CDNs Account For 40% Of The Overall Traffic Volume Flowing Into ISP Networks

DiViNetworks, a provider of IP bandwidth expansion for network operators and service providers, holds a unique point of view – global PoPs positioned at strategic Internet junctions, combined with intelligent software overseeing masses of international traffic. This position enables them to study global data flow characteristics and trends, which they recently shared.

Close to 100 ISPs are served by the DiViCloud network and 100% of the international downstream traffic to the served ISPs passes through these PoPs and as traffic passes through the PoPs, the software in the PoPs collects traffic statistics. These statistics serve as the raw data for the their report named “Global Data Flow Report“. Based on the data, global CDNs play a primary role in traffic flowing into ISP networks, comprising around 40% of the overall traffic volume.

  • Ram Krishnan

    What is interesting is that Limelight and Level3 has more traffic than Akamai at these POPs – is it fair to say that this is due to Akamai deploying their edge caches in ISP’s networks and thereby bypassing the POPs completely? This implies that Akamai probably saves more in transit expenses compared to Limelight and Level3

    • LB

      Of course Ram. Although L3 has minimal transit expenses as well – simply because the transit network they use is mostly their own.