Visualizing Adobe’s Product Workflow For Video

Over the past few quarters, Adobe has been busy releasing new and updated products and services for content owners that need to create, edit, manage, protect, distribute and monetize video. We’ve seen updates to Production Premium, Adobe Media Server and Adobe Access, amongst others, and I get a lot of questions from people asking how all of Adobe’s products fit into the video ecosystem.

Adobe’s provided me with two slides below that map it all out and make it a bit easy to visualize how their products tie together and what the video ecosystem currently looks like.

  • Pete Steege

    Very useful view Dan, thanks for sharing! This kind of workflow view that spanned industry options would be an interesting infographic. Any volunteers?

  • vierl uk

    Hey…Thank you for this wonderful post. This workflow will surely help all who wants to adopt new technology of video advertising in their business……….