PS3 To Stream NFL Sunday Ticket: Still Costs $300, Must Be Paid All At Once

This morning Sony announced that for the second year in a row, their PlayStation3 system can be used to stream the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV. The bad news, those who don’t have the NFL Sunday Ticket Max plan will once again have to pay $300 if they want access to the games. Even those with the Max plan won’t be able to stream all the games, as only out-of-market matchups will be available. Sony said that unlike last year, where customers could pay over a 3-4 month period, this year the $299.995 needs to be paid all at once to make it “easier” for them to manage.

While it’s great to see more content available via devices like the PS3, charging $300 really is way too expensive, let alone charging it all upfront. Considering MLB.TV is a third of that cost, and gives you access to thousands of games over the course of the year, DirecTV should make this more affordable. I’m sure there are a lot of people like myself who don’t want a dish on their roof, can’t have one installed and would be willing to pay about $150 a year to get access to the games. But at $300, it almost as if DirecTV doesn’t want people to sign up for it.

Last year, there were also quite a few issues with the system, most notably being the fact that while you could pause a game, if you un-paused it after the game had ended, it wouldn’t pick up where you left off but would give you a message telling you the game had ended. I hope they have fixed that along with how much the streams lag delay wise. Also, it seemed like a lot of times, the quality of the video was not in HD and was simply a SD feed being stretched, which is not what you should be getting for a $300 service. It’s hard to find specs on DirecTV’s website saying exactly what the video quality specs are. So for $300, customers expect and should get a better service this year, and I hope that’s the case. I’ll see if I can test it out and do a review.

How much would you be willing to pay? $150? $200?

  • Prometheus123

    What I’d really like to see is NFL RedZone streamed online.

  • shog8u

    any update on the quality? Had it last year and it was unwatchable. Sony gave me my money back but this year there is a NO WARRANTY clause in the contract. I would like someone to let me know about qual before I pull the trigger

  • burnell stewart

    definitely not 300!!! That is entirely way to much to even consider. I would get the Sunday ticket every year if i could but for 300 bucks i will just stick to ESPN

  • If the quality was good I would pay $300 (though that is way overpriced I would do it), but the picture quality is awful, there is noticeable jitters every time the camera moves, which in a football game that’s often. Also the audio quality is almost AM grade, really really bad.

    I agree with what was written here about the stream quality, it’s like they just took a 480×320 mobile stream and scaled it up to fit on a TV. A still picture is fine but once something moves it all over.

  • billsfan2012

    Call me crazy but as a die hard Bills fan, I would pay $300 to watch their games on my PS3 (or about $19 per game) but what I will NOT do is pay it all up front. Why they got rid of the monthly payment option is a bit of a head scratcher to me, but all I can say is they indeed lost my business by not allowing monthly payments.

  • Rip

    On opening day I ran 2 tv’s off the ps3 stream. The one in my basement by the modem was fine- but the one upstairs was choppy- but bearable! Tried again last week- just hooking the ps3 upstairs so my boy could watch his game. It was unwatchable! The quality would be crap for a play- clear up for – then pause for 3 minutes. DEF not worth the $. Wound up watching on the laptop

  • Pissed off

    I shelled out the $300 and I won’t do it again next year. The stream is awful and unreliable. There’s no support for it either. I have had better luck this year streaming from illegal sources.

  • Dustin

    $175 with installments.

  • lawks

    Not worth the money on pc platform. Poor quality video and constant drops. Cannot watch 1/2 the games on some Sundays. Always some kind of issue like not sold out seats. This Sunday I could only watch 2-3 early games and no late games. Service is freaking annoying for as much as you pay.

  • Brett

    150.00 sounds like a reasonable amount for the season, I don’t want all the games if they had a reduce in the price for just choosing on team that would be great.

  • The reason its so expensive is that Direct TV is trying to get people to sign up for Direct TV instead of doing this. The most expensive plan through them is about 300 a month

  • Houston

    Maybe max $600, it’s a great service for sports fans like myself who don’t watch anything else on tv and don’t want to pay for cable..all the camera angles…I had nfl rewind but the Sunday ticket is much better.. Plus it’s the cost of going to one single game lol

  • Monopoly

    DirecTV does not want you to sign up for streaming through Sony. The only reason they offer streaming at all is because they were contractually obligated to do so under their agreement with the NFL. If DirecTV did not offer it online, the NFL would have had the right to do it themselves. Therefore, DirecTV offered the minimum required to protect their monopoly on Sunday Ticket.

  • GW NE

    Would be good if they added it to Apple TV or TIVO. 300$ would be fine if the streaming is good quality. Still cheaper than monthly DTV year round plus the game package. If it’s not worth it to you, don’t buy it. They aren’t and won’t give it away for $150. It actually costs something to deliver the service. Got to love the whining posts though. Everybody is entitled to whatever they want for less than it’s worth.