New Device Chart Lets You Compare Today’s Streaming Boxes and Content Platforms

[Update 12/20: I am working on an update to the chart to add the Xbox One, PS4, TiVo Roamio, Chromecast and update all of the content platforms. I will have the updated chart out in the new year.]

There’s more than a dozen streaming media boxes on the market today and trying to compare their technical specs and which content platforms they support can be a challenge. So I’ve put together an updated chart which compares the top 14 devices. This is an update to last year’s chart and includes recently released boxes from Roku 3, Hisense, Asus, Nintendo and also many of the new content platforms like Redbox and others. You can download a high-res PDF copy of the chart by clicking on the image below and you can always find the latest version of the chart at

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 8.10.01 PM

I will update the chart throughout the year when new devices come out and new content platforms are supported. I’d like to thank many of the device manufactures who verified the information on the chart and helped put it together including Roku, Sony, Boxee, Western Digital, Netgear, D-Link, TiVo and Microsoft. Thanks also to Dolby and who sponsored the chart and helped us distribute print copies at the Streaming Media East show this week.

If you have questions on which box you should choose, send me an email and I’ll help you out. Chart corrections and suggestions can also be left in the comments section below.

Update 5/20: The Boxee Cloud DVR has a “limited amount of free storage”, in addition to their paid plans.

Update 6/13: HBO Go is not supported on the PS3. The next version of the chart will correct that.

Update 6/19: HBO Go and ESPN are now supported on the Apple TV.

  • CLevy

    Is there some reason why you left DRM off this chart? For content owners, it’s the first requirement. BTW your Facebook Login below doesn’t work.

  • Tavius

    Vizio performance on HLS streaming is the poorest I’ve seen. Even Vizio says it’s not natively supported

  • b

    Would the Wii fit on this chart?

  • Mike

    where are all the blu-ray players that stream video?

  • Rasmussen

    In the comparison chart, are the format names accurate? For instance, Roku 3 has a file format of “MP3”, shouldn’t it be “MP4”? And for WD Live, the format is listed as “MKA”, shouldn’t that be “MKV?”

  • Rasmussen

    My mistake, was looking at Audio… nothing to do here

  • John

    The Netgear NeoTV Prime apparently does not support Hulu Plus.

  • DevdogAZ

    Are you planning to update this chart with the TiVo Roamio, XBox One, PS4, ChromeCast, etc.? Your chart seems to be the go-to reference on the internet, but it’s now quite out of date.

  • Tom Corwine

    What about smart TVs?

  • Steve

    Are these organized, left to right, in any particular order?

  • Hawi Papa

    What about Nuvola NP-1 ?? Any reason why it’s not on the list ?

  • Diamond

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