Free Giveaway: Win A Roku 2 XS Streaming Player

Roku2 The drawing is now closed. Congrats to Trevor K. from San Jose, CA who won the device. I've been playing with the new Roku 2 box over the past few weeks and soon I will be publishing my review of the unit along with my thoughts on whether or not users should upgrade to the newest model. But in the mean time, I'm giving one lucky reader of my blog the chance to win a free Roku 2 XS streaming player. To enter the drawing, all you have to do is leave one comment on this post and make sure you submit the comment with a valid email. The drawing is open to anyone with a mailing address in the U.S. and I will select one winner at random in two weeks. Good luck!

  • Lance Pfantz

    Looks like me first!

  • CB

    Would love to have one πŸ™‚

  • J

    Proud to be third.

  • Daniel Wu

    Count me in.

  • Crossing my fingers…

  • Ernest Brown

    I’m getting close to dumping my satellite. Love my roku

  • Brian Hammond

    I’d love one. Thanks.

  • I have the original Roku. What a game changer that was… Interested to see your findings as I’m considering upgrading ours and/or gifting the new Roku’s to several family members.

  • Had the first generation, I’m a film student and watch a lot of movies. would appreciate the upgrade!

  • Ted Jones

    Proud to be fifth??

  • Vikash Harlalka

    Would love to have it!

  • john robert

    I could use one.

  • “Nice and small this Roku is….stream with little worry I would….”

  • SP

    Thanks, Dan.

  • Jim B.

    Sure would like to see if our assessments agree…..Thanks!

  • John Merriman

    Would love one

  • Adam G

    Are the new features enough to unseat apple TV or does airplay support beat out new gaming functionality.

  • My kids love the original Roku and now want the new one with gaming features.

  • thanks Dan would love to try this device out.

  • Ben

    Love following the blog. Thanks Dan.

  • Bill Wischmann

    Loved the Broadband Device Pavilion at Streaming Media East, it was great to actually get your hands on all the various devices and ask questions, it really opened my eyes to all the various products on the market. It’s refreshing to see Dan do a complete evaluation of the new Roku 2 and share his insights. Does it help, yes it really does. I would recommend anyone that has an interest in these devices to attend the Streaming Media West Event coming in November ! Really great show ….

  • Deb

    I love new toys!
    Thanks, Dan

  • Rajesh

    I would love to win this as Roku is very developed hardware & software. It supports lot many channels which I can enjoy as my current blu-ray player doesn’t support all app supported by roku.

  • Would love me some free hardware. cheers. It can go head to head with my atv2. angry birds on the big screen would be epic for my son.

  • Would love to get my hands on this!

  • I need it

    Would love to have it.

  • Russ

    I had one of the Roku sound bridges and it was a great product, can’t wait to see this one in action.

  • Samir

    Awesome.. count me in..

  • Morgan Firecloud

    Some of our friends have ROKU and from what I have seen it is simply the best home entertainment option available! I would love to have one of my own!

  • Ramasamy

    Ready to try my hands on it. Thanks for giveaway

  • Prinal

    Wonderful giveaway. right on time when i was thinking to purchase one Roku or Western digital media player.

  • Omi

    Fingers crossed!

  • Wes Berthold

    Can’t wait for the review.

  • Wes Berthold

    Can’t wait for the review

  • Rob


  • Susan

    My husband has been talking about getting a Roku. I’m looking forward to reading your review. Would love to win one.

  • Nitya

    I want to win this. Thanks .

  • Hemant

    My fingers are crossed lets see if i win this.

  • Pratyush

    Sure please count me in.

  • Chirag

    Nice.. I am in.

  • John

    I’m currently shopping for a TV and condidering the Roku 2 XS!

  • Greg C.

    I’m going all in for the Roku 2 Dan, I like my odds.

  • Phil

    Dan, thanks for the timely news on your informative blog!

  • Dan

    I love my regular Roku HD, looking forward to Roku 2.

  • Cdn Developer

    Would love to have this

  • Hiba F


  • Moving into a new place and this would make a great addition. Love the blog.

