Free Giveaway: Win A Western Digital WD TV Live Plus Streaming Player

Wdtvlive The drawing is now closed. Congrats to Robert Mirman from Charlotte, NC who won the device. Up for grabs is a Western Digital WD TV Live Plus streaming player that I'm giving away for free. To enter the drawing, all you have to do is leave one comment on this post and make sure you submit the comment with a valid email. The drawing is open to anyone with a mailing address in the U.S. and I will select one winner at random in about two weeks. Good luck!

For a more detailed review of the WD TV Live Plus, Roku, Apple TV and Sony SNP-N100, check out my post entitled: "Device Comparison: Apple TV vs. Roku vs. WD TV Live Plus vs. Sony SMP-N100."

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    Dan, great articles. found it when searching for my next streaming media device. but i have a question and need advice from you or readers. tring to implement the following setup, and hope someone has an knowledgeble opinion/responce about it.
    what device would you recomend to connect to tv to stream media from win xp box, apple tv or wd live plus? ( or should i wait for apple tv3???). but i also want to use pc for streaming music to airport express (airplay), and be able to control media server on pc (twonky) with ios and android devices and be able to stream video, music to/from mobile devices.
    any help would be GREATLY appreciated, trying to come up with ideas for several ays now.
    sincerely, alex.

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  • I like the fact that the WD has USB ports (unfortunately not USB 3.0) unfortunately it doesn’t have wireless networking built in – I’m sure for the cost factor. Do you know if using USB wireless is supported?

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  • If you were touched by an angel, would you report it?

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    Thank you for the comparison article. I understand the market a little better, but I still don’t understand whether there’s a recurring cost, some sort of subscription involved with any of the devices, and if so, whether a subscription is necessary to make it work to access Netflix and other sources of streamed content that I already use on my computer.

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    I’d love to have one of these, too, but none of these devices will EVER go ‘mainstream’ … the capability will have to be ‘built-in’ to TVs … with a bundled multi-touch tablet being used as both the ‘remote’ for the TV and control for access to internet media content. That’s the only solution that will be SIMPLER for the user, instead of being more COMPLEX.

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  • Dan, What do you think the chances are that cable companies will be able to convince companies that make smart tv’s, streaming media players, and gaming stations to place an app on them enabling their customers to stream content via those devices? Thanks!

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    Two things to say. First a reply to Rick Brown. I think that the consumer electronics industry dearly wants to get into the space you are asking about, and the cable companies are actually dragging their heels in support. The initiative is called CableCard, and it could allow TVs, etc. to “stream” the cable channels without a separate set-top box (See cableCARD at Wikipedia for details).
    It seems clear that the cable companies’ business interests are not to support this too quickly, because when their STB is the interface you see, they think they own you. If you were to see a Sony or Philips interface that offered OTT content, then those companies would own you intsead of cable. So, I’d expect that we will all have STBs and something else connected to our TVs for some time to come.
    My second point is that I’d really like to see DVR capability as an option on these streaming boxes. I know that’s not dirt cheap to add storage, and that there is probably a DRM morass to deal with, but consider the opportunity to trickle charge one of these boxes with a HD stream when all you have available is 1.5Mbps DSL. I could really get into having my NetFlix Queue preloaded at a slow speed overnight, and available in beautiful uninterrupted HD the next day. Even better would be if I could then disconnect the streaming box and use it in the Minivan and hotel room to show the recorded content.

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