Announcing the Enterprise Video Conference, Two-Days Of Content Focused on Enterprise and Edu Video Deployments

Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 6.31.59 PMI’m pleased to announce that in conjunction with our Streaming Media West show, taking place Oct. 30-31 in Los Angeles, we will be launching a brand new conference focused on video deployments within the enterprise and education verticals. While a portion of the content at our East and West shows have always included topics pertaining to video within the firewall, we think more focus is needed on enterprise video and will now have a whole show dedicated to the topic.

Called the “Enterprise Video Conference“, the event will be two-days in length and have two concurrent tracks with case study presentations, round-table panels, how-to sessions and possibly their own keynotes. While I wanted to wait until the website was up before I announced the show, I need to get started on the agenda and the call for speakers.

In addition to the work I will be doing to plan the show, I am also recruiting an advisory board of industry experts as well end-user customers who deploy and use these solutions every day to help me plan the content of the show. Multiple enterprise organizations who deliver video inside the firewall have agreed to help as well as numerous universities. I’ll announce the advisory committee shortly and if anyone wants to be considered for an advisory role to help me shape the content of the conference, please reach out to me ASAP.

As with all of our events, end-user customers are going to be a key focus of the show. There will be room for vendors to speak as well, but I really want to highlight as many customer success stories as possible. Vendors have done an excellent job at getting many of their fortune 500 customers to speak and present at past shows and I’ll looking for suggestions for the Enterprise Video Conference as well.

Until the website is up with more details, anyone interested in getting involved, submitting a customer to speak or wanting to pitch me any ideas or suggestions can simply send me en email. I don’t have deadlines yet for speaking submissions, but I suspect the deadline will be in about 30 days from now. Those interested in potentially being advisory members or moderators who want to organize a session of their own need to contact me quickly – by the end of this month.

There are tons of conferences and shows in the industry, but very few are focused, bring a qualified audience and are geared only towards the use and adoption of video amongst enterprise and educational institutions. This isn’t our show, it’s the industry’s and this is your chance to give feedback, pitch in and help make the Enterprise Video Conference show people that there is more to video than just media and entertainment content. Video deployments inside the enterprise and edu don’t get enough credit and with your help, we can change that.

So if you have ideas, suggestions, want to speak, moderate or be involved in way, the flood gates are open. Email me, call me (917-523-4562) and please realize that speaking spots will go fast. The content for this conference will come together quickly, so don’t wait too long to reach out if you want to be involved.

  • Dan –
    Education and Enterprise are two very different verticals. I don’t think that combining them gives you the focus that you are seeking.

  • Hi Ray, video deployment inside enterprise networks and universities is very similar. The workflow is nearly identical for live events and video on demand, neither is trying to monetize their content and both deploy video for business and educational purposes. One thing I have have also seen and heard over the past 10 years from our East and West shows is how closely the enterprise and edu speakers and attendees share deployment details.
    Every vertical always has something unique to it, but the video ecosystem within the firewall of a fortune 500 company and a major university look very similar, hence why I am combining the two.

  • Hey Ray, absolutely all over this! Great idea and we are very interested in helping or particpating. We provide a video platform (built on Wowza) for customer-centric training targeted at helping businesses utilize video in training their customers. While I would agree that the eLearning side (LMS) may be very different between institituional education (schools) and both corporate internal training and customer support, the video side can share many attributes and I think that a focus on instructional and informative uses of video in both schools and enterprises is a very compelling approach! How can we help?

  • I would agree that video inside enterprise (corporate learning) and academic universities is similar. Neither is trying to monetize and both are typically behind firewalls. Also, they both try to foster a culture of social learning by incorporating video ratings, comments and connectivity to other assets (e.g. hot-spotting to PDF docs).

    The big differences are: adult learners versus academic students; training for job performance versus a broader education (possibly including theory); short to the point how-to videos versus longer lecture captures. Corporate training in general uses a very blended approach (live class, live Webex/Adobe-Connect, Interactive self-pace, video), whereas most traditional universities place heavy emphasis on well known professors lecturing in a classroom.
    Most top notch corporate learning orgs do not use a lot of long live classes anymore. Also, students are in a university to learn whether in a class or via video. Whereas when employees are learning – in general (but not always) – they are typically not working and therefore are not making profit for the enterprise. The ROI of the training/learning needs to be measured and justified in the corporate world… this is tricky to do for video training.