Roku 3 Teardown: A Look Inside The New Box

Now that the new Roku 3 is out, I’ve cracked one open to take a look at the inside. You can clearly see HDMI, ethernet, power, USB ports and IR receiver. I’m no silicon expert but the chips I see are for the power supply, AV/DAC, ethernet/USB, Broadcom A9 processor and what looks to be two banks of NAND flash memory. Maybe someone who knows more than me when it comes to chips can say how much memory the Roku 3 has. I’ve also included a photo of the board from inside the remote control as well, but a word to the wise. Opening the Roku is easy, but you’ll most likely damage the remote when you take it apart.

Click on the images to see them in high-res.

IMG_0342 IMG_0347

  • jwhazel

    Assuming there are no ram chips on the underside it’s 512MB of DDR3

    • wardrive

      The BCM11130 (BCM281xx family) Is a Dual core Cortex A9 @900 MHz. Uses a 250 MHz video core 4 GPU ( 24 GFLOPS) 512 MB dual channel lpddr2-800 (6.4 GB/s) 40nm

      • jwhazel

        Micron D9PTK is a ddr3 chip

  • Hi dan, thanks for pictures!
    Could you please show how builtin wi-fi is realised…?

  • csavia

    Roku 3 has two pieces of Micron 2Gb DDR3 components, for a total of 512MB system memory.

  • Alexis

    What about CPU? any model number or speed?

  • csavia

    Broadcom BCM11130 from the Merlyn family. 1080p dual core Apps processor

  • Jacob

    I can’t identify the IR receiver – can anyone help me with that?

  • inquiring minds

    The Roku 2 model 2720RW is in stock now at stores Oct. 14-2013 but I still can’t find out how much built in built in Channel Memory it has?
    Any one tell me how much built in Channel Memory it has?

    The last Roku 2 had a BCM­2835 600 MH Processor
    Anyone know what the new Roku 2 model 2720RW has?

  • Christopher Fields

    Last info I could find from the Broadcom site was this: Merlyn® 1080p Dual-Core Enterprise Applications & Multimedia Processor. No speed rating.


    btw, this Roku is pretty sick

  • Commander Data

    The board picture that Dan posted shows an unpopulated slot for AV composite connector (upper left) like the Roku 2 XD/XS. Furthermore, there is a 20-pin TSSOP IC chip pad nearby that is not populated, so I think that someday Roku will probably market an upgrade to Roku 3 that will also have analog AV output. That 20-pin slot will probably be populated with a TI PCM5100 DAC chip.or something similar.

  • Commander Data

    An update: Since my Roku 3 is fairly new, the inside looked a little different. The upper left corner no longer has that composite AV connector outline. It has been replaced by a TI chip TPS65270, a power management IC. So I guess no space for composite AV functionality.

  • mcgyver

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement momentary pushbutton for the volume control? It looks like a right angle smd momentary switch. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Kuya Gonzales

    Hello! I know it’s been 3 years since you’ve posted this, but I’m wondering, how were you able to open up the device (Roku 3)?