Tomorrow Webinar: Strategies to Optimize Your Online Video Workflow

Thursday at 2pm ET, we’ll have a webinar on the topic of “Strategies to Optimize Your Online Video Workflow and Deliver Experiences That Wow!“. As consumer appetite for online video has grown, so have expectations for a high-quality viewing experience. Content distributors are under increasing pressure to deliver a broadcast-quality experience to any device, anywhere, at any time. Meeting these growing demands in a profitable manner requires you to implement a scalable workflow that simplifies and automates the content preparation and distribution process as much as possible. The webinar will explore:

  • Evolving viewer expectations and what they mean for your video workflow
  • How to streamline delivery to a diversity of devices without sacrificing video quality
  • Key workflow components that can dramatically reduce re-buffering and latency
  • Strategies to secure your content and protect you from cyberthreats
  • Developing scalable processes that simplify operations and increasing customer reach

This presentation will include insightful case studies of organizations successfully providing fast and reliable online video experiences that keep audiences engaged and coming back for more.

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