  • Phyllis

    My techo-savvy is lacking…how about upgrade me with a new Roku? Thanks Dan.

  • @Demanofsteel Doug M.

    I would love to win one and rid myself of cable

  • Vijay

    It would be grt to win such device which could reduce your cable cost.

  • Pallavi

    A grt device to watch lot of free & paid channels over the internet. At least far better than paying 100 bug everymonth to cable company.

  • Ballita

    It could use it for some useful purpose.

  • Jeff

    Roku box looks cool!

  • Nancy

    My DVD played just bit the dust today – this would be a great upgrade!

  • TJ

    I’d love to have the new Roku. Thanks, Dan!

  • Shane

    I cut the cable cord a while ago, been streaming on the laptop but thinking of getting a Roku, free I hope!

  • I would love to win this. i already shared it on all my networks so you get more views too πŸ™‚

  • driftmonkey

    AWESOME! I want. Q_Q

  • Fabricio

    I want it so I can give it to my parents. It would be a great gift.

  • Archana

    Good luck everyone. I liked Roku player and hope to win this.

  • Insiya

    It would be nice.

  • Charles Q. Tran

    We have been using Sony PlayStation and Media Players. Heard many good comments about Roku and interest to get to know Roku better…Count me in. Thanks.

  • Toni Marie Caravello

    I have been hot for the Roku for months now – maybe even close to a year. I love the whole idea that I don’t really need cable anymore.. just internet access. Hope to win! Thank you.

  • Matthew Feimer

    Roku baby the way of the future. I am down with winning one. Thanks

  • Nizam

    I love it.

  • This would be great for streaming online video.

  • dawn

    sweet! nice promo!

  • Tom


  • would be happy to check it out.

  • Rick

    I have a Roku XD and my family loves it. This is the future of home movie watching.

  • Kevin

    I would love to have one.

  • Steve M

    Hope I win!

  • Jay

    A great device, here’s wishing for some good luck!!!

  • requiem

    Please give it to me!

  • Renee Richardson

    I love the features. Thanks for the great giveaway πŸ™‚
    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  • Raj


  • drew

    angry birds on TV!?

  • Matt Todd

    Count me in for a chance to win!

  • Dan

    Don’t forget to follow Dan at @danrayburn

  • Paul Balsam

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your Giveaway.

  • Ado

    I am in.Love Roku!!

  • I was fortunate enough to get eval units for the Roku 2 and the Logitech Revue.
    I had problems with the Roku 2 using a wireless connection and running on a cellular modem (Verizon 4G). Although bandwidth is over the mimimum recommended (> 6 GB/sec) I experienced frequent buffering issues when using the Netflix app. I compared it to the Logitech Revue using a similar setup which didn’t have the buffering issue.
    Not sure if there was a difference in the way the apps were created, or if there was a spotty cellular data connection (the towers were just recently upgraded to 4G LTE).
    The units were loaners, so I certainly would like to get my hands on one for permanent use.

  • Great information. I was looking for info on this product.

  • Naicheng Yang

    Very good device

  • Rey Garza

    Roku is too cool…Dan is cooler for offering this prize!!

  • Erica M

    My husband was talking about the Roku2 so I had to Google it for info. Came across your site just in time. This would be a great gift for my tech guy!

  • David Lee

    This would be nice to have, count me in!

  • Scott

    Beats my Popcorn Hour!

  • Rommel Bajamundi

    Its always good to have more to play with.

  • Rick

    Looking forward for the information. I was looking to upgrade but will wait for review. Winning one would be great.

  • Terry

    Been wanting to try a Roku.

  • James sumner

    I need one for the closed captions that come with netflex

  • phil

    Would be nice to have.

  • James

    Wish me luck everyone!

  • Philip Miller

    Dan: Thanks for the chance to win a Roku 2 xs player. Please do not overwhelm my inbox. Philip

  • yeah baby

  • NSM

    I should be so lucky

  • Cristin Smith

    Hope I made this post in time! This little techno toy looks like so much fun!

  • Melvyn Wallace

    Please send it to me.

