Latest Backbone Data: 50% Of Internet Traffic Comes From Only 35 Sites/Services (video)

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 3.17.17 PMAt the Content Delivery Summit in May, we had a lot of information shared by those who collect data on the type and volume of content being distributed over the Internet. One of these companies, DeepField, presented their latest findings on the massive ongoing changes in content distribution. Check out their video presentation below for details on overall CDN traffic growth and market share, a list of content services driving the most volume and trends they are seeing across backbone networks. You can also download their slides from the presentation here.

  • Steve Lerner

    Should be titled “50% of internet bandwidth” not 50% of traffic. Bandwidth is unimportant since there is no correlation to monetization. Who really cares that streaming music uses so much bandwidth? The revenue is paltry. As usual, people miss the target- the importance for ranking and should be % of total internet generated revenue / total bandwidth, not just total bandwidth. Who has the best monetized bandwidth?

    • bob l

      Thanks for clarifying the use of the term ‘traffic’ which I find vague.
      And yes, someone should work up a set of ratios focused on the valuation, such as revenue/bw as you suggest. How about
      revenue/user or annual total bw/total sessions?
      That said, I find i useful to see that music streaming services, however elusive their profits, are in such demand.
      bob l.