about catching up on your posts!

  • Mark G

    I’ve been wanting one of these

  • Dan D

    Great article comparing the Apple TV, Roku, Western Digital, and Sony devices. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • joshua

    I hope I win.

  • Ernesto Martinez

    Thanks for the review of the media players. I’m using a vizio blu ray player that streams netflix and pandora but would like to find something that also will do something like airplay on apple tv. I guess a small dedicated laptop would the best choice right now until the various players sort things out.
    thanks for the chance to win a roku player

  • Ram

    Roku rocks

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    Thanks. And for the info too, in case I don’t win.

  • Now I have to wait until next month to buy one in anticipation of winning this great contest. Thanks…

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    Sign me up! Love your blog. Great review of the streaming boxes. You nailed it.

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    Thanks again for the great postings and industry perspectives.

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    Article did much to clarify my thoughts on this issue. Many thanks!

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    I would LOVE a Roku! I have been craving one since I learned about them!

  • Paul

    I’m getting one no matter what, but I’d rather win one here!

  • Doc

    I have the WD Live TV and I use it for streaming videos and music from my home server. I am hardwired throughout my house, so there is no lag time. A friend got the Roku but it seems that you cant do that with one. Since I have a TiVo the Netflix and Amazon are not a huge factor for me. Given this would you think that the Roku is a better device in my situation?

  • hessel holland


  • hessel holland


  • Thanks for all you do Dan!

  • Phil

    Great comparison of the various streaming devices here:
    Thanks for writing that up, and offering to give away a Roku unit!

  • Jim S.

    Great product review, THANK YOU!

  • Bob

    Better late than never.

  • Jeff

    I bought an apple tv unit and regifted it to my kids. They like it but are frustrated that they cannot view movies that they have on their pc on their tv monitor as before when they simple plugged their laptop to the tv moniter. I have an older hd tv without an hdmi connection which makes things difficult! My tv with hdmi connection worked well with apple tv but it really did not provide me much of anything I did not already have? That is why I am interested in roku? I believe added content is what really will make the difference. I am interested in peoples comments

  • Sybilla

    Would love a Roku!

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    Sweet- I’d love to stream some movies !

  • Here, here! To Dan, Streaming Media and giveaways.

  • love the roku!!!

  • After getting my apple tv for christmas, I have done more research and found that what I should have had on my wish list was the Roku. Oh well, you have given me a second chance! But dont tell my wife, it may hurt her feelings πŸ™‚

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    I need to stream. Love your articles!!

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    Great reviews! I’m split on WD TV Live and Rokus XDS.

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    I like the Roku for it’s content, yet the ability to stream from my computer with the WD TV Live Plus interests me. It’s still a toss up. Winning the Roku would definitely end my dilemma. Nice review.

  • Jerry

    I have two roku boxes and my daughter has an apple tv. I think that apple has some good points and shows a good picture, but only after converting dvd disks to the apple format. Hopefully roku will get its software people working on a way to support streaming videos from your computer to tv sooner than later

  • Joe

    Love the article you posted. Extremely helpful and well written.
    Was thinking of buying a Netgear, would love to win the one you’re giving away.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚

  • Paul Podbielski

    I agree about the Roku. It is the best for me. I can’t wait until I can stream from LAN devices like a PC or my NAS.
    One suggestion: do a similar shootout with netboxes like these vs. net-aware TV or blue-ray devices. Why buy a $100 Roku and a $100 Blu-ray when I can but a $138 Blu-ray with net apps?
    inquiring minds want to know.

  • Thanks for the helpful review. We’ve been using XBox to stream Netflix, but our renewal of the service is coming due and at $60 for one year, it’s time to switch to a hardware solution.
    My only problem is that I would personally prefer the Roku, but my family (shared iPad) wife (Mac, iPhone) and two daughters (iPods) would probably really use AirPlay. I guess if I don’t win I’ll probably but the AppleTV, but feel a lot better informed now.

  • Allison

    Hope it’s not too late to enter the drawing! I just found this page when doing some comparison research on Roku XDS and Apple TV.

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    Seems like you are always giving something away… awesome!

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    I’d love to win one of these and the USB option makes it even better.

  • Jason Reep

    I’ve set up every media player, hardware and software, I’ve ever been able to get my hands on. ROKU is the best by a healthy margin. I’d love to own one! Please?

