Copy Of Google Presentation On Building A Content Delivery Network

Google-cdn-image Google's Program Manager for Peering and Content Distribution in EMEA did a presentation last month where he outlined some of the challenges of scaling a CDN, talked about how peering fits in and what some of the trends in content delivery are today. The presentation also included some details on Google Global Cache and what different CDN platforms look like. You can download a PDF copy of the presentation here. Updated Feb 3rd: At the request of the presenter, the slides have been removed. While earlier permission was given to post them, since it was a presentation in public, I feel that the person who actually did the presentation overrules that if they don't want it available for download.

  • Stephen Donner

    “Google Confidential and Proprietary” stamped on every slide; I’m guessing, though, you actually got clearance to post the slides for the web-at-large to view?

  • Yes, I did, but the author of the slides says he does not want it posted, so I’ve removed them.

  • Dave

    Any takeaways from the presentation as it relates to the dedicated CDN guys (AKAM, LLNW, etc) and their value proposition? thanks

  • You, my friend, are really quite the good businessmen. Seriously, you continually set great examples of what a professional is. As is obvious by your decision to remove the PDF, no matter how much it might benefit you.
    Thank you for bringing some decorum to the video world.

  • mba student

    any one have active link to this presentation?

  • Bill Moore

    I call BS on this. Come on Google. If you’re going to share… frackin SHARE.

  • Now the latest presentation on how Google’s Global Cache and Content Delivery Networks work but it is similar presentation that Google made public the African Network Operators’ Group 9 in June of 2008. I wrapped it around a discuss around how similar Akamai’s patents are to Google’s Global Cache service.
    Maybe someone here can enlighten me if Akamai licensed their patent to Google?

  • here’s the link:
    for those who don’t know that clicking the “mediaguy” field will take you to the article.