Netflix Cancels Keynote Speaking Spot At Streaming Media West Show

Last week, Netflix notified me that they would no longer be showing up to the Streaming Media West conference for the keynote they were confirmed to give on the second day of the show. They didn’t give any explanation or advance notice as to why they cancelled and didn’t respond to my email asking for more details. Some have asked me if they cancelled because they didn’t like my coverage of the current interconnection and net neutrality debate. I don’t know if that’s the case and I’m not going to speculate on the cause or use the cancellation to create any drama. I am disappointed as attendees wanting to learn from Netflix are the ones who are going to lose out, but the Streaming Media West show is not just about any one company. It’s bigger than that. Since Netflix only gave me eleven business days notice, I am working hard to find a good quality replacement as quickly as I can and will announce them once they are confirmed.

Update Nov. 13th: Skype will replace Netflix as the keynote.

  • Stu Marks

    Avoiding unnecessary “drama” is taking the high road. But, if you can not find a replacement on this short notice, I would still enjoy seeing a dramatic affect from their causation of a late cancellation– like an empty stage and a sign staing in simply block letters, “Netflix– no show”.

    Sometimes, large companies are just too large. If one becomes too large to communicate, then that one has found their company size limit and need to reduce back down to a better operating efficiency size.

    It is always unfortunate when a large and well respected company takes the low road. I love Netflix’s services. They have helped in large part keep the retail movie entertainment business competitive. For the consumer, competition always is a good thing.

    Stu Marks
    Customer Service Manager at