List Of 50 Best Smart TV Deals For Black Friday: How To Pick The Right One

[My list of the 2016 Black Friday TV specials will be coming soon. I will also be available by phone this year to answer any questions – free of charge.]

2015 Best Smart TV Deals and How To Pick The Right One

Looking at all the TV options can be confusing. If you have questions on which TV to pick, send me an email and I will help you narrow down your choices. I’m also available starting at 10am ET to talk to on the phone, free of charge, to answer your questions (917-523-4562).

[Updated: Nov. 24 – The two best TV deals so far are the Vizio 60″ 4K UHDTV: $799 (Model M60-C3) being sold by Dell. See here for the ad. Also the Samsung 60″ 4K UHDTV: $898 (Model UN60JU6400) with FREE soundbar, being sold by hh gregg. See here for the ad. Updated: Nov. 26 – these deals sold out in under a minute]

[Updated: Nov. 24 – For those asking the difference between Samsung’s UHD and SUHD sets, the S stands for “super”. It’s Samsung’s way of branding their sets that have a wider color gamut or spectrum. The SUHD models have a bigger range of colors also has a brighter backlight and produces deeper blacks. Although for many, not as dramatic as it sounds and might be hard to notice. Samsung has more details on SUHD here.]

[Updated: Nov. 23 – Stay away from any LG models under the UF7700 model number. Those under 7700 have a refresh rate of only 60Hz. Refresh rate does matter for 4K. Get one with 120Hz or 240Hz. Same with some of the Samsung models. For instance, the Samsung UN60JU6390FXZA is only 60Hz as well. Spend a bit more and get a Samsung or LG TV with higher refresh rate, and HDCP 2.2 support (see below)]

[Updated: Nov. 23 – If you are getting a 4K TV, make sure it supports HDCP 2.2 as they are more likely to be compatible with current and future 4K content. For those asking me the difference between Vizio’s E and M series TVs see this page for a break down.

If you have any questions on which TV to pick, or can’t decide, send me an email. I’ve already replied to dozens over 100 different people who have asked questions. And I’ll be online all day on Black Friday if you need more help.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your TV with 4K support or step up to a larger size, the black Friday deals taking place this year are too good to pass up. I’ve gone through all of the ads I have seen so far, and below is a list of all the TVs that will be on sale. LG has yet to announce their black friday specials and I’m especially interested to see what the discount will be on their OLED sets. (LG pricing is out on OLED TVs. Expensive. $3,000 for a 55″ set.) If you already have a nice TV set and can wait another year, I would as OLED sets will be even cheaper in 2016.

Note that many of these deals are “limited”, so we don’t know how much inventory will be available and some are only available in store, while others also offer them online. Those models I highlighted in red I personally use and recommend. These are all smart TVs listed. In addition to the sets listed below, Samsung also has discounts directly on their website.

  • Samsung 40″ 1080p HDTV: $298 – Model Unknown (Reg. $378) (Walmart)
  • Samsung 40″ 1080p HDTV: $697 – Model UN40J5200 (Reg. $999) (Target)
  • Vizio 40″ 1080p TV: $60 off (Costco)
  • Samsung 40″ 1080p HDTV: $320 – Model Unknown (Reg. $530) (Meijer)
  • LG 43″ 4K UHDTV: $398 – Model 43UF6430 (Reg. $499) (hh greg)
  • Sony 43″ 4K UHDTV: $698 – Model XBR43XB30C (Reg. $1,399) (hh greg)
  • LG 49″ 4K UHDTV: $498 – Model 49UF6430 (Reg. $699) (hh greg)
  • Sony 49″ 4K UHDTV: $798 – Model XBR49XB30C (Reg. $1,999) (hh greg)
  • LG 49″ 4K UHDTV: $499 – Model Unknown (Reg. $999) (Target)
  • Samsung 50″ 4K UHDTV: $799 – Model Unknown (Reg. $1,000) (BestBuy)
  • Samsung 50″ 1080p TV: $499 – Model UN50J520D (Reg. $799) (BJ’s)
  • Samsung 55″ 1080p HDTV: $580 – Model Unknown (Reg. $1,200) (Meijer)
  • Hisense 55″ 4K UHDTV: $448 – Model Unknown (Reg. $700) (Walmart)
  • LG 55″ 4K UHDTV: $699 – Model 55UF6430 (Reg. $899) (Dell)
  • Samsung 55″ 4K UHDTV: $799 – Model UN55JU640D (Reg. $1,200) (BJ’s)
  • Samsung 55″ 4K UHDTV: $979 – Model UN55JS700D (Reg. $1,500) (BJ’s)
  • Samsung 55″ 4K UHDTV: $797 – Model UN55JU6400FXZA (Reg. $1,199) (Target)
  • Samsung 55″ Curved 4K UHDTV: $1,298 – Model UN557500 (Reg. $1,999) (hh greg)
  • Panasonic 55″ 4K UHDTV: $1,499 – Model Unknown (Reg. $3,499) (
  • Samsung 55″ 4K UHDTV: $1,000 – Model Unknown (Reg. $1,200) (Sears)
  • Vizio 55″ 4K UHDTV: $689 – Model D55-C2 (Reg. $999) (BJ’s)
  • Samsung 55″ 4K 3D UHDTV: $1,200 – Model Unknown (Reg. $3,999) (eBay)
  • Samsung 55″ Curved 4K 3D UHDTV: $1,998 – Model UN55JS9000 (Reg. $3,999) (hh greg)
  • Panasonic 60″ 4K UHDTV: $1,099 – Model Unknown (Reg. $1,899) (
  • Samsung 60″ 4K UHDTV: $799 – Model UN60JU6390FXZA (Reg. $1,299) (BestBuy)
  • Samsung 60″ 1080p HDTV: $697 – Model UNG6J5200 (Reg. $999) (Target)
  • Vizio 60″ 1080p TV: $729 – Model E60-C3 (Reg. $799) (BJ’s)
  • Samsung 60″ 4K UHDTV: $1,399 – Model UN60JS8000FXZA (Reg. $1999) (BestBuy)
  • Samsung 60″ 4K UHDTV: $899 – Model UN60JU6400 (Reg. $1699) (hh greg)
  • Vizio 60″ 4K UHDTV: $799 – Model M60-C3 (Reg. $1099) (Dell)
  • Samsung 65″ Curved 4K UHDTV: $1,478 – Model UN65JU6700 (Reg. $1,600) (Sam’s Club)
  • Panasonic 65″ 4K UHDTV: $2,499 – Model 65CX85OU (Reg. $4,499) (
  • Samsung 65″ 4K UHDTV: $1,298 – Model UN65JU6400 (Reg. $2,099) (hh greg)
  • Panasonic 65″ 4K UHDTV: $1,399 – Model Unknown (Reg. $2,199) (
  • Samsung 65″ Curved 4K UHDTV: $2,998 – Model UN65JS9000 (Reg. $4,999) (hh greg)
  • Sony 65″ 4K UHDTV: $1,498 – Model XBR65X810C (Reg. $2,299) (hh greg)
  • Vizio 65″ 4K UHDTV: $998 – Model  D65U-D2 (Reg. $1298) (Sam’s Club)
  • LG 65″ 4K UHDTV: $998 – Model 65LF6450 (Reg. $1,299) (hh greg)
  • Vizio 65″ 1080p TV: $879 – Model  E65-C3 (Reg. $999) (BJ’s)
  • Samsung 65″ 4K UHDTV: $1,800 (Reg. $3,999) (eBay)
  • Samsung 65″ 4K 3D UHDTV: $1,979 – Model UN65JS850DFXZA (Reg. $3,279) (
  • Vizio 70″ 1080p TV: $898 (Reg. $1,198) (Walmart)
  • Samsung 75″ 1080p TV: $1998 – Model UN75J6300 (Reg. $3,299) (hh greg)
  • Samsung 75″ 4K UHDTV: $2,398 (Reg. $3,298) (Sam’s Club)
  • Sony 75″ 4K UHDTV: $2,998 – Model XBR75X850C (Reg. $5,999) (hh greg)
  • Panasonic 85″ 4K UHDTV: $8,499 – Model 85AX850U (Reg. $16,999) (
  • Herb R

    This is the Hisense 55″ 4K TV:

    Model 55H7B

    What are your thoughts on that TV? From what little knowledge I have about big screen TVs, this seems to be a solid deal. The 50″ version is getting sold reviews.

  • tvbuyer

    Can you add links to the UN60JU6400 with FREE soundbar deal? Didn’t find it anywhere…

    • Dan

      Apparently HHGregg is completely sold out of this deal, and has been as of last week. Apparently they had this deal running last week too. They are encouraging a “comparable product” (5″ smaller, higher model) at the same price of $897.99 for the UN55JU6500, which is a 55″ slightly better model (so they told me) with the same HW-J355 sound bar ($89.99 Value) as well as a 4k-HDMI cable($79.99 value) and a screen cleaner kit. I was quite annoyed as the circular specifically says the deal starts Nov 26th at 4PM. Apparently the manger told me they got a email from corporate saying to stop selling the 60″ model on Monday, but it was too late as it was already sold out. It sounds to me like a truth in advertising FTC violation (bait and switch).. but that’s just me.

  • stfup222

    Half of the prices mentioned on this blog are BOGUS- e.g sams club for 75 inch samsung is 2699 and also its out of stock.

    • danrayburn

      Most of the prices listed here don’t kick in until Friday. You have to visit the websites on Friday when they go live.