Barnes & Noble Quietly Delivers Nook Tablet Early, One Day Before Amazon’s Kindle Fire

IMG_0041 This morning Amazon announced they would ship their new Kindle Fire tablets a few days early, putting them on sale tomorrow, clearly with the intent of trying to beat Barnes & Noble's NOOK Color tablet to the market. However, it appears that Barnes & Noble was expecting Amazon's move and has quietly shipped the NOOK Color Tablet and put it on sale today. My NOOK arrived around noon ET today and I hear others have gotten theirs as well. Competition like this is great for customers and it's going to be a busy week for many comparing the two devices. I'll have reviews up on both devices shortly but so far, I like what I've seen from the NOOK Color and playback of video content has been excellent.

  • I look forward to seeing your review of both devices, Dan. I have an original Nook color that is rooted with Gingerbread, and I love the device. I use it quite a bit more than my iPad due to the more convenient size.

  • Did you purchase the “Nook Color” or the “Nook Tablet”? Same hardware enclosure, other than color, and different specs. The Nook Color (now $200) is not new, whereas the Nook Tablet ($250) is. The reason I ask is that your picture shows what I believe the original box. Are they reusing it? Or did you get the “Color” instead of the “Tablet”?

  • Hey Dave, good catch. I got multiple Nook’s the same day but uploaded the wrong box photo. Will correct when I am back in the office tomorrow. Thanks.