Public Facebook Pages No Longer Viewable, Unless You Have A Facebook Account

I’m no Facebook guru, so others should chime in here in case I’m missing something, but within the past day or so, public Facebook pages I use to be able to read, are no longer visible unless you have a Facebook account and sign into it. When I visit a public page, a pop-up window instructs me to login to Facebook or create a Facebook account. If I don’t login, and close out the pop-up window, the scroll bars on the page disappear and I can’t read any of the posts on a public Facebook page. I tried this on multiple pages, including Coca-Cola’s and they are not readable, which also means I can’t watch videos.

If this is Facebook’s new policy, it’s bad news for content owners, especially for those who want to promote videos on their public pages. While I realize Facebook is huge, not everyone has a Facebook page and Facebook shouldn’t force users to have to log into a Facebook account just to be able to see videos or other content that’s on public pages. And as usual, it seems Facebook make this change to their system without announcing it as I can’t find any kind of news of the change anywhere on their site. I don’t care how many users Facebook has, the company has no respect for their users.

  • gotzen

    Confirmed. It seems like they just changed things so that there is no way to scroll (neither with scrollbar nor cursor keys) a “public” Page if you don’t sign into Facebook. Ugh.

  • Phil

    They are doing that to extort users for money.

    They are going to ask public sites to pay up to allow non Facebook users access to their sites.

  • I had no trouble seeing a public page. Had to hit close on the sign-in window though because it was in the way.

  • Stefan

    Got this just now. WTF?

  • Bayareamom

    I have had this same problem. Until approximately two days ago, I was able to view all public Facebook pages, but now I am receiving the pop up menu, asking me to either sign in, and/or create an account (which I am not about to do). On the pop up menu, there is no link I can use to close the window. For some odd reason, others I’ve asked about this state they are able to view all public Facebook pages even without having an account.

  • Ivan Chua

    Me too! I think this problem happened approximately 2 weeks ago, I hope Facebook can rectify this problem ASAP. This is causing frustration to all users who are not logged with a Facebook account in order to see a public Facebook pages. I think this problem is affecting devices with Windows 10 since I tried on another Windows 8.1 computer and the problem did not happen.

  • Josy Packard

    hello, if it can help, using firefox you can temporarily remove this black screen, here is a “how to” (sorry in French, but pictures should be enough) :

  • Conservative Mark

    I hate this new policy. It makes me very angry.

  • BillPosters

    This is typical Facebook arrogance. They believe they are above the web, better than the web. Public pages are no longer readable without logging in or signing up, which is disgusting. This is not how the web is meant to work. The annoying pop up that appears makes it impossible to read public pages. With a browser add-on such as Stylish it’s possible to hide that pop up, but it’s a pain to have to do that. Facebook has once again lowered the bar on accessibility and open information.

    • SortingHat

      They’re just trying to imitate the new trend of forums which is to sign up before you read them and if we have globalists running things it will continue to get worse not better before you know it we have a global grid that way.

      Look at Sodar Island Forums for Thomas The Train. They require signing up before viewing any topics.

      Look at Destructoid to view any comments you have to verify your a human and making the pages designed for smartphones only suck on a desktop coming across as messy with awful UI.

  • killy_sd

    Facebook sucks. Plain and simple. They are now in the process of ruining instagram.

  • Paul

    Today, about 4 years later, the problem still exists. However, here is a detailed description how to use Firefox to block the log in / sign up pop-up window that covers public Facebook pages:

  • David

    Many US military organizations “adopted” Facebook as a way to give family and friends unclassified information and support. Not everyone who viewed these pages (me as one example) have a facebook account. Now I must use a desktop browser and constantly dismiss a sheet asking me to login or join to see the page below. Mobile browsers are prevented from viewing anything before logging in. Facebook is performing a large disservice to the service.

  • SortingHat

    Sad thing is the more you vote Liberal the more the web *and real life* will become that way.

    There are two groups of Liberals the *poor* who think they are voting because they can keep their whatever government benefits and think they are (still) stopping slavery and the rich who uses those votes to sponsor or promote their big corporation for protection.

    It’s the latter group that want the global grid and a lot of conspiracy theorists are actually liberal and while they complain about the one world police state they vote for the very people who promote it on steroids.

    If you know who won Presidency I can guarantee before the four years were up we would be forced to wear *mood control* think pads starting off as for criminals with violent felonies in-lieu of prison time then working it’s way to all citizens with a kill switch in the name of public safety.

    “It’s for your own safety” and the modern public response? That’s all I need to know!

  • Jeff Lynn

    Yeah, this totally sucks! It’s bad enough that we have the Facebook top menu opening up a pop-up dropdown menu prompting you to login or register on public pages , but now public pages also have that big annoying pop-up window on the bottom of the pages that we can not close out. They do not seem to want anybody outside of Facebook to view/enjoy any Facebook content. If that’s the case then they should just get rid of “Public” pages all together and let people see what real assholes they and maybe we will finally be able to go some place else that treats us bette?.