NextGuide for iPad Gives You Searchable and Personalized Recommendations For TV

Dijit, makes of the social TV remote app for the iPad, launched a new app last week called NextGuide. Since most people find something to watch by scrolling through their on-screen guide, the new NextGuide app allows you to see what’s on TV, what your friends are watching and what’s available from services like Netflix and iTunes, all in one place. Finding content you want to watch is the key idea, but NextGuide also plans to allow you to record shows on your DVR, directly from their app.

I got to see a demo of the app back in May when it was still being developed and with its release, the company has added additional functionality, more personalization options and a very clean and quick responding UI. The personalization functions are very powerful and allows you to filter choices based on keywords, categories, Facebook likes and the company has a ton of metadata in the backend that makes finding specific content or categories about shows and movies really easy. It also allows you to set alerts to be notified when your show comes on and will let you record shows to your DVR from within the app, if using DirecTV. More support for other MSOs will come in the future.

There are a bunch of TV guide style apps, including those by TV Guide, Fanhattan and Boxfish, but NextGuide has the nicest layout, best UI, is the easiest to use and from what I have seen, the best personalization options to date. You can check out a demo of NextGuide in the video above and download it from the iTunes store here.

  • eriksuperman

    This is
    probably pretty cool for anyone involved with these companies, but with my DISH
    account and Android, I’ve been streaming, and enjoying remote access, for about a year
    now. I love this free app (DISH Remote Access), and since it works with
    my Sling Adapter I can take ALL my live TV and DVR with me on the go. My
    boss at DISH told me about this a while back, and it has really made things
    like long lines, car trips with the kids, and rained-out camping trips a lot
    more fun!