  • Mike K

    I hope I’m not too late

  • Marty

    Thanks for chance to win a Roku.

  • Mary T

    I’d love to win this ROKU. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Maggie

    Wandered here while researching the best way to start streaming my local music & photos to my Roku player. Looks like there are beaucoup private channels, media servers and organizers to choose from. My PC (Dell desktop) already has a Media Center which is either a Windows or Dell product, and I wonder if it would function as the server. I don’t use it, but it looks like a clunky RealPlayer, Windows Media Player program. Anyone know if I can use it or should I try something newer like Mongoose?

  • THG

    I wants it, my precious…

  • Carl Julien

    Hope I win

  • Looking forward to attending Streaming Media West conference this year in Los Angeles and hearing from you and others in person. I have personally been doing a lot of research on Roku and Apple TV and other devices as I am in the market to purchase. I look forward to your giveaway decision.

  • raj

    Thanks Dan, I love to have Roku to watch movies.

  • Igor

    Thank you!

  • Steve Stiffler

    Thanks for letting me enter the drawing. The Roku box interests me greatly. I look forward to your review.

  • Tyomad


  • Tyomad


  • Always a pleasure reading your reviews!

  • I’m interested in seeing which device was selected the most times by your readers. Post those numbers please. Could be a good indicator.

  • ONe800dave

    Would like to have one. I have a series one currently and would like to add to my collection as they are neat items to have.

  • I’d love to try it out!

  • Erik Stromstad

    I would love to win the Roku. Love live streaming!

  • Damian

    Would love to get my hands on this!

  • Brandon Gramse

    Roku 1 has worked great…I’d love to see Roku 2.

  • Christopher Williams

    I need an outlet, this would help.!!!

  • Chris Otten

    Free is good! Getting paid to give away free stuff is a close second!

  • Ed Liberatore

    I have the older one you guys gave out in May at the Streaming Media confrence. It is very easy to use, I would love another one for my upstairs TV.

  • jeff

    I want it!

  • henry

    I like ROKU 2!!

  • Jason

    This would be wonderful! I have the first roku, and i’d like to see the difference in the upgrade.

  • Marshall

    As a teacher this would enhance my broadcast classes .

  • Greg S

    Thanks Dan, I look forward to reading your review. I’m starting to hear more and more about Roku so I’m interested in not only seeing what you have to say, but hopefully getting to use the device myself πŸ˜‰ Blog-on!

  • would like to check out how netflix works thru this device

  • Kyle Anderson

    This would really make my kids happy.

  • Michael Juarez

    I’ve been wanting to try out the Roku 2 for awhile.

  • John Brassil

    Like a hurricane – may as well get the best!

  • Dennis

    I love free stuff

  • Shell

    I’ve been thinking of buying one of these. It would be lovely to win one πŸ™‚

  • LS

    bring it

  • Marcelo Arruda

    When is your review coming out? I am about to buy one and would be curious as to your impression on the newer models.

  • I have been using a VuNow Unit. Actually I have two of them and they are now failing so it would be great to get a Roku replacement as the Roku’s were not available when I first started with this 2 years ago.
    I am using PlayOn Software the Premium version and I also am a Beta Tester for several software companies. Would like to do some Hardware testing as I used to build White Boxes for over 20 years and have a in-depth hardware background. Tom’s Hardware level…8-)
    PlayOn is in Beta for a (Bit-Streaming) product called PlayLater that is working pretty good. I can write a review on it if you like.
    Thank You for this Consideration.

  • Andy Howard

    I’d love to try this out.

  • Lars-Erik Olson

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Ron

    I bet this one is twice as good as the first one. It must be because it says so in the name. So I hope I win.

  • Dan

    Maybe it works better than my Roku HD which just stopped working for no apparent reason?

  • cg

    Ready for a change — Hope I get to!

  • Jeff Sweet

    IT’s time for me to get a streaming device.

  • Sid Gray

    Have followed your blog for quite a while. Would love to have consideration as well.

  • Grant Wilkinson

    This would e a neat device to try.

  • Cool. My old Roku finally died. If it’s not too late, count me in!
    – Patrick Seaman

  • Mark Hayes

    Pick me Dan!

  • Susanna

    Yes please.

  • Darren Couch

    Would love to get my hands on one of these!

  • Shawn Smith

    Always wanted to try the new one.

  • Dave Winters


  • Gary Thompson

    Love following the blog. Thanks Dan.

  • Matt

    Enter me please!

  • Angel Nunez

    Would love to win this!

  • Kate

    Pretty cool. If I win, I’ll have to try hard not to get hooked on Angry Birds.

  • Warrick Wilson

    Free streaming stuff, plus Angry Birds!

  • Ronnie Finchum Jr

    Hey, I could give this to my kids so I can quit burning things on disc for them. “here’s a flash drive, don’t bother me again”….then again. It sure would look good in the bedroom πŸ™‚

  • Scott Meyers

    Really looking for a valid reason to replace basic cable. Could this be it????

  • Jerry

    Pick me πŸ™‚

  • Rini

    Very Informative, Thanks!

  • spelt joatmon

    let it be me!

  • Can I get popcorn with that?

  • Keith Taylor

    have been toying with the idea of a Roku box or ?? for a couple of years… would love for this to be a way to try it out!!!

  • Melvyn Wallace

    Would love to get a free one.

  • Jimmyz

    Pick Me… I don’t have one of these!

  • Yabba-dabba-doo!

  • dan

    Winning is always good.

  • Kirk Whisler


  • Cool

  • Rkeidar

    Nice move

  • I could and would attach another box to my TV.

  • Cool

  • Joel Nelson

    Could really use this. Haven’t had the opportunity to try Roku out yet.

  • larry

    would like this

  • Aditya Kalro

    I’d like to win this πŸ™‚

  • Jorge

    Thank you!

  • Steve P

    I’ve been interested in these devices for a while. I would appreciate having this one. Thanks

  • I’ve heard people can become Roku addicts!

  • What a great way to get NetFlix!

  • Pradip

    Thanks, Dan, for the opportunity!

  • brian

    I love streaming

  • Fernando Romero

    I also would love to try this one. Thanks.

  • Paul Friedman

    Thanks for the contest!

  • I would love to compare how well the Roku works vs my AppleTV.

  • Gwen Shroyer

    Roku ROCKS!

  • PR

    I want my MTV …for free

  • I’m curious how all these platforms will come about in the coming years.

  • Thomas

    I would like to see what this player do, versus the other streaming player.

  • Matt Efsic

    Would go nice with my projector.

  • Daniel Wu


  • I want to win this Roku 2 XS Streaming Player. I would love to use this cool gadget

  • Sam P

    I’d love to see how well this complements a TiVo.

  • send it my way!!!!

  • Sheryl


  • John Clark

    Does anyone remember TVersity and how it was the Roku for Xbox360/Wii/PS? Love that Roku is open to developers- will make them stronger in the long run with partners.

  • Sheryl

    would love one

  • michael fiumano

    fun stuff

  • Rob Rasberry

    Feeling lucky today. Also would like to know what else Roku is doing.

  • Adam Fenton

    To be used with older TV’s that don’t support apps. An “in-between” technology device to help consumers transition. Hope I win!

  • Justin

    One of these would be great!!!

  • works for me!

  • John

    When playing with your dog, have you ever pretended to be dead, just to see if he really cared?

  • Lorraine Libatique

    Dan, I’m in for the win. LLL

  • Azizan Kamis

    I am trusting my email address with you.

  • JTS193

    Great giveaways, Dan – Thanks!

  • Michael

    Due for an upgrade. Thanks.

  • Thomas

    Cool product, would love to try it out!

  • This would be great!

  • D. Garofalo

    Very cool!

  • Tara*

    Yes, please! I love streaming my shows straight to my TV!

  • Jim Boyd

    was interested but got a xlingbox instead. you see my pain,

  • dave

    Looks great! Got my fingers crossed.

  • Darshak Gosalka

    This would be a great opportunity to learn about this product.

