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Earlier today I reviewed the Apple TV player in a head-to-head comparison with the Roku 2 XS in an article entitled “Roku 2 vs. Apple TV: How To Chose The Right $99 Streamer“. To go with the review, I am giving away one Roku XS device to a lucky reader of my blog. To enter the drawing, all you have to do is leave one comment on this post and make sure you submit the comment with a valid email address. The drawing is open to anyone with a mailing address in the U.S. and the winner will be selected at random later this month. The drawing is now over. Congrats to Larry S. who won the item.

I’m also giving away an Apple TV unit and a Vizio Co-Star unit. You must enter each drawing separately. Good luck!

  • GadgetDon

    Always wanted to see what a Roku offers.

  • kingofmyworld324

    Love your reviews, they cover the most important aspects of the devices.

  • Colin

    I used an old Roku at a vacation spot for all my media needs (NFLX/AMZN). It has a much nicer AMZN player than my Google TV. Would like to see what a newer unit does.

  • The Roku 2 seems to be like exactly what I’m after – especially after reading the review.

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    I hope I am the lucky winner!

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    Thanks Dan for doing all these contests and the evaluations of all these units!

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    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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    Would love a Roku 2 XS, thanks for the contest.

  • would love to try out the Roku

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    Would love a Roku 2.

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    I own an original Roku but would love to upgrade to see the difference!

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    Good comparison on the two boxes. I would love a Roku 2

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    A roku would be very nice too

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    Good review, definitely like the Roku over Apple TV for my situation.

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    great review, the giveaway is an added bonus! thanks for the opportunity.

  • Thanks for the review. So can 2 T.V.s work off the one box (an old TV and new TV)?

  • Ry Guy 001

    Both Devices would make my living room a better place to be!

  • Keith Z

    I’m just happy someone asked for my comment “I live a simple life(only the necessities) do to my son’s autism disability, I have heard roku is an excellent learning tool for kids like my son. Good luck to everybody!

  • chuck

    I’ve read where Roku is coming out with a unit that just plugs into the tv for power instead of wal wart (newer models, not sure which port)

  • Jun

    I just bought a sony blu-ray s390 hoping that I could use its streaming features on top of the blu-ray/dvd functionality. Although it applications for Amazon, Netflix, Hulu plus, etc, it doesn’t have one for national news network and NBA/NFL. I am now thinking of getting/replacing the unit with Roku 2. Do you think it is a good idea? Thanks. (A free Roku 2 will be more than welcome and desirable).

  • Don’t mind if I do 🙂

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    I want a Roku!

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  • Want Roku for Amazon Prime Streaming.

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    You have great simple entry giveaways!

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    Been wanting one – would be very cool to win it! 🙂

  • Pratik Parikh

    Youtube now a days is must requirement. It should be no. 1 priority for Roku.. Not sure why they are not addressing it.. Otherwise it will make them formidable competitor.

  • Morningstar20

    Love the Roku.!!

  • I’ve got a first-generation Roku; I’d love to win the newer one to enjoy the latest features and games–thanks for entering me!

  • We have an older Tv so Roku seems the way to go. Would love a chance to try it out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Rand65

    Thanks for the contest and very useful reviews

  • Alvaro J.

    Wish me luck, gracias!!!!!

  • ckobe

    With a baby on the way, looking to cut costs by cutting the cable cord. Appreciate the reviews

  • Greg Wheeler

    I have a AppleTV just for the aiprplay connectivity. But I think the Roku has more bang for the buck becasue of all the extra contnet!!

  • mbaiken

    I have the lower-end roku and love it. This one would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dan Haggerty

    This is a really great overview of the 2 products!

  • Dave J

    Hope to win the Roku!

  • James O’Shea

    Great comparison. But I still don’t knowwhich to spend my money on 🙁

  • LarryG

    I would opt for the Roku 2, as I’m not heavily invested in the Apple universe.

  • gbohrn

    Roku 2 sounds good

  • Steve

    Well balance review. Though I’m an Apple computer/pad/phone user, I think that I would prefer the roku, based on its providing more services.

  • Steve

    Nice review. Please send me one!

  • Ralph

    Very Informative Comparison between the two devices

  • Shane

    Would love to give a Roku as a Xmas gift! shane.chicago1 (at) GMAIL (dot) com

  • Wileypo46

    Still not convinced which to buy. Hard to choose between boxes.

  • Iggy

    I’m surprised that the Roku doesn’t have Youtube, but it’s definitely not a dealbreaker when you consider everything else that it has to offer. I’d love to see future versions of the device have that capability though.

  • hellojody

    You forgot to mention the awesome Disney app on Roku. Love those classic Mickey cartoons!

