Blockbuster Closing Stores, Selling Pre-Owned Movies For 2x What Amazon Sells Them For New

Blockbuster-store Earlier today, signs went up at my local Blockbuster store saying the location was closing and that everything was now on sale. I decided I would pick up a few games and DVDs on the cheap, but boy was I wrong. Of course I should of known that this is Blockbuster and they don't do anything that makes sense, so I probably should not have been so surprised to see that Blockbuster is selling most of their pre-owned DVDs for 2x the price that Amazon sells them for new.

Salt As an example, Blockbuster is selling the Deluxe Unrated Edition of Salt for $16.99 for a pre-owned copy. Amazon sells it new for $8.99 and sells the Blu-ray version for $13.99. Blockbuster's store shelves were full of movies priced at $14.99 and $16.99, all pre-owned, and all 2x more expensive than buying them new from Amazon. Apparently Blockbuster doesn't know what movies rent OR sell for these days. I don't like seeing a company go under, it puts a lot of people out of jobs, but in this case, as a consumer, one can't help but be happy to see Blockbuster closing down. Any company that treats consumers as if they are idiots and thinks they don't already know of other options in the market for getting movies cheaper and in better quality, does not deserve to stay in business.

  • Dylan

    Yeah BB is ridiculous with their used disc pricing. I was in a store the other day and they were selling used Blu-ray’s for more than Amazon charges for new and you didn’t even get a real Blu-ray case with your disc!

  • JDW

    Typically what happens in these types of situations is that the company that is “closing” sells the inventory in the stores to a liquidator and pockets the cash;so the pricing strategy is set by the liquidator not BB. The liquidator is then trying to pull as much cash out of the inventory as possible as that represnts their risk/reward. There is a significant amount of science around this but what you often see is prices initially go up from where they were just before the liquidation signs go up because everyone thinks they are getting a bargain, and once you are in the store people usually leave with something…

  • B.Trent

    The prices at a Blockbuster store that is closing are not going to be very tempting the first week or two. However, if you were to have done some research before posting your little story you would have found out that the prices like most all liquidations, get progressively cheaper. After a few weeks, you could purchase the copy of Salt for $5.99 or less. During the last few weeks of closing, you can even find DVDs and games for under $5.00. If your really looking for a good deal, find out what the last day will be for that location and go. You can typically find that they have DVDs for $1.99 or $0.99 each. Games are most of the time sold out by this point because the prices have already dropped so low. Just thought I would share some information since some consumers are not smart enough to do any research or in most cases don’t know what they are talking about.

  • @B.Trent – Saying that Blockbuster will sell them cheaper in a few weeks is a really poor excuse for why they are selling them for so much now.

  • Circuit City

    Circuit City did the same thing during liquidation. First day of liquidation CC set all prices to MSRP. People were kicking down the door at opening to pay higher prices… and it works. By the last day $30 items were selling for $2.

  • Dan

    Dear Mr. Rayburn,
    A liquidation sale is an attempt to get as much money as possible to pay off any debts of a company. Sure, BB could sell the items for 5 dollars immediately, but there are still people who will buy it at 16.99.
    Having helped at 3 different BB closings, and been a customer at 3 different Hollywood video closings: this is how liquidations work…
    I know the prices might be too high for you at this moment in time, but fortunately you aren’t in charge of the company. BB will make a moderate amount of money, helping to pay off the debtors, ensuring they get something for their money (rather than letting you have instantly cheap movies and instant gratification).
    Have a good day. 🙂

  • IvanNew Jersey

    Does anyone know any BB store that is closing in New Jersey??? Would like to stop by and check some titles. The close by my house closed 2 weeks ago (Morristown).

  • brettp

    i worked with movie gallery thru their liquidation sale and that is what we had to do. where movie gallery would sell them for one price, the liquidator made the price higher and then started at 10% off. what is crazy is our very first weekend we were slammed cuz people thought they had to get them now. then 2 months later when evrything hit 75% off it slowed down. i gladly shop at amazon looking for cheapest deals, and if the shipping beats the in store price than i will go with amazon. unfortunatly, this is why so many stores are going under. the stores cant afford to sell items that cheap and still make a profit, where amazon can. and if people will stop stealing music off the internet, we may have a music store or two left also.

  • David Cohen

    I worked for Blockbuster for over 10 years in Michigan and was let go in October due
    to my higher salary with no warning or thank you etc.. Don’t feel sorry for the employees losing their jobs, as it was the best thing for me! Liquidate away…

  • ME

    Movies are 9.99 the first week of the sale. Like every place going of out business they are going to try to sale what they can for that price. Now the movies are 7.99 and going down more and more every week. I know because I work for them and i try and give a little extra discount only because i know it is hard times for anyone, but blockbuster just didnt have the updated knowlege to keep up with anything new that came out. whether it was netflix or not there will always be something new and better coming out. who know maybe one day someone will bring out a new and better product than netflix. hey thats life. I am glad im in school and soon graduating, but there are people who work there and depended on their full time manager position, i hope everyone finds better. It is sad to see a store go. Movie theaters are too expensive to go to and im not like alot of these lazt people who WANT to stay home and order from their tv. i like to get out and go look and see what i am renting before i pay for it. but i guess that wont matter anymore…

  • Sara

    That is crazy how high those prices are for used copies. I go to the local Family Video to buy all my movies. All their movies, previously viewed, are $2.00-9.95, plus they resurface all of the DVDs so they pretty much are in brand new condition. So if you are looking for cheap pre-viewed movies, I recommend checking out the local Family Video if you have one. Otherwise they have new and used items online as well. Best part about this company is that it is family owned, so the prices are always cheap, especially during movie sales. Check ’em out some time!!

  • HollywoodVideo

    That’s why I only pull the trigger on Blu-ray movies at Blockbuster $9.99 or less. I’ve gone to a few of the BB closures and have picked up used blu-rays for less than 10 bucks.

  • It must be off MSRP, my store has had dvds at 4.99 for a week now. Internet rumor says they will go down to 2.99 during the last few days but the internet has been known to lie.

  • It’s a shame for the employees of any company to have to endure this. Thousands are going to lose their jobs in a very bad economy. As for the company and their previewed pricing, I told them back in 2003 that they were out of whack in regard to the rest of the world and they took no heed. This company has been a classic case of execs sitting in a corporate office, insulated against the realities of the marketplace. Any company should be responsible to their customers first and shareholders second. This has not been the case with Blockbuster since it’s early days.
    Good luck to the employees, past and present at the store level.

  • coachbill

    I dont know where you people have bought from Blockbuster but i have worked for 18 years at one store and we sell our used movies at 3 for 20 or 5 for 20 which is a pretty good deal, plus our used games are 2 for 15, not bad!!!!!!!

  • hulio

    I love that ppl get on here and try to promote them they must brainwash all employees. My local bb has “gone out of business” 3 times, each time never dropping the prices more than 10%-30% lol they’re overpriced by 50%, then they fire all the employees close for 3 days and open “under new management” and all the new employees act ignorant to the situation and claim that bb is doing great. Does this sound like a better business bureau problem, I really wish they could shut down business’s for bad ethics and shady practices.


    If other BB stores do it like the one I was at yesterday, then stay away from the standard Pre-owned section that are selling blu-ray’s for $12.99 or so. There was another section with DVD’s and Blu-ray’s in paper sleeves selling 5 for $7.50. Price didn’t differ for Blu-ray either. Picked up something like 18 Blu-ray movies for less than $30. Can’t beat that.

  • videofun

    Just bought used blue-ray for $1.99 and all new DVD’s $3.00/ea. I scored 20 new movies for less that 50 bucks. I am not complaining.