Sling Media and Western Digital To Demo Latest Platforms/Devices Next Week

As the number of broadband-enabled devices and platforms invading the living room continues to grow, lots of questions remain about their capabilities. At the Streaming Media West show in LA next week, company executives from Sling Media and Western Digital will demo their latest platforms and devices. Attendees will see Western Digital's new WD TV Live device in action and Sling Media will demo their platform on Android and iPhone devices as well as their Sling Player for Boxee and Google TV applications.

This is your chance to see these devices and platforms in action, get hands-on with them get your questions answered in a Q&A session. Today is the last day to register online, but you can also register next week on-site at the event. Readers of my blog can still register using my own personal discount code of DRF1, which gets you a two-day ticket to the show for only $595.

  • Matt Clapp

    I’m curious what your thoughts are on Sling long term. Isn’t a sling box just a workaround (admittedly cool when it came out) for the fact that the same content wasn’t available online, which it now increasingly is? Further, I think the idea that someone’s content, in this case temporary TV shows, needs to phsycially pass through their home before being consumed is just completely outmoded.