  • Aaron

    Would enjoy a Roku 2 XS very much

  • Warren Johnson

    Roku rocks and hook that up with Plex…. Ah video bliss! 😉

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    Thanks for the great article. I am still having a tough time deciding what to get!

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    Great article – the Roku Rocks!

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    I love The roku 2

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    I’ll take a Roku 2 XS too if I win!

  • Sleigh64

    I have the earlier less expensive Roku device and an older TV so I look forward to upgrading to the higher end Roku device.

  • barry

    Is the answer to have several boxes and can you do that?


    Great review, I have been searching for a player for netflix and hulu.

  • longwalker

    I think for the Roku to be a product embraced by the consumer, it needs a DVR function so subscribed channels are waiting for consumption. The addition of games is an interesting play at younger “viewers”.

  • Steve Reynolds

    They both are amazing units, but with one key difference. XBMC can be installed on a jailbroken Apple TV 2 giving you access to ANY AND ALL media and a customizable interface. Course it is only 720p 🙁 I personally would like a Roku 2 XS to enjoy both ecosystems.

  • CraigB

    Roku sounds like the Windows of the streaming TV world for consumers – again, Apple provides polish and great UI, but limited function and content. Roku has lots of content, but less polished and hard to setup. The age old battle repeated across every product line/device since the 80’s. Seems like there is room for a middle ground – who will fill that slot?

  • Chris O

    I initially thought I’d prefer to have AppleTV, because I own other Apple products. But, I’m really not sold on it at all. I’d prefer the content options that the Roku offers, although I’m intrigued about the jailbreaking option that Steve mentioned.

  • Wunderkind

    I am now considering the Roku 2 XS after the comparison when before, it was all about the AppleTV. I really didn’t know anything else really even existed.

  • Mark Laughlin

    Have Western Digital TV Live Hub with 1tb drive at home. Would like to try a Roku 2 at home, too.

  • Trenton

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Robert Madore

    I have been watching these boxes for some time and wonder hove BOXEE fits into this mix, I would love to see a review.
    Thanks to chance to win a Roku2

  • I am an Apple fan since

  • Prashant

    Roku has been super successful every since it has launched and bundled Netflix library with the device…But not seen or heard success stories with other contents and sales good in US only…

    Am interested to check the Roku SDK and the platform that it could open up for most content publishers to skip the “label” and reach out direct to consumer…

  • Mike

    I have the older 720p version of Apple TV and absolutely love it. I am curious to play with a Roku to see how I like it.

  • Roku Rocks….

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    Looks great!

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    great review

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    I need the newer ROKU

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    Thanks for the info. My son is a diehard Applehead, so it’s good to get a clearer picture of the devices in this area.

  • I’m interested in Roku, thank u!

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    Great review, looking forward to hopefully trying out the roku for myself.

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    Our household is full of apple products so it would be nice to give me family a different perspective on things

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    The Roku sounds amazing, I usually use apple products but in this case the roku is calling me

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    Please enter! Good luck everyone!

  • Ralph

    Very nice article, you gave a great level of detail. The motion remote on the Roku seems very interesting.

  • Tess Geemail

    Hello! What a perfect find this day! I have been an Apple fan for as long as I can remember .. and this sheds perfect light on the Roku! I have been searching for another avenue for streaming and you’ve made your case well here. Thank you and I would love to win/use/try the Roku! :)) Thank you for the opportunity!

  • James T

    My daughter has the Roku and loves it, I’m cutting off my DirTV and buy me a streamer. I can personalize what i want to watch and have total control

  • James T

    I need 2 streamers and getting married 9-15-12 so money tired up winning a Roku would make a lovely wedding present for my new wife Michele

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    Another Roku player would be great.

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    Could be my lucky day. From starting to research to winning a Roku. Doesn’t get any better than that!

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    Got a wd, but a Roku would be nice.

  • LEM

    Thanks in advance for the Roku 2 XS, Dan. I wasn’t sure which one to buy, but you just made up my mind with the Free Giveaway!

  • I would use one of these too. Its nice comparison between the two devices thanks.

  • Mark

    Great article, I’ve been debating over replacing my old roku with an AppleTV or replacing with a new roku.

  • CN

    Great comparison, Thanks!

  • Monica Young

    This sounds pretty gnarly. Thanks for the entry.

  • Allen

    I’ve seen the Roku in service for about a year but don’t own one. Would be nice to do so.

  • Jason Swick

    I’ve been using a Roku for about a year now. Mostly I use it for Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. All of which I can get through most Blu-ray players these days. One thing it is missing… a web browser.

  • Michael D

    Great comparison post. I’ve been a die-hard apple guy but now looking to expand my hardware horizons and would love to try the Roku 2 XS out.

  • Jbwayb

    So Dan r u a journalist or product promo guy? I haven’t run the numbers but I think you have more posts giving away gear than your usual bloviated, ignorant posts.

