Compare The Latest Streaming Devices and Content Platforms, All In One Chart

UPDATE: A new chart has been released May 2013. Please visit for the latest copy.

[Note Jan 2013: I am working to update the chart to add the Boxee TV, Wii U, ASUS Qube, Hisense Pulse and Netgear NeoTV PRIME. If you have any questions on devices, you can email me at anytime] And check out my post here from Feb. 2013 with a list of all the latest devices in the market, with dates they get released.

At the broadband device pavilion on the exhibit floor of the Streaming Media East show, we released our latest chart that compares all of the dedicated streaming media boxes in the market and lists which content platforms are available for each box. You can download the full PDF by clicking on the image below and you can always find the latest version of the chart at


I’ll be updating this chart a few times throughout the year and you can send any additions or errors you spot to me directly. A big thank you to the following companies who helped me with the chart: Boxee, Roku, D-Link, TiVo, Dolby, Microsoft, Sony, Vizio and Western Digital.

Updated 6/3: Added Amazon support to Xbox 360. Removed .MOV support on the Roku.

Updated 6/10: Added the Netgear NeoTV Pro streaming box to the list.

Updated 6/15: Updated the D-Link MovieNite to the D-Link MovieNite Plus.

Updated 8/5: Added Hulu Plus support to the Apple TV.

Updated 9/4: Removed the reference to the Vizio Co-Star “shipping soon” since the product is now available.

Updated 9/21: Added Vudu support to the Roku. Upgraded Netgear’s NeoTV Pro to the Netgear NeoTV MAX. Added the date the Wii U will go on sale.

  • erikeric

    This is great, thanks! You’re missing one huge benefit of AppleTV: AirPlay. I use it almost every day, and I own a Roku (2 actually) and a hacked Philips DVD player with a USB port. Nothing is easier than streaming over the air. iPads are selling as fast as they can make them and the iPhone is no small user base, so a great many people can benefit.

  • Placeman

    Xbox 360 supports DLNA. I use it with my Plex Server.

  • The Xbox 360 does not support DLNA on its own. You would need a computer in the loop. The Xbox 360 cannot browse the network to connect to the drive directly.
    The device specs on the chart were signed off on by each manufacurer, exect for Apple.

  • AC

    You might consider adding UPnP (i.e. DLNA-like streaming without certification) to the chart, as it somewhat addresses the point about xb360 and Plex, etc.
    You might also want to break out “DLNA certified” from, say, “some DLNA support”, and get listings of the formats supported via DLNA (which in the case of the ps3, is a much shorter list than what it supports locally; tons of content needs to be transcoded by something like Plex, PlayOn, ps3mediaServer, etc, for the ps3 to play it).
    Finally, what about SMB/samba support? DLNA isn’t the only streaming game in town.

  • Andy S.

    While the Roku does not officially support Youtube, you can indeed watch Youtube videos. You just need to add the Facebook app(channel) to access posted Youtube videos that appear in your fb stream. I use this often by posting youtube URLs to my fb stream with a privacy setting set viewable only to me.

  • This chart seems doesn’t mention the fact that the Vizio can have other Android apps installed.
    Why not put the Revue on there since the Vizio isn’t released yet?

  • The Vizio may not be out just yet, but it will be this summer. The Logitech Revue is no longer being made. No point in listing devices that have been discontinued.

  • Maynard

    I’ve been looking for something like this! Some other considerations: Amazon Prime is not available on Tivo, while Amazon Instant is (just discovered this in a nasty way the other day.) Vudu HDX is not available on all devices, while their other streams are. Any chance of a breakdown of max supported resolution per service per device? Thanks for the hard work!

  • elklou

    actually the raterix channel is the gateway to youtube on the need to set up an account for raterix..just download the channel and go to search…you can searcg by video or channel..although the search is a constant string eg.. search for “rollingstones” not “rolling stones” also you can build playlist with raterix without making an account

  • Boricua

    Absolutely brilliant. Thank you.

  • Richard Adams

    I have a WIndows 7 PC that I use with one tv in the house, but want to add another tv but don’t want to setup another PC just to stream movies, etc. I have a ton of movies from my personal collection that I’ve ripped on my media PC. Can any of these players “pull” movies from a PC like this or do I have to initiate the movie from the PC and “send” it to the player?

  • Can you mention if they support intel WiDi or not.

  • JB

    Very helpful review. I am definitely going to follow your future ones.

  • allyn

    Fantastic chart. I’m reading elsewhere that not all boxes can stream Youtube and Netflix and perhaps other services in HD. Would it be possible for a future revision of the chart to indicate HD or SD rather than Yes for each service? Thanks.

  • Shane

    Excellent resource Dan! It would be very helpful to see which
    devices support NTFS or exFAT formats, for local content support of file sizes exceeding
    4GB. High-definition H.264 encoded MP4 files often exceed this FAT32 threshold. Thank you.

  • Very good chart. It´s useful add the following items: remote control option (basic/qwerty), cd/dvd/br player, live TV, and add the product Boxee TV.

  • Tri Cutherell

    This is such a useful chart. I have been searching for a box quite sometimes now and this will help me tremendously. I do wonder which box support full youtube searches that is I could get same result as I can using pc or mac.

    Thank you Dan.

  • Bruce

    you should add to the chart whether or not you have to pay a monthly fee

  • This is amazing comparison! Thanks tons for all this work. Definitely going with Roku 2 XS 1080p!

  • joining the chorus. thanks for the chart. great stuff

  • PS3 has all analogue out via cable. (component, composite, s-video, and audio out).

  • xbox360 has a browser (IE10)…

  • Ram S

    What about memory? Doesn’t that impact menu and thumbnails performance?

  • Xbmc

    you should include the support for PLEX & XBMC in the comparison list…..looking forward to it 🙂

  • Raj

    You should add Intel WiDi as one of the comparison parameter

  • sibap

    When is Roku 3 getting added?

  • gravitycollapse

    Please add AirPlay support to the chart.

  • Jakes Duvenage

    Excellent Best comparative table with some really good
    streaming boxes! There are also others worth mentioning. For more
    information go to