  • Still trying to decide whether to upgrade streaming video on my TV (from current Wii/Netflix) with a standalone box or an internet connected blu-ray player…this would make the choice just a bit easier!
    Great job on the site, btw…has become one of my daily stops for updates, news and reviews…

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    Love the overview of each of the systems and have already been spreading the word about Roku

  • Since I’m new to the fascinating idea of streaming computer AV to a TV set I was delighted to find your excellent, straight-forward comparison of these competitive products. I’m a satisfied owner of a first generation Apple TV and I recently purchased an IPAD so I naturally wanted the second generation Apple TV to come out on top instead of the ROKU XDS. Now I’m in a dilemma whether to sacrifice the 1080P capability of the ROKU if I choose the Apple. In my analysis I’m leaning toward the Apple due to the unique on-screen interface capability of the IPAD and the common acceptance of 720P as being barely discernible from 1080P. Any comments to influence my decision?

  • Heywood Jablomy

    Do we have a winner?

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    I’m not a techi but would really appreciate winning this device

  • Ed Matzkin

    I’m not a techi but would really appreciate winning this device!

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    The Roku sounds like a winner. I know January 31st is behind us, but I’m putting my name in just in case you
    plan to give another one away. Thanks for the comparisions of the 4 most popular units.

  • Great article on the media streaming devices (i.e. Apple TV and WD TV Live)!
    I hope these giveaways continue and your insights. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the review; perfect for the layman like me. It’s going to be Roku all the way.

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    Hi, this is my first time reading your blog and have found it very helpful! I was looking for some useful information on what streaming media devices would cost and which one will satisfy my needs. Your post has allowed me to choose the Roku brand and if I’m lucky maybe I could win one from somewhere. Thank you for a good read and a chance to enjoy the Roku experience!

  • Brandon Overstreet

    This definitely helped me decide which one i want. I have looked on many sites and struggled to decide which was best for me but because of this article i definitely want a roku. thanks.

  • Chi

    How many free channels are there on Apple TV, Roku or Sony Google TV. Is it worth it or should I stick with U-Verse?

  • chris ferguson

    Roku rocks just needs better media playback like the WD

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    I hope I win! πŸ™‚ Also, thanks for the great comparison between all of the devices. I have been looking for a device like the Roku, but had no idea which one I would prefer, until I started reading this. At this point I definitely think it’s the Roku.

  • Chuck Weiher

    Thanks for the comparison of the media streaming boxes. I have played with the Roku a little. I did not know that Sony even had a box. I wonder what new box will come out at CES this week?

  • Bob Pannelli

    I’m a Apple Fan but I think the Roku is the better way to go!

  • Don berg

    Best opinion i
    I have read so far. I was pretty much leaning toward apple, but see that ROKU has a lot more going for it (at least this week). Who knows what series apple will turn out next?

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    Well, this makes my mind up for the Roku. Was leaning Apple, but this one is better.

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    Mitzi H.

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    I would love to win the ROKU if you haven’t finished the competition.

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    I saw Sony netbox on sale at Sears today $49.99, I didn’t know what it was. I googled it and your site popped up, The info was excellent, just what I was looking for. Looking for a way to save some bucks on my monthly cable bill, Thanks

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    I’m looking for a streaming device for a nonsmart Sony LCD. I Have a Apple Imac computer and want to be able watch video / Tv and may be a little Web surfing by WIFI.
    Should I wait for better devices to come ?

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    I’m ready to get this installed! Thanks so much for your insight.

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    Thank you so much for your review! As a techie-illiterate, I need to find a way to reduce my living expenses since I’m a retiree with limited income (I am NOT making this up! I want to ditch my cable TV since I find most of the programs boring, and enjoy movies much more! It was recommended to me that I look at Roku…and of course, having no idea what it was, I started researching it, talking to “techies”, all of whom had a different opinion. Finally, I found your “side by side” comparison…for which I am extremely grateful! Thank you for your review and your ability to provide reviews in language I can understand!Decisions will now be easier, and I decide to pursue anything else electronic, it’s your blog I’ll use!

  • Sea Gypsy

    I live on a boat and often can’t plug in – I just gotta get rid of cable!!! Thanks

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    Roku is definitely the winner as of now. Only these devices should include direct internet surfing capabilities.

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    I really enjoyed your review and I also agree that Roku is the winner, at least for my personal use. I hope I can win one.

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    No real knowledge of this type of device. Friend recommended WD TV to use for digital movies, but still trying to check it all out. Thanks for the info. I’d love one.

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    After reading as much as I can about the top four devices I have chosen Roku as my choice. Your comparison between WD and ROKU was a tough tie-breaker, I need simplicity in installation, use and performance. Wining one would really be the icing on the cake.

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    Sorry I am late to the party, but I found your comparison write up of the four streaming boxes insightful and interesting. I would love to see followup information for each device in a few months.

  • After reading your reviews on these devices. I have not decided on one just yet. But,i have gained some more knowledge about the differences of these devices.Thanks for the great reviews .I hope to read some more of your reviews in the future.