  • maria roquim

    I have been contemplating on losing my cable and just get either the Roku or the Apple TV (to cut down on expenses). Your blog has helped me arrive at an informed decision. It is the Roku! And would be nice
    to win it on your raffle, definitely would help me be saving more…. otherwise thank you so much for your blog. Would definitely be following you now!

  • Peter in Silicon Valley

    If I win, I’ll send my Mom my Roku 1. I love it. I bought mine the 1st week it came out.

  • Irfan M

    Sounds great, Thanks

  • James

    nice, I need one of these

  • Rob

    Very nice!

  • Shane

    Is it still available? If so, please throw my hat in the ring! Thank you Dan!

  • Harold

    Would love to have this!

  • Mark Hines

    Sign me up!

  • Bob

    Looking forward to trying one.

  • sandra williams

    how cool is that, please oh please??!!

  • Bora

    Still comparing all the devices and the roku sounds pretty good so far.

  • Sundance Apolinario

    Am still not into online gaming that hugs bandwidth

  • Steve W

    My Roku is ready for an upgrade…

  • Marty

    I hope I win since otherwise I will probably buy one.

  • Susan

    I really want to win a Roku. This is the one I want. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Mike D.

    This would help me to build my first Roku app….

  • g

    i’d like to cut the (cable) cord with this!

  • Yes, please!

  • Bill Harris

    is the end of cable/satellite TV coming?

  • Russ Gallagher

    I’d love one given the HD output.

  • Brian Milner

    REALLY want this!

  • Chris

    Would be nice to have one of those around the house.

  • Sridhar Ranganathan

    I will take it! πŸ™‚

  • Mohsin Mirza

    Had been juggling between choosing DishNetwork, JaddoTV and Roku for my Mom. Hope I get to make just the right decision.

  • Todd Edwards

    Pick me please πŸ™‚

  • Vince C

    I would like to have one thanks.

  • Do you Roku? I would if I won this one…. πŸ˜‰

  • Craig

    I am still a pretty random person, so I hope I am randomly selected.

  • yes please πŸ™‚

  • Mark

    Please, please!

  • Jeremy

    who won, Dan? 2 weeks came and went…

  • TB

    Hope this is not done.

  • Nick

    thank you

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    Thanks, great giveway.

  • Brittanni Ford

    would really turn my sad life around if I won. I never win anything but I do enjoy your blog.

  • LS

    Sounds great!

  • Brian

    Thanks, Dan!

  • Melanie Soich

    Me me me!

  • Annette

    I’m very interested in your review of the Roku 2 box. I’ll be waiting!!!

  • slbose61

    I’m ready to get rid of cable! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • Lord Of War

    bye bye cable. it wasn’t nice to know ya!

  • Rob

    Whats the difference between this and the Roku XDS?

  • books2gogh

    About to cancel my streamingmedia emails, I took one last look. Your thorough review explains what these devices do/don’t do and which to buy. My husband will be happy if we win because I don’t plan to buy either one.

  • Mike Martin

    Thanks for the giveaway, Dan!

  • Nicole

    Now need Roku so I can watch HBO Go and then I found this contest!

  • Fatti

    I never win anything,hope this one is the 1st

  • marc delos reyes

    I would love to win something as nice as this. Thank You!

  • J2012

    I could give Roku XS a try!

  • Gautam

    I bought the ROKU XS. It is not playing Youtube or Yupptv that I am really interested. I returned it. I am looking for a Google Tv player like Vizio Co-star. Does it play the youtube and Yupptv>

  • It would be really cool if ROKU integrates with YuppTV which is an online streaming player with 200 plus Indian TV channels especially for Indians who are staying away from India

  • David Clark

    If you are going outside the US for any reason, don’t forget to pack your VPN because Roku only offers services if it identifies you as a user accessing the device from within the US.

  • Freddie Sinsua

    In some countries you can’t access roku but with a VPN ( you can get it done with ease. For more information on VPN try checking this web out.

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    I am a big lover og ROKU XS streaming of Ruku is blocked in my reagion recently I bought VPN for ROKU XS. from recent article of ReviewsDir.