The Term “HD” No Longer Means Anything, Lowe’s Offering “Hi-DEF” House Paint

Signature-hi-def I’ve been saying for a few years now that there aren’t really any standards when it comes to classifying what is considered to be HD quality video on the web. We see terms like “high quality” and “high definition” used, but content owners and vendors have not agreed on any kind of metric to define what classifies a video as HD quality.

Showing just how generic the phrase Hi-Def has now become, over the weekend I saw a commercial for Lowe’s “Hi-DEF” paint. Does ordinary paint only have 480i lines of resolution? Apparently Lowe’s classifies their paint as HD because it has “super saturated pigments” and with a primer mixed in offers “maximum coverage.” Too funny. Maybe if I brush my teeth with Crest’s 3D toothpaste and stare at Lowe’s paint long enough, I’ll get a 1080p experience. American’s are too gullible.

  • Matt Larson

    And now even your transistors can come in 3D!
    At an event in San Francisco, Intel disclosed what it described as a “significant breakthrough” in the design of transistors, the basic elements of computer chips. Instead of being essentially flat, Intel’s transistors, starting later this year, will boast a new 3-D design that Intel is calling a Tri-Gate transistor.

  • Wow. How cool is that 🙂

  • dream house

    I wonder what is the difference between a high definition paint and an ordinary can. I would test this out on my dream house.

  • cm

    I wonder if the paint will have 3d images and High quality HD if i put 3d glasses on.