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    Great reviews! Keep em coming!

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    Thanks for the review. It did provide some important information for decision making.

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    I have the Roku HD and I love that I can travel with it. I can watch tv and use my tablet for web surfing.

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    Great and simple little STB. Functionality is intuitive and clean, setup is easy, and all the major content one needs. Thanks.

  • Perfect for both of my retired parents…

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    Thank you for the review of the Roku 2 XS. I have the older Roku black oblong box and was thinking of a different one.
    Jim S

  • I’ll try my luck at all 3 devices. Crossing my fingers.

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  • Bless up from Brooklyn!

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    Thanks for the good articles on these set top boxes. Im looking for a new addition to my media setup that will work with my NAS drive and portable devices. I’m currently leaning towards a wifi/plasma tv.

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    I will be reading this blog a lot more than I already do!

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    I have an older Roku, but would be interested in a replacing it with the latest and greatest.

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    Thanks for your reviews

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    again, still not trying to kiss a$$ but the 2012 Streaming Media Device Guide has been EXTREMELY helpful in cutting the cord indecisiveness. the Roku vs Tivo is where I’m at now… i need Hulu Plus for content of my favorite cable shows. I just hate Cox cable since I moved.

  • Patricia Stern

    I was surprised to hear that the Roku was as equal to Apple’s

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    Roku is addictive! I always need more!

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    Have an Apple TV, would love a ROKU

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    Good reviews. Looking to put devices into business conference rooms to provide additional content. Would love to have a Roku for actual testing before making a decision!.

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    Thanks for this article! By the way, a new Roku would be awesome.

  • I have an older Roku and love it. Another for my main television would be nice!

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    Hoping to try the Roku. Never heard of them until recently and reading your article gave me a lot of information.

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    Roku 2 XS? Yes please. Good streaming media, great smooth interface, could use a tiny bit more local media playback ability, but A+ for support! Go KC ROYALS! =)

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    Best comparison I’ve read. We have iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPhone 4, but I’m thinking of Roku 2 still. Thanks for the info.

  • I would really like one of these!

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    Thanx for the review. Helped in our decision

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    Roku 2 for a NY apartment dweller please! I understand we can get local channels now through Aereo!

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    Rokus rock, many developers making apps, it has more possibilities in the future

  • You are so cool!

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    I have Amazon Prime, but I still have Netflix, only because we have an Apple TV. That makes no sense. With a Roku, I could drop Netflix!

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    What about the lower cost ROKU solutions as compared to other choices?

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  • This was a good comparison review. I wouldn’t be tempted by Apple TV because you can show your photos on the TV screen or play back movies you bought from iTunes. I really only want movies and TV, and I’m far more likely to want to get them through Netflix and Hulu than iTunes. The “Apple ecosystem” is also a way of saying “making the iTunes store omnipresent” and that’s really not a plus for me. And my house is filled with Macs, MacBooks, iPads, and iPods. Hey, will I win a non-Apple product?


    I’ve just read five reviews comparing Roku and ATV, and this was by far the most thorough and insightful. While I am still on the fence, your comparison has been a great help – Thanks!


    I’ve just read five reviews comparing Roku and ATV, and this was by far the most thorough and insightful. While I am still on the fence, your comparison has been a great help – Thanks!

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    Great review – I guess the best way to find out what is best for your needs is to test drive it.

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    I am an apple loyalist, but I am still considering the Roku! Thank you for this article!

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    Great review, almost to the point where there could be an idea to get both. It is less than $200 for both and then you get it all. 🙂

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    Great review! Leaning towards the roku since I mostly want hbo go on my tv.

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  • I was leaning towards the Apple TV, but I’d certainly take one of these if it were free.

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    Would be nice if the Roku XS supported more media formats on the USB play back. They do offer a free software conversion tool that runs on the PC. That will delay the play back a bit.

  • Matthew Voshell

    Content wise this is really for me! But I’m an apple fanboy using amazon instant video. Is the construction solid?

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    For me, integration with apple ecosystem is key, but wouldn’t mind a Roku for my Mom.

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    We just cut our cable and are looking at the options. Roku2 sounds great, games is a nice option. Wish was a way to get youtube on it, but guess no one can be perfect!

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    Roku 2 XS is what I’d like. So many sources to view from as I experience TV for the first time since 2009. Hulu plus is one option for viewing.

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    Thanks for the reviews, helped me make up my mind about which one to get!

  • Switching to Dish from Cox cable. With the Hopper it still will cost $70.00 a month for 4 TVs. The Roku2 xs would be great

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    Thank you, very helpful. Have you considered doing another drawing? I’d love in on that! We’d love to have a Roku! 🙂