Free Blog Giveaway: Win A Google Chromecast

photoI’ve gotten my hands on some extra Google Chromecast’s and will be giving them away to some lucky readers of my blog. We’ll also be giving them away at the Streaming Media West show in November as well. To win one from my blog, simply add a comment to this post and I’ll pick three random winners in two weeks. I will only ship these within the U.S. so you must have a U.S. based address if you want to win. Good luck!

  • Streamingguy

    Odds are looking good at the moment :0

  • David T Dudek

    I’ve been interested in the ChromeCast myself, actually. I’m curious to see if it’s a game-changer.

  • Davy Mears

    I’d love to try this out.

  • Ravi

    Thank you, I’d like be in the draw too!

  • Chad Meyer

    Yes, please!

  • Aaron Sherman

    Gimme gimme! I’d love to try one of these.

  • Spencer Graham

    Would love a chromecast!

  • nickhaddady

    I’d love to try this out!

  • Rick

    I’d like to try out Chromecast.

  • Alex Chapin

    This would be great!

  • Got mine three weeks ago and still haven’t set it up… need time to experiment with the SDK for supporting it, though I can’t imagine it dislodging Roku for my own viewing. Anyways, don’t pick me!

  • hanaya

    I want one. Thanks!

  • Fitzer

    I’d love one ! Cheers !

    (Pick me !! Pick me !!)

  • AG

    Looks like a fairly well done gen 1 product, but would be great to see for myself!

  • Dana Silberberg

    I know the right people.. Pick me and you’ll get the distribution you want for the blog (;

  • Michael Fiumano

    I’m a Long time reader, would love to have one, thanks Dan.

  • Chuck Napier

    I like the articles and would really appreciate having a Chromecast.

  • Sean C. Dunn

    Great work as usual, Dan!

  • I’d like a Chromecast. Thanks!

  • Colin Gillis

    I just cut my cord thanks to Aereo and a chromecast would be a nice addition.

  • WR

    I’d use one. Thanks!

  • dolevo

    I would love to have one Chromecast. Thanks a lot.

  • Lon Van Wyck

    I would love to have one. thanks

  • Jacob

    U.S. here.

  • R Sargent

    Love the blog Dan, and obviously I’d love a Chromecast too so thanks for the goodwill! Keep up the great writing!

  • Don Kichline

    thank you for the blog.

  • Bob Gale

    Thanks for another generous giveaway.

  • Kendal

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  • Tony

    love to try out the chromast. Thanks.

  • Richard Siegmeister

    I would love to check it out. Thanks

  • James Stathis

    Enter me please.

  • John Marcoux

    I would be glad to give Chromecast a thorough test.

  • Lyn12345

    Wow, that’s great-thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Brian Kelley

    I’ve been hearing interesting things about this

  • Mark Levitan

    Great giveaway opportunity. I want to try one!

  • CDN Developer

    Great to have this one.

  • mabco

    Looking forward to seeing how this compares to Apple TV. Pick me, pick me!

  • darkwingdave

    New tech is always interesting to try – if nothing else to see if it’s really worth the hype. Hopefully I’ll find out with one of these!

  • Erin Thompson

    Very cool! Would love one. Thanks for the chance!

  • I’d love one! I’ve been on the fence about buying one because money is tight for us. A free one would be awesome!! Thanks for your random consideration! 🙂

  • Brian N.

    I would love to get my hands on one. Thanks for the consideration.


    I would like to give this a try since my wife has a phone to use for the remote control, and I don’t have a Roku connected to the TV

  • ArchAngel13

    I would like the chance to get ahold of one. I’m thinking about cutting the cord so this would help me decide. Thanks!

  • BG Lim

    Count me in for the draw as well. Thanks !

  • BG Lim

    Please count me in for the draw as well. Tks !

  • Kent

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Also, was wondering if there’s a current summary out somewhere regarding licensing issues with h.264? I would like to know if using encoders that come with professional video editing software takes care of the encoding license issues. And then on the distribution side of things, when we distribute the vids what we need to be aware of. Any ideas?

    Thanks again.

  • M Flores

    I am interested in trying out Chromecast. I am tired of paying high cable rates.


    Sweet! Hope I win!

  • Brady

    If it’s not too late to ‘sign up’ then I’d love to try Chromecast in the bedroom. Already have a PS3 in the living room I don’t see this replacing, but nothing but a 2008 pre-smart HD TV in the bedroom!

  • Guest

    Chromecast? Shiny.
    I can think of a perfect place for it in my living room since I said bye bye to Comcast TV..

  • Vikram

    I don’t watch TV and don’t have a TV set that support HDMI, So i will buy a TV to watch Google Chromecast working. As this will give me some time off from my laptop.

  • Kevin

    Is it too late to enter? Interested to see what the Chromecast can do.

  • Tony

    I will love to test the new Chromecast device!

  • 6t94fr .

    Sho-me the chro-me!

  • Keyoung S Gill

    Well, I guess I’m too late