CBS Sports Having Problems With SuperBowl Stream, App & Website

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 6.34.09 PMCBS Sports is already having problems with the SuperBowl stream. I’m having a lot of issues loading website, frequently getting time out errors. When it does load, I get a video window that is black, with no stream. And on the Apple TV, the CBS Sports app won’t load at all. Appears to be a website and app issue as opposed to a stream issue. Akamai is doing the stream, with some other CDNs on standby in case CBS Sports needs to switch. More to come.

Updated: SuperBowl stream on iPad, using CBS Sports app has been perfect for me since kickoff.

  • Matt

    Heard your interview on NPR. Your so full of it! Saying chord cutting isn’t happening. Your obviously on the cable companies payrolls. Cable TV is on its way out. Overcharging customers for channel packages no one wants, terrible customer service models…they will not be around in their current form within 10 years! You have no idea what you’re talking about! Go use your fax machine, or better yet, break out your quill and ink and write someone a letter by hand. Dinosaur!!

    • danrayburn

      I suggest you listen again. I never said cord cutting “isn’t happening”. And no, I don’t work for any cable company.

  • openreels

    I also heard the NPR interview and was surprised that you suggested “conventional” TV is not on the way out–at least not yet. Working in the TV industry I see the scramble as broadcasters try to figure out how viewers will watch and where their income stream will come from. Depending on whose stats you read, broadcast is dead, on life support, or still going strong. I don’t have any desire to watch high quality content on a tiny phone screen, but I